Robert Kraft To Reject Plea Deal

This week, Florida prosecutors presented Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others implicated in the now famous sex sting with a plea deal. Kraft, however, will not accept the plea, according to CNN

Kraft, 77, has been accused of twice visiting the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Authorities say they have video footage of him receiving “paid acts,” which would represent clear evidence of solicitation. However, the Patriots owner maintains his innocence, and the proposed plea deal would require Kraft to admit that he would have been proven guilty if the case went to trial. Soon after the story broke, Kraft’s camp indicated that he would not be admitting fault:

We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”

Kraft has also filed a motion to prevent the release of the surveillance video, according to TMZ. For now, Kraft is set for a March 28 arraignment. He is being charged with second-degree misdemeanors, which generally do not carry more than a two-month sentence in county jail.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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91 comments on “Robert Kraft To Reject Plea Deal

  1. pasha2k

    Kraft isn’t the problem. He isn’t hurting anyone. They are just going for headlines, instead of going after the organization that is managing the pros.

      • Greg M

        I agree with pasha2k and I’m not a Patriot’s fan. It would be a different story for me if their were children involved or if the women were doing these acts against their will. Other than that, this is simply two adults making a transaction in my opinion.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I rarely support millionaires but even more reprehensible are DAs using the justice system to shake down a celebrity figure and attempt to boost their careers in the process. Stick it to them Bobby!

          • phenomenalajs

            Ummm, no… He’s the public face to this, but this case involves human trafficking. He may not be directly implicated in that portion, but if he saw anything, like underage girls, then he’s a material witness.

            • pasha2k

              These were not underaged girls. And yes I’m a Pars fan but it’s the principle of using someone to make headlines, it’s sick. I would the same if it was the owner of the 49ers.

              • Their age is not what is important here. The fact that they were illegally trafficked and were sex slaves is. You’re only defending him because you’re a Pats fan, which is pathetic.

        • So I guess you don’t know the first thing about this and don’t know that the women are sex slaves? Jesus.

        • Polish Hammer

          The women were doing it against their will, they were living there as sex slaves.

    • landis

      the women forced to work there and perform those sex acts aren’t being hurt?

      • ABStract

        But it’s ok whenever a normal person goes to jail for the same thing?
        How are you people seriously feeling sorry for f’ng billionaires!?!
        And who actually thinks the woman involved really wanted to be performing acts on an old man? Just a transaction huh? Wow
        If only you could put yourself in another’s shoes (that isn’t a billionaire) maybe you’d understand how ridiculous you sound. As much as it seems that you’d like to think so, you all know you have nothing in common with, are in no way represented by, nor will ever be billionaires, right?

        • The women have been trafficked there illegally and are giving handjobs to dozens of men a day for peanuts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that maybe these women don’t want to be there. Insane that you and others are defending a gross billionaire over the lives and well-being of young women. Shameful.

        • Polish Hammer

          That was the whole reason they started the investigation when they discovered women were living at the strip mall without ever leaving and then found man juice and condoms in the trash.

          • BoSoxWin

            No charges being filed against the spa for evidence that it happened here or at the other 3 spa they raided.

    • InvalidUserID

      You need to watch a documentary on the women that are in the sex industry. You think some young woman wants to come across the world to work in a seedy shop, catering to multiple gross men and getting most of her pay taken from the shop/organized crime?

    • HalosHeavenJJ

      Kraft and men like him are creating and funding the demand for sex workers that fuels the sex trafficking industry.

      Take away the demand and the supply is no longer needed.

      This should be a felony, IMO.

  2. goldenmisfit

    Do not blame Robert at all. As someone with knowledge and education in the legal profession I have never in my life heard as part of the deal you would have to admit that if gone to trial you thought you would be found guilty. Also part of the deal was to take an STD test that is a clear violation of your civil rights.

    • troll_smasher

      You ever heard of an Alfred Plea???

      a guilty plea in which a defendant maintains their innocence but admits that the prosecution’s evidence would likely result in a guilty verdict if brought to trial.

    • ABStract

      Wow, someone with so much legal “knowledge” and you don’t know that taking a plea deal is literally, by definition, admitting to wrongdoing, but for reduced punishment…
      Hopefully your not practicing anymore, for your client’s sakes!

    • Who-Dey_KY

      goldenmisfit – As someone with knowledge of the legal profession, you should know that when you admit guilt or take a plea deal, you lose some of those civil rights. You can be forced into slavery (community service) or even locked up in a cage. You can be forced to take drug tests or even STD tests. Creative judges have been known to add all sorts of wacky things like public apologies, etc.

      • highplainsdriftr

        I like how you are the resident legal language expert who equates slavery with community service.

  3. Senioreditor

    I can’t imagine that a trial with sordid details is going to ultimately be positive for him. The NFL will come down harder based on notoriety of the case.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Valid point but the real losers here are Florida taxpayers. The state would go broke if every misdemeanor case went to trial.

      • Who-Dey_KY

        Yeah, it’s a shame that a prostitution ring got shut down. I’m sure if you lived next door, you’d be sad to see it go. Actually, you probably would.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Prostitution has existed since biblical times but you actually believe a bunch of clowns in Florida can “shut it down” by fining Kraft and make him do community service work? That’s ridiculous.

  4. jmac173

    For a high profile individual he sure isn’t setting an example for values and morals.

