49ers GM: We Won’t Trade Solomon Thomas

Solomon Thomas is reportedly on the block, but 49ers GM John Lynch says that’s not the case. When asked if Thomas will be a part of the team in 2019, Lynch replied in the affirmative (Twitter link via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports). 

Thomas, the No. 3 overall pick in the draft just two years ago, hasn’t done a whole lot as a pro. Meanwhile, the Niners went out and got Dee Ford this offseason to pair with Arik Armstead, leaving Thomas in limbo on the defensive line. Clearly, the 49ers are unsure about what Thomas can bring to the table, but at the same time, they likely recognize that his stock is low.

Last year, Thomas had one sack with 31 tackles in total. He’s still on an inexpensive rookie deal, but it’s hard to imagine another team giving up anything of consequence for him at this time. It’s possible that injuries elsewhere will open up trade opportunities for him, but it’s also quite possible that Lynch is telling the truth – while the Cardinals are open to bailing on last year’s No. 10 overall pick, the Niners could be willing to find out whether Thomas can be a late bloomer in the NFL.

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25 comments on “49ers GM: We Won’t Trade Solomon Thomas

  1. imindless

    Lynch is a bonehead. Talent management is truly lacking as is assessment of when to trade assets. One more terrible year for thomas and niners get nothing….

  2. Bryzzo2016

    He’s a bust, a terrible pick by Lynch. He put him on the block, got zero interest and now he’s trying to save face. In addition, he’s holding a 36 year old K hostage for a team that’s not close to contention. I’ll be glad when SF fires him.

  3. adshadbolt1

    Thomas was never a sack artist in college idk why people expect him to put up big sack numbers he’s a guy to takes up a guard or a tackle and lets someone else make the play that’s all he was ever going to be why they took him at 3 amazes me

    • cowman707

      Yeah it hasn’t worked out and I agree with you on the type of player he is but you can’t blame Lynch for valuing him at 3 when he was a consensus top 5 pick among every analyst on tv. So many scouts were calling him safe, a blue chip, and a 10 year starter. I’m excited to see if he can play his role eating up blockers and settling up some pass rush this year

  4. kenleyfornia2

    Everyone and their mother knew they should have taken Jamal Adams that draft. Bosa is the type of D lineman you spent a top pick on. Not this guy

    • raz427

      You wanted them to spend the 3rd overall pick on a safety? Glad you aren’t running my team. It’s hindsight now. I personally didn’t want Thomas I preferred to take Garrett but he was going to be taken 1st overall. Mahomes I preferred but in round 2. We needed a WR badly. Yes, Lynch screwed up royally with this pick but let’s not make the 2017 draft class like 1983. Look in the top 10 and tell me who would be that pick? Fournette? Corey Davis? John Ross? Mike Williams? McCaffrey? Seriously? Nobody takes a safety with the 3rd pick. Jamal Adams wasn’t a Sean Taylor or Ronnie Lott. Get real.

      • Steven Juris

        Ronnie Lott was drafts at CB. He move to safety down the line. Lynch drafted 2 players in the first round that year and he struck out on both of them. Might have wasted a couple of seconds in trading for injury prone Garrapolo.

      • kenleyfornia2

        You realize your argument of it not being the greatest draft class doesn’t help your argument. Jamal Adams is the best saftey in football. Yes you can take that postion in the top 10. I wouldn’t have taken him over Garrett but like you said he went #1. Running your team with some hothead narrative you cant draft a saftey that high is how you end up with Solomon Thomas. #1 SS > Below average Edge Rusher.

        • raz427

          You realize after three years you think it’s a bad deal? I’m sure you were one of those guys who didn’t want Goff either at the time. It’s comical how you say more stuff about my team than you do yours. Talking about drafting a safety at 3. That’s pretty high reach. Hope you see what I did there. .

