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Antonio Brown is on the trade block, but the Steelers won’t just give him away. When speaking with reporters on Wednesday, GM Kevin Colbert made it known that the Steelers will only consider offers with significant draft capital in return. 

By no means are we going to make a trade or any type of move that will not be beneficial to Pittsburgh Steelers organization,” Colbert said (Twitter link via Jeremy Fowler of

That same message has also been relayed directly to Brown and his camp, Aditi Kinkhabwala of tweets. Brown, she hears, has been advised to stop airing his grievances in public and to stop hurting his trade value. Ultimately, if the Steelers cannot trade Brown, they say they’ll keep him under contract and aim to mend fences.

“We will not be discounting you on the trade market and we certainly will not be releasing you,” Colbert said of his message to Brown. “All of that being said, we will take a positive approach and if someone has a sincere interest and want to make a move – either a significant pick, set of picks, significant player, and picks, and we think it will benefit the Pittsburgh Steelers in the long run, then we are all in. If not, then we will make that decision at that point.”

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41 comments on “Latest On Steelers, Antonio Brown

      • Michael Chaney

        I agree too. The damage has already been done, and they’re probably delusional if they haven’t figured that out by now.

        • pantherfan73

          What should he say? We want a bucket of balls as long as they aren’t deflated?

        • TJECK109

          This is a ridiculous comment. It’s just like the AD trade in basketball. It’s the job of the GM to ask for the most lucrative deal they can find. What do you expect him to say? He’s gonna be dealt but it would be beyond ridiculous to come out and say anything else

            • TJECK109

              Because of people like those commenting on this board thinking they should just take what they can get.

    • jnlaughlin

      The Steelers don’t blink. Players long before Bell and Brown restes them. If they don’t get fair compensation; they will bring him back… if he refuses to play then they will let him sit all year and not get paid… his choice… of a team really wants him then they can make a fair offer; if not then this ain’t a thrift store…

    • thebfr21

      what don’t they get you let the best player goal in the game for free and get nothing for it

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      Ugly for who?

      The Pittsburgh Steelers will exist long after Antonio Brown.

      Mr. Big Chest is the one on a CTE laced crash course with bankruptcy and/or prison and/or a possible early grave.

    • srs0203

      The Steelers don’t get it? They have a great player and are willing to trade him, but they have the franchise to protect. Should they just give him away for nothing and accept the cap hit that comes with it? This is not for Antonio’s benefit. It’s the Steelers benefit only.

  1. theking24

    They are going to want a first rounder but won’t get it. I think a contending team might give them a late 2nd

        • TheTruth12

          Did you not read the article or even the headline? “We will not be discounting you on the trade market” they absolutely will not even consider a 4th regardless of him being perceived as a diva he’s still a top 5 WR

  2. Bryzzo2016

    This won’t end pretty. Ultimately, I think Pitt will begrudgingly trade him for a 3rd pick. Too much baggage.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      This is like a child crying on the floor insisting their mom doesn’t get it.

      She gets it, you can’t come out of your room until you clean it, no matter how long you cry.

      But now that that didn’t work, you pound your head on the floor until she lets you out.

      If you want to criticize Ben or Tomlin or Rooney, they deserve various levels of criticism. But anyone who defends Brown’s childish (or brain damaged) actions is a child themselves.

    • leefieux

      Bad leadership
      from their parents more likely. All the other Steeler players seem to be doing okay. Was it bad leadership with TO, Bryant, et al? Some players are just prima donnas. See Bell, Le’veon, too.

      • troll_smasher

        You conveniently leave out Ben The Sexual Assaulter. But, I’m sure it wasn’t by accident.

      • TheTruth12

        Just because they aren’t talking about it to the media and public doesn’t mean they like or are okay with how Ben “leads”. Much rather have a “prima donna” than a rapist, or someone that’s beat a woman on my team.

  3. TheTruth12

    I’ve been saying this all along I firmly believe that the Pats would offer their 1st, really the only team that I could see offering more is GB with the 30th. The NFL is a business you take the best deal the one that will help you most in the long term.

    • Thronson5

      I actually agree. I think the Seahawks could trade for him but I see the Pats going for it and trading s first round pick. Only way I see them getting a first round pick is if it’s a late first round pick like the Pats, Saints, maybe even the Chiefs or the Chargers. The Packers could really use him too but I don’t know if they’d give up a first rounder for him but it would be fun to watch Rodgers throwing up a bomb to AB. I have a feeling this will drag on but hopefully it doesn’t.

    • Tankittothelimit

      I’d love to see AB in GB if he can be picked up as cheaply as the chatter suggests, although maybe not the 30.
      Can’t see him being too happy sharing the spotlight with Davante Adams though.
      Amazing to think someone with his skills could go for such a low pick, if the prognostications are true…

  4. slpdajab55

    Can the Steelers please have there own separate Steelers Rumors feed … this is getting out of control

  5. sportsjunkie24

    Whats going on in steel town sounds like the browns front office has taken over so dysfunctional

  6. Thronson5

    As much as I want the 9ers to get Brown I would t give up the number 2 pick and I got a feeling the Seahawks might get him. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they got him. Would be a nice fit for them too as much I hate saying that lol

  7. louwhitakerisahofer

    They drafted him with a 6th rounder and got way more production from him that they ever thought they would. Trade him for the best offer, even if it’s less than what the Steelers want.

    Just rid your organization of the headache already and trust that guys like JuJu and James Washington on the outside and a slot receiver of Eli Rogers can get the job done.

  8. bestno5

    At this point with him airing all his grievances and having these tirades he is hurting his value not to mention he is 31 and typically WR don’t age well. They might have to trade him to the AAF for the number one QB pick if he keeps acting this way. I will concede he is a top 5 WR but no teams want to deal with drama anymore

    • troll_smasher

      If you think he “doesn’t age well” just go checkout his Instagram account.

  9. sluman46953

    the team no one mentioned is . the colts him and ty and bell. luck would be in heaven..

  10. justme

    Packers should trade the 13th pick to the raiders for there to late first round picks..then flip one for brown.would be a big win for them get brown and still have to late first picks to look to fill safety and guard postions

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