  5. highplainsdriftr

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of this billionaire walking into this strip mall rub and tug lol

  6. qbass187

    The longer this goes and the more info on this F’d up “investigation” comes out the more sympathetic a figure Kraft becomes.

      • ABStract

        Seriously, what said in this article in any way makes you sympathize with Kraft?
        Go to a lot of rub and tugs do ya?

        • qbass187

          Who said anything about this article doofus. The info that’s come out about this case. Read a news paper once in a while dimwit.

          • ABStract

            How am I dimwitted for thinking you were referring to the article to which you are commenting? That’s pretty dimwitted of you, if you ask me.
            I read the paper regularly and have yet to see anything that corroborates your opinion or your comment or your melodramatic aggression toward mine
            And since you didn’t address it, you must be defensive because you are one of the disgusting, desperate POS’s that frequent rub and tug shops
            Congrats ya troll

  7. bledrules

    Now I wonder if the DA and the cops are concerned about their case being a shoddy investigation

    • Considering they have video of him getting his pud pulled in exchange for money, I doubt it.

      • qbass187

        That doesn’t exactly prove anything except what it shows.
        Can’t put someone in jail for a handy.

        • I guess you skipped right past the ‘in exchange for money’ part of my comment. They have video of him going into a massage parlor, throwing down money, instantly disrobing and getting a handjob, and immediately leaving. It’s about as open-and-shut as it gets.

  8. bowserhound

    So there’s video of him banging an asian lady for money….prostitution is illegal…why is this even a case?

      • K3vin

        Patriots organization and fan base don’t believe the rules apply to them. As long as they win, then anything goes. According to them everyone else is just jealous.

    • Polish Hammer

      He deserves what he has coming for stupidity sake alone. A billionaire going to a strip mall for a happy ending? What’s he supporting that 30something out of work actress for if he has to go to a massage parlor and have a sex slave do it for him?

    • Polish Hammer

      Hernandez, him and his homies shot the place up once when somebody bumped into them in line for his latte…

  9. TheTruth12

    Keep it up Mr. Kraft! There’s only 2 reasons why they’d offer a deal 1. They know going up against a billionaire in court is not a good idea and they won’t win 2. There’s not enough evidence against him that would result in a guilty verdict thus if he had accepted the deal it’d be a win for them.

    Also notice how Rams get back coach Ted Rath was arrested and charged for 3 counts of sexual battery but isn’t getting any attention on here. Must be a Pats thing

    • frankchitown

      Or reason number 3 they don’t want to waste their time with misdemeanors because they have bigger fish to fry. They do however want these guys to admit what they did was wrong.

    • TJECK109

      You do realize offers are made for the opposite reason as well. They make offers to people who are obviously guilty. It’s an effort to save tax payer money

    • You don’t know anything about our legal system, do you? Pleas are almost always offered so the matter can be resolved quickly and not waste taxpayer money going to trial.

  10. frankchitown

    The guy committed a misdemeanor and the state of Florida is trying to simply let these guys walk because they have more important cases to go to trial. They don’t want to go through the expense it would require to convict a billionaire for a misdemeanor. The guy is guilty and his law team knows they can probably get him off on a technicality or that if challenged the state will simply drop the case rather than spend the money. That being said the video will come out some how and when it does the court of public opinion will make up their own minds. Also the NFL is going to be handing down their sentence also and it should be somewhere right around what Jim Irsey got. At the end of the day he will still be a billionaire NFL owner that has another scandal attached to him/his organization. In the long run will it even matter. On the field production will be what is most remembered and it’s hard to argue that his organization has done it as good if not better than anyone.

  11. compassrose

    The Patriots Way. Break the rules/law then deny deny deny. Make it go to court lose them deny it some more. I love how you preach about the Patriot Way and act like you are a better franchise then anyone else then have blinders on when stuff like this happens. This is why people think it is funny.

    Kraft wasn’t doing anything illegal he was just getting Tommies deflated balls blown back up.

  12. leprechaun

    This scummy treatment by the police and states attorneys is making me a Patriots fan.
    Fight them Bob

  13. Guest617

    most impressive it was only 13 minutes – the counter lawsuit could bankrupt the county

  14. Dodgethis

    All this anger and disgust and nobody mentions that the reason we want a border wall is to stop women and young girls from being trafficked here against their will? Single minded fools. Also, why is everyone assuming that no woman wants to be a prostitute or sleep with old men? That’s 100% a false assumption.

    • The only people who want a border wall are gullible rubes who think there’s an immigration crisis when we’re near the lowest levels of illegal immigration in decades.

      Further, the wall is costly, is vehemently opposed by communities near the border, and would create tons of logistical problems like drainage and maintenance. It would be an egregious waste of money.

    • troll_smasher

      You’re probably right. I can picture little girls sitting around dreaming of working in a massage parlor, selling their bodies as a career path. Also, your comments on the border wall, and all of those ASIANS being trafficked through southern border is hilarious. There is an assumption that can be made here. There is 100% assumption that you are an idiot.

  15. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    “Our client is 100% innocent of all charges.

    Which is why we are fighting the release of the video evidence…which WOULD exonorate him…IF he was innocent, that is…”

  16. madmanTX

    “We categorically deny Mr Kraft engaging in illegal activity….that being said, we want to stop anybody seeing him have illegal sex on video.” Let them release the tape…ESPN can run a series with their sportscasters analyzing his moves.

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