Steelers, Antonio Brown Still In Talks

Although the odds Antonio Brown is wearing a different uniform are still fairly decent, the All-Pro wide receiver continues to talk with members of the Steelers front office.

The Steelers have yet to grant Brown or agent Drew Rosenhaus permission to seek a trade. During this time, however, Brown has maintained a steady dialogue with some Steelers personnel executives, Ian Rapoport of notes (video link), adding that the relationship remains solid between Brown and some members of the front office.

However, Brown has not discussed his situation with Kevin Colbert or Mike Tomlin, Rapoport adds. Nor has Brown returned Art Rooney II‘s phone calls since the season ended, Mark Kaboly of The Athletic notes (subscription required).

As of Monday, Brown’s preference is still to be traded. Brown has been most connected to the 49ers, the latest link being a Photoshopped image of a No. 84 49ers jersey. But not much has developed on that front since rumors the Steelers might initiate trade talks surfaced.

Brown and Tomlin obviously did not leave things in a good place after the season ended. But Rooney appears to have softened his stance about the 30-year-old superstar returning to Pittsburgh in 2019. Brown still has some support in the Steelers’ locker room as well. Rooney, however, added the caveat of likely needing to hear some sort of an apology from Brown for his Week 17 actions if the parties will move forward together.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Steelers, Antonio Brown Still In Talks

  1. tsolid

    They held him out of the game in week 17, so why the hell does he need to apologize? Rooney is turning into the ring leader of this circus. Maybe He needs just stop talking, and keep things in house.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The more Rooney talks the more he exposes himself as an idiot. It comes as no surprise that he is backtracking on earlier comments about Brown now. He has to get Ben extended and that is going to be more costly if he slams the door on the possibility that Brown could return to the offense.

    • deal1122

      You realize why they held him out of week 17 right? I swear I can’t read a single post without you bashing the Steelers. Your love for AB and Bell is pathetic

      • tsolid

        Holding AB out is considered punishment or his actions in week 17, right? So, why should he apologize when he’s already been punished.

        What has Bell done wrong in the last 3 years to hurt the team?

        Your failure to acknowledge the special treatment, with no accountability to #7 is even more pathetic. Especially when HE is indirectly responsible for 95% of the drama in the locker room.

        • deal1122

          I never said anything about Ben’s special treatment. I do place part of the blame on him. However, you can say Ben isn’t a leader all you want, but you don’t see him pouting, skipping meetings, and ignoring calls from the organization. You also seem to ignore the fact that multiple former Steelers players/coaches have come out and said what a diva Antonio has become.

          • tsolid

            He pouted and questioned management publicly when they drafted Rudolph,He blames other players for his poor play. For as many “former” players than came and said AB Was a diva, there weee just as many that said the Same about #7. Also, TWICE as many that said they love AB as a teammate. Please tell me how much winning they’ve done since he took over leadership of this team from Ward/Polamalu? No one wants to follow a scapegoater

            • deal1122

              Had the Steelers had a defense and better HC the last 5 years, I can promise you Ben would have at least another Super Bowl. Yes he turns the ball over at unfortunate times, but they wouldn’t be where they are today without him.

              • tsolid

                Yea…everyone always has EXCUSES when it comes to #7. If they Had this, If they had that. NEVER his fault. Now it’s Tomlin’s fault for all of his costly turnovers in crucial moments. Keep being a enabler

      • crosseyedlemon

        Rooney demands an apology from Brown yet he publicly admitted he has no idea what the circumstances were that led to Brown being held out of the final game. This is typical of his general attitude towards players so why should anyone be surprised the team is experiencing internal problems?

    • madmanTX

      You still here crapping out of your mouth, TSoiled? What a moron. You must be a Browns fan to be this stupid.

  2. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    “oh, you want to go to the Niners? Well this is going to be awkward for you, since you just got traded to Detroit….enjoy the next three seasons….”.

  3. TrollHunter

    AB and 2020 3rd rd pick to 49ers for 2019 2nd & 4th rd picks plus Fred Warner?

    What you think? Could this work?

    • crosseyedlemon

      It all depends on who ends up with Pacific Avenue and the Reading Railroad.

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