Bills, Steelers Won’t Complete Antonio Brown Trade

Early Friday morning, the Bills appeared to be on the cusp of acquiring Antonio Brown from the Steelers. But, for one reason or another, the deal was scuttled. 

We inquired on Antonio Brown on Tuesday, and kept talks open with the Steelers. We had positive discussions, but ultimately it didn’t make sense for either side,” GM Brandon Beane said in a statement. “As great a player as Antonio Brown is, we have moved on and our focus is on free agency.”

Ultimately, the deal was 86’d because Brown made it clear that he did not want to go to Buffalo, Albert Breer of The MMQB (on Twitter) hears. Now, there are “very few options left” for the Steelers/Brown, according to a source who spoke with Breer.

The Steelers hoped to move Brown by the end of the business day, but they may have to extend their timeline. At varying points, the Redskins, Raiders, and Titans were thought to be on the leaderboard, but their level of interest is unclear. Meanwhile, it’s a bit of a time sensitive matter for the Steelers – Brown is due a $2.5MM roster bonus on March 17, so they’re hoping to unload him before that date hits. They’d also probably like to trade Brown before the start of free agency in order to have a clearer picture of their own needs and finances.

The Brown sweepstakes will roll on for at least a little while longer and it could drag for months if Brown is intent on hand-picking his destination.

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46 comments on “Bills, Steelers Won’t Complete Antonio Brown Trade

    • jessethegreat

      Bills should have traded for him anyways. And then traded him for more assets to the patriots or ravens.

    • cubsfan2489

      So you have ownership in the Bills? Surprised you’re commenting on here. Oh that’s right, they’re not “yours”. Can’t stand when people say, “my team”. No, it’s the team you root for, but you have no ownership, therefore, they are not yours. Ugh

      • mattcubs

        Why does that matter? Seems like such a petty, semantical clarification to make.

        No one is claiming ownership, they are claiming allegiance.

        I love the Cubs. They are my team.
        I love the Packers. They are my team.

        • cubsfan2489

          So I’m a psychopath because I disagreed with someone’s comment? That makes sense. Listen to 670 the score and say that to Dan Bernstein. He’ll put you in your place with this.

          • brewcrew08

            So I can say MY packers then right? Since they are publicly owned and I have shares. Regardless that’s such a petty reason to get on someone. It’s one thing to disagree when It relates to sports but you’re just getting on him for wording

          • darko1125

            You’re a psychopath, well more likely a sociopath, because of your inability to take criticism about your comment..while dishing out criticism to what other folks are saying.

      • jleve618

        I can’t stand when people get offended about saying my team. It’s no different from saying “my train is running late.”

        • geejohnny

          Now THAT is an excellent point. We could go nuts dissecting that MY stuff. My wife….no you don’t own her. My allegiance to my teams has zero to do with actual ownership.
          That’s as bad as the grammar trolls who love to correct typos.

      • byronious

        I have stock ownership in The Green Bay Packers.
        Could I technically say “my” team?

      • professor chad

        I own a piece of the Braves. They are publically traded. Can I call them “my team”?

      • saluelthpops

        Good grief. The “my team” police has gotten worse than the grammar police. Childish.

      • kahnkobra

        well if the fans buy tickets, plus overpriced food and drinks they can say “we”/ “ours”

      • fieldsj2

        I cant stand people who think their opinion is the only opinion. Most real fans refer to their team that way. His taxes are paying for the teams stadium and he’s buying the teams gear and also paying for tickets. He has every right to call them his team. Who are you to tell people how to refer to their team? Whats with the Ugh? Are you a 12yr old girl?

  1. duke1776

    Brown is a cancer. That will ruin your team. The trade was good to go. Then Brown started running his mouth again.

  2. jyosuckas

    Brown is the girlfriend that takes 3 hours to get ready to go out for the night…

      • lucienbel

        Or if she does go out she pisses and moans about the place she picked the whole time and tosses the $150 plus bill at you without saying a word.

    • jjabrony

      Crazy and a diva, yes, but I wouldn’t say dumb. He knew like everyone else that if he went to the Bills he would disappear. He has leverage with his ability to threaten not showing up to whichever team he gets traded to. So now that he’s made that clear, Pitt may be forced to negotiate with teams he’s willing to go to. Pitt is screwed. Teams are gonna low ball them now.

      • brewcrew08

        Or Pitt could just say Brown backed us into a corner so we won’t trade him or play him. Let him sit the entire year and see how he enjoys coming back at 32 missing a full season.

    • geejohnny

      And probably one of the most talented and that’s damned sad. So much skill so little common sense.

  3. Never want to hear players can’t control where they go via trade again. It’s the owners fault. The players have so much power. Can’t wait for the next CBA agreement. Strike here we come.

    • layercake

      Wait youre mad because the players have control in one of the sports in which the players have the least control? God i wonder what your home life is like

      • My home life? Because I see a trend beginning with player power. Seen it back when Maurice smith admitted to everyone that he’s been telling players to save money for when the strike comes? And I’m saying it’s the owners fault. Quite frankly, the Redskins for tagging Cousins so many times that the bar kept going higher and higher. For the record, my home life is three daughters seven years old and younger. So please, tell me what power I have. Focus on sports here on this sports website.

    • sportznut1000

      yeah lets be honest here. football is the last of the major sports when it comes to player power. giancarlo stanton signed a 10 year contract and then got to hand pick 4 teams for the marlins to trade him too. anthony davis just gave the pelicans notice he wouldnt resign and then had a list of only a handful of teams he would sign an extension with. you see a ton of no trade clauses or player opt outs in baseball. yet in football almost every contract comes with a team option or the contract isnt fully guaranteed

  4. army123456

    He was hit in the head to many times. Brown needs to grow up and play football. He forgot that football is a sport and it’s not the bank. If you are not having fun, walk away.

  5. emac22

    The Steelers need to just take him off the market and revisit the idea after June 1st. He can play, sit or be traded if anyone ever wants him enough to pay.

  6. sports is life

    This guy is a princess

    Always though he was tough and a team player

    Has unquestionably shown that he is all about himself and will stab his teammates in the back in a heartbeat

    Welcome to the world of irrelevance enjoy sitting out and not getting paid anymore dumbass

  7. pantless

    Pretty sure this was a joke to begin with. I love how trolling has become a real life thing!

  8. sethesq

    Gotta laugh at most of the comments reading like the NFL version of “Shut Up and Dribble”

    If he doesn’t want to play in Pittsburgh and the franchise doesn’t find a trade to their liking, he can forfeit whatever money/bonuses remain on his contract and sit out the season.

    Employment At Will: we’re all entitled to it but it’s not written anywhere that it doesn’t come with a price.

    He just has to be willing to pay that price like Bell

  9. K3vin

    Zach needs a better source. Items seems he posts about something happening and a short time later saying the exact opposite. He needs to change his name to Click Bate

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