Latest On Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill

The NFL is not expected to weigh in on possible discipline for Chiefs star Tyreek Hill until child protective services concludes their investigation, Ian Rapoport of (video link) hears. That could mean that Hill’s fate will be in limbo for a while as authorities sift through the accusations levied against the wide receiver. 

Hill’s three-year old son is said to have suffered injuries, including a broken arm, at Hill’s home. Authorities are looking into Hill’s involvement in the incident, which may not be the first such event in his household. On March 5th, officers were called to Hill’s home to investigate a different incident of “child abuse or neglect.” 

Hill has not been placed on the commissioner’s exempt list yet and the league is likely waiting for more information from CPS before proceeding with any discipline. The accusations are troubling, particularly in light of Hill’s pre-NFL track record, but at this point, details are murky.

In 2017, Hill’s second NFL season, he amassed nearly 1,200 receiving yards with seven touchdowns. Then, last year, he set new career highs with 87 catches for 1,479 yards and 12 touchdowns. Despite his diminutive stature, Hill is among the very best in the league at his position.

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23 comments on “Latest On Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill

  1. byronious

    Let me guess…Chiefs drop him and he gets picked up by the Browns to give him a fourth chance.

    • Michael Chaney

      These jokes about the Browns are getting kinda old. Find some original content.

        • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

          The Browns also signed Donte Stallworth after he killed a guy while drunk. Process that for a moment.

      • justinept

        They aren’t jokes. They’re criticisms. The Browns knew they were going to be criticized for their decision to bring in Hunt, and they deemed it worthwhile. If they dont want the criticisms, they can reassess their decisions.

        • jb19

          This was in response to the lame joke from the first commenter. It was not a criticism, clearly. It was speculation about another team if/when Hill is released… browns should be criticized for Hunt and Callaway. But they have nothing to do w Hill, other than Dorsey drafting him 3 years ago.

          • highplainsdriftr

            lol. Having the guy that drafted him is a pretty strong connection

  2. jb19

    If Hill is found guilty, I hope the NFL bans him indefinitely. This guy was already given a 2nd chance after an assault on a pregnant woman, a 3rd chance after child neglect would hard to accept.

  3. Wellthisshouldbeinteresting

    Well, there’s only one thing to do now…suspend Ezekiel Elliott.

  4. antsmith7

    Doesn’t matter what you do. If you can play, you will always get a job in the NFL.

  5. Ronk325

    If found guilty this should be a minimum 1 season ban. Adrian Peterson was put on the exempt list for doing less than this and Hill is also a repeat offender

  6. afsooner02

    Already tried to kill the child before it was born….the fact this guy is even walking around free, let alone in the nfl, is disgusting.

    • troll_smasher

      You should be familiar what thugs are from your experience as a Bungals fan

  7. jorge78

    IF he injured a child like that, I’m sorry to be horrified, but a 16 game suspension would be justified. Hopefully he does jail time. Again, if he did it.

    • ruckus727

      He needs to be banned permanently, if he did it…which he probably did given his past. Let the justice system play out. If he’s found guilty, or pleads guilty or no contest, he should be banned for life. Dead beat.

  8. bnuttybbq23

    Get rid of this bum! No ONE man is bigger than the team. Browns can take him with open arms….that team will amount to nothing because they are a team of misfits and self absorbing personalities! Peace Hill!

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