AFC East Notes: Brady, Bosa, Bills, Dolphins

The Patriots began their their sixth offseason program as a defending Super Bowl champion team on Monday, but the player most associated with those titles was not with them. Tom Brady was not present when the Patriots opened their 2019 workouts, Ian Rapoport of tweets. This is not a surprise, with the 41-year-old quarterback’s plan of staying away until the Pats’ June minicamp again appearing to be in place. Brady set his schedule this way last year. However, Brady might have made one tweak to his offseason regimen. He may report to the Patriots a bit bigger than he did a year ago, with Rapoport adding the 20th-year veteran might be planning to put on some weight this offseason. Brady’s weight has rarely come up during his legendary run. The well-known fitness buff is listed at 6-foot-4, 225 pounds.

Here is the latest from the AFC East, moving to some teams’ potential draft strategies:

  • If the Cardinals and 49ers pass on Nick Bosa, the Jets are going to take him, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News offers. If both Bosa and Josh Allen remained on the board at No. 3, Mehta writes the Jets will take the Ohio State product. Although the Jets have been linked to trade-down scenarios, entering the draft without a second-round pick, Bosa would be the kind of impact pass rusher the team may not be able to pass up. The Jets are not believed to have used one of their 30 pre-draft visits on Bosa, but it’s not like a team that tried to spend $15MM per year to convert an off-ball linebacker into a pass rusher would not have interest in a player viewed by many as the best prospect in the draft.
  • In going with Ryan Fitzpatrick and two backups (Jake Rudock and Luke Falk) who have combined to throw five NFL passes, the Dolphins probably have the thinnest quarterback depth chart in football. They plan to augment the group soon, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald notes. Miami is targeting a quarterback in this draft, but it’s not known if the team wants a first-round passer. The Dolphins have met with Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones. However, if the team most linked to a wait-until-2020 strategy regarding a starting quarterback passes on one in this draft, it is “definitely” eyeing one who could be a backup, Salguero adds. So, Miami could be a mid-round player for one of this draft’s second-tier passers.
  • Eli Harold will line up as a defensive end in Buffalo, Bills GM Brandon Beane said (Twitter link). Harold has worked as an outside linebacker in 3-4 and 4-3 schemes, doing so in San Francisco and Detroit, while also used on the line at times. The Bills have Jerry Hughes and Trent Murphy aligned as their starting ends, with perpetual trade candidate Shaq Lawson residing there as well.
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15 comments on “AFC East Notes: Brady, Bosa, Bills, Dolphins

  1. Yep it is

    Yes go ahead and wait on a QB Dolphins. Just look how that has worked for the Giants.

    • roddy1018

      You sir are an idiot if you think the Giants should have passed on Barkley. That is all.

      • bradthebluefish

        Love Barkley, but the Giants should have traded down in order to improve their defense.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Dear Tom,

    You’re in your forties now. Trust us, the weight will show up.

    Most of the over-40 men in the world

  3. madmanTX

    I hope Trump-lover Bosa gets a long slide and wait as last man drafted out of the green room.

    • angels24

      ^^When you’re TDS hits record highs and you sound like a complete moron

      • brewcrewbernie

        When you call someone a moron and use you’re instead of your. Typical idiot lover of Cheeto Hitler.

        • Prospectnvstr

          Mcmillan: I think you mean like most of the sheep. Most of the country wanted/needed a positive change after the 8 disastrous years of bah-rack’s administration. Now, can we get back to the FOOTBALL opinions?

  4. seth3120

    The Dolphins would be crazy not to select a qb with potential to be their guy every draft until they got it right. You hate missing on qbs and essentially wasting a pick but you cannot win a super bowl without one the position is the key that unlocks the door. Waiting until 2020 would be making an impossible assumption that you’ll be in a draft position to select someone you see as a franchise guy and that he’ll actually materialize into that guy. If he doesn’t your rebuild could be a long one. You always have to be on the hunt for your guy or the next one. Quarterbacks get hurt it doesn’t hurt to have two really good ones and if your good at picking them you can always turn them into big draft pick return in trade. I could see them saying they aren’t far along enough in rebuild to overpay to move up to grab someone but they have to find a guy with potential and pick him this year and if it fails select another. You cannot win a super bowl with a bad qb maybe not with an average qb in today’s NFL. It’s a passing league

  5. Jack0207

    Agree, if a good quarterback is there you have to take him. You can’t always predict the future. Those quarterbacks for 2020 could get hurt, have bad seasons, and make you second guess drafting them

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