Cowboys, Randy Gregory Agree To Extension

The Cowboys and Randy Gregory have agreed to an extension that will keep him under club control through the 2020 season, Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter) hears. The news is somewhat surprising, given that Gregory was recently hit with the fourth suspension of his career for violating the substance abuse policy and is indefinitely banned from the NFL. 

The new pact will convert $310K of Gregory’s 2019 salary into a signing bonus. Meanwhile, he’ll gain an additional year worth $735K that can increase with a salary escalator.

For their part, the Cowboys are hopeful that Gregory can be reinstated for 2019. If not, he’ll have a home for 2020, provided that he can convince the NFL to allow him to return to the field once more.

The Cowboys aren’t necessarily banking on Gregory taking the field this year, but he would go a long way towards helping their pass rush. The Cowboys acquired defensive end Robert Quinn in a trade with the Dolphins last week, but it’s still possible that DeMarcus Lawrence will stay away from the club if he does not get the extension he is seeking.

Last year, Gregory finished out with six sacks, 25 total tackles, and two forced fumbles in just 522 snaps.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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20 comments on “Cowboys, Randy Gregory Agree To Extension

  1. metnoxious

    Jerry paying out a premium to loosen up some cap now. Not much but it’s play money anyway.

  2. Z-A

    Lovely. Reward donkeys that can’t follow the rules. Might as well but drugs for him while you’re at it.

  3. Justin Allen

    Let’s be real here. Gregory has issues with weed. I strongly believe the next CBA will have changes to the protocol with marijuana. I could see Jerry trying to take care of Gregory until the next CBA. We will see, but everyone needs to stop bashing Gregory. It’s marijuana to help with his legit issues…. Its not like he’s out there beating up women and children.

    • sigmanj

      Ok, pothead.

      Doctor, what are Randy’s legit issues that started as a teenager in college (though likely before that – reporting on middle schoolers is flimsy)? His problem is that he is a marijuana addict – if not physically, mentally.

      • xpackyank

        Don’t blame the drug, it’s about individual accountability. Millions have smoked weed and turned out fine…you just sound like a scared conservative.

        • nolanthewild

          If you had the choice between 1 million dollars and a joint… What are you going to choose??

          • Justin Allen

            That depends. Would you choose 1 million dollars, and continue to be miserable and suicidal or would you choose peace and the ability to go to sleep?

            • The dude

              You can’t argue with people like this clown. My wife spent most of her adult life on different medications and was barely a person . Once I convinced her to please try smoking a little she has never been more happy and productive. And no I don’t smoke or