Extra Points: Hill, Chiefs, Lions

Tyreek Hill‘s status with the Chiefs is very much in doubt. The embattled receiver is under investigation for allegedly abusing his child, and it’s unclear how that situation will resolve and whether or not he’ll be able to stay on the roster. But even without this scandal, Hill apparently wasn’t a lock to remain with the Chiefs. “Even if none of this happened, there were questions in Kansas City about whether they could re-sign” Hill, according to Jay Glazer of The Athletic.

Glazer “heard some rumblings at the start of free agency that his name was being thrown about in trade talks.” That’s surprising to hear, but Glazer is usually pretty plugged in and was right about the Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr. Hill was reportedly negotiating an extension with the Chiefs before this latest news broke, and it sounds like Hill was making some lofty demands. Hill is heading into the final year of his rookie deal.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • The Lions hosted defensive tackle Al Woods for a workout, according to veteran NFL reporter Howard Balzer (Twitter link). Woods was a fourth round pick of the Saints back in 2010. He’s bounced around since then, and has spent time with six different teams. He was with the Colts for the last two seasons. He played around 36% of the defensive snaps for Indianapolis last year, starting eight games. A run-stuffer who eats up blocks, he finished with 24 tackles and one pass defended. His last deal with the Colts was for two years and $4MM.
  • Adam Jones‘ latest legal issue has been resolved. The cornerback, who has frequently been involved in off-field incidents, reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in his latest case, according to Josh Alper of ProFootballTalk.com. It’s unclear exactly what he plead down to, but Jones had been accused of cheating at a casino game, and then threatening an official who tried to confront him. Jones appeared in seven games for the Broncos last season, but hasn’t drawn any known interest on the open market yet this offseason.
  • East Carolina defensive end Nate Harvey has been ruled ineligible to return to school next season, according to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.com. Harvey had been planning on returning to school for one more year, but will now pursue a career in the pros. The NCAA decided to count some brief playing time in his freshman year at the Georgia Military College as a year of eligibility used, throwing a wrench into his plans. David Smith writes that it’s “unclear whether the NFL will make Harvey eligible for the regular draft or whether he will have to wait for the supplemental draft.” Harvery had 14.5 sacks last year and was named the AAC’s Defensive Player of the Year.
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20 comments on “Extra Points: Hill, Chiefs, Lions

  1. Breezy

    Chiefs are losing all their stars to off the field nonsense. It’s good to see KCs front office setting a precedent though.

  2. jb19

    I hope Dorsey doesn’t sign Hill if the allegations are true and he’s subsequently released from the Chiefs. Hopefully Haslam will step in and not allow it. Hill needs to be out of the league for a while or completely banned from it. If true of course.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Haslam didn’t step in and stop the signing of Hunt. Dorsey wasn’t hired to judge the moral character of players but to acquire the talent needed to make Cleveland relevant again. So far he has things moving in a positive direction.

  3. Pacman Jones has all those vibes of being a horrible headline in 4 or 5 years time. Dude clearly hasn’t learned a thing in life.

    • Mack83

      I’m just not sure how a person can’t make the changes and stay out of the spotlight.

      You’d think he would want to.

    • fieldsj2

      Every issue he’s had has involved alcohol. He a completely different person when drinking. You would think by now he would figure that out. So much talent, what a waste.

  4. jonesadoug

    you all are beating a dead horse. Hill wasn’t even named in the police report. it was his girlfriend.

    • earmbrister

      It was the kid who was beat, not any horse. Why do you think that the fiancé was initially listed as the suspect? Money. The truth usually comes out, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that Hill was the creep in this situation. The big “man” was arrested in college for domestic violence. You don’t see a pattern.?

  5. TheTruth12

    Doubt this will be seen but this is atrocious journalism this is the SECOND article on this by this Andrew Ortenberg guy and he has failed to mention that Hill was not on the police report. If you want to only tell half the story go work for TMZ Sports. Should at the very least be suspended if not fired for how bad this is.

    • earmbrister

      “The Truth” – You have to be a dimwit to not at least STRONGLY suspect that Hill was the attacker in this situation. What are the odds that Hill had his fiancé cover for him so as to protect his NFL salary? A guy who was arrested in college for domestic violence no less. And you are outraged not by Hill, who very well might’ve broken his 3 yrs arm, but by the reporter’s choice of words. Spare us your indignity.

    • diller1340

      On the police report or not Hill is a scumbag a great WR but still a scumbag

      • earmbrister

        He’s hardly a great WR. He’s a flash in the pan, having only performed at a high level for a couple of years. The greats do it year in, year out for a decade or more. His off the field actions have made him a has been.

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