Teams Inquiring On Cardinals’ Josh Rosen

Multiple teams inquired about quarterback Josh Rosen’s availability at the combine last week, Adam Schefter of hears (Twitter links). However, the Cardinals have yet to give any indication that they are willing to move on from him. 

As Schefter notes, this doesn’t mean that the Cardinals will not shop Rosen at some point, but it is interesting that they have not responded to overtures so far. Lately, all signs have been pointing to the Cardinals using the No. 1 pick on quarterback Kyler Murray, but team brass could still be deciding between Murray and this year’s non-QB options.

The Redskins, for example, have considered making a run at Rosen, but they’re also thinking about drafting a signal caller of their own.

I think where we are at this point, and like I said earlier, if there’s a quarterback there that we like at 15, 9 out of 10 we’ll go that route,” exec Doug Williams said. “If it’s not somebody we like, we’ll go with Colt and if we got to go out and get a veteran to work with him until that time comes, that’s probably what we’ll do.”

Rosen, 22, went 3-10 as the Cardinals’ starter last year. He completed just 55.2% of his throws with 11 touchdowns against 14 interceptions, but there were a myriad of issues with Arizona’s offense.

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22 comments on “Teams Inquiring On Cardinals’ Josh Rosen

  1. MBarry

    Miami should make a run at Rosen. If the Cards didn’t draft him last year, he’d be in MIA now. And since they do such a crap job at drafting they mine as well trade for him.

    • crosseyedlemon

      So going from the team last in time of possession to the team last in offensive snaps is going to make Rosen a better QB?

  2. tylerall5

    Makes no sense to move on from a kid you just drafted that high. You cannot blame the offense on him, Bradford also sucked when he was at the helm. Changing coordinators couldn’t of helped either. Give him a chance

    • jeremy

      Well it new coaching it people who didn’t draft him and as rumors have it they are high on Murray even of they don’t say it.

    • Z-A

      If you drafted Jimmy Clausen the hear before, is that preventing you from taking Cam Newton? That’s the basic situation. Except teams are willing to give up value for Rosen.

      • Michael Chaney

        Or drafting DeShone Kizer the year before picking Baker Mayfield.

        There’s still a big difference between taking a guy in the second round and moving on and moving on from a first rounder, but I get your point.

        • bravesfan88

          Right, it’s a bit different trading off a 2nd rounder, and then trading away a 1st rounder, that you traded up to acquire.

          Even still, it all depends on KK. Which guy is he more comfortable attaching his future to. If it is Murray, they’ll trade Rosen, and then use the Redskins ‘ #15 pick they get in return to add to their roster, if it is Rosen, then they’ll likely draft Bosa or QW…

  3. jeremy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosen did well on a different team.who gave him a fair shot to do well

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Redbirds can draft a new QB every year but it won’t help one bit if they continue to be dead last in time of possession.

  4. Could be one of the most explosive drafts yet. A lot of trades are coming down to the first pick and I hope the Cards wait until the last minute. Could be very exciting.

    • bravesfan88

      I just hope the Cards either draft Murray, or trade the pick to someone that drafts Murray….Solely so, this way, the 49ers can take Bosa!! lol…

      The 49ers need Bosa all kinds of bad!! Josh Allen would be a big upgrade also, but I just feel like Bosa is the better prospect, and the more likely to provide an instant major impact. I like Allen, but idk, he just scares me as a guy that very well could take two to three seasons to adjust and truly develop at the NFL level..

      I think Bosa will be ready from day 1, and will be an instant impact player the moment he steps on the field. Like I said, selfishly, I just hope he does it in a 49ers uniform!!

  5. jeb39999

    I know Gruden threw out tons of support for Carr but I fully believe the Raiders will trade for Rosen, and Gruden will say something like… “Josh Rosen is a great guy and he’s been coached hard. He wants to be coached hard. I think they want structure, they want discipline. I came back to coach Josh Rosen. That’s a big reason I’m here. He is more fun to be around than most guys I’ve been around.” (Taken from Gruden’s actual quotes about Derek Carr)

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