          • kenleyfornia2

            Nope. Goff was mistreated badley by Fisher. Anyone with a brain knew with a new coach he would improve. The Chargers also appreciate your stoneage idea of drafting. Derwin James would have been quite the disaster top 5 huh? Your idea was literally proven wrong in that draft. Those teams had the same idea and passed on James.

            • raz427

              Goff was misused by Fisher. I badly wanted SF to move up to take him. Derwin James? LOL you’re done. Just stop it. James is a good player but half your comments are what they should have taken. You ought to start a blog of redrafts since you’re so great at them. *sarcasm*.

              • kenleyfornia2

                The fact you are talking about Derwin James like that really shows how clueless you are bad. I wasn’t even saying the 49ers missed on him, it was to make a point of having a “we cant draft safteys high” mindset is dumb. This isnt hindsight stuff. People were saying this at the time. Just because you are a homer for your team and cant say anything bad about missing on draft picks doesn’t mean other people can. But hey its not like many other teams foolishly passed on James too. Enjoy your mediocre saftery tandem of Colbert and Tartt because you cant draft ones high. Imagine Jamal Adams and James as a tandem. Ohh that would be real nice.

            • raz427

              BTW. I wanted McGlinchey last year. We needed to address OL, and he’s going to be a future LT for this team. By next year you’ll probably say “Oh they should have traded up to take Roquan”. Knowing your posts.

        • raz427

          Nobody wanted Solomon Thomas. That top 10 class is awful so far. You obviously pointed out the one player that has been successful whom was available when thy had the pick. Just find it hilarious.

          • kenleyfornia2

            Hahahahahaha its absolutely comical how you are trying to spin that top 10 as bad as an excuse for the 49ers incompetence. In the top 10 every player was good except Thomas and Ross. 8/10 have been good players. You are sp clueless if you think anyone of those 8 are bad

            • raz427

              In a few years you’re going to say “why didn’t they select Devin White” and Bosa. Like I said you never mention anything about your team but love to bring up what hasn’t hit on mine.

              • kenleyfornia2

                What the heck are you talking about dude? This is maybe the 3rd time in the past year i have talked about the 49ers. Maybe i dont need to talk about my teams draft failures because they dont have any LOL. Rams can actually hit on their picks and not look dumb

      • justinept

        It isnt even the mismanagement at the top that has plagued Lynch. It’s mismanagement literally everywhere.

        He turned down four 2nd rd picks from Cleveland, instead opting to trade the 2nd pick to Chicago. Why? Because he didnt think the 2nd player on his board was going to be there at 12. That player, Reuben Foster, was still around at 31.

        He wound up with two extra 3’s and a 4 in the deal with Chicago. He traded the first 3rd rd pick to the Saints so they could take Kamara. Then he used the 4th rd pick on RB, Joe Williams, despite admittedly not knowing who he was. Joe William’s was terrible…

        Lynch followed that up by giving $140 million to an unproven QB when the league is shifting toward young QBs on rookie deals being the biggest asset a team can have…

        • raz427

          Trading a pick that turned out to be Kamara is more damaging than Thomas in my mind. But Lynch has been awful on his drafts. He hasn’t impressed me and I wasn’t really excited with this hiring. Really wanted Ballard or Elliot Wolf. SMH

          • justinept

            to me, the most damaging thing was trading with the Bears instead of the Browns. They were being offered a ransom and wound up taking the lesser offer only because they completely misread Foster’s draft value.

      • qbwrecker

        Hey Inept…..last time I checked, Jamal Adams was a Pro Bowl safety last year. I screamed for Adams as was floored when they not only took Thomas at 3 but then traded back into the first round for Reuben Foster. Not a good start to his GM tenure…..

  5. Louie Proudpoppa

    Even w bosa niners are a scrap heap team. Maybe 3 wins this year. Just don’t see it. I hope.im wrong. I yearn for the Seahawks whiner rivalry. But prolly a few more years and two more Superbowl wins for Seahawks before the whiners have a shot.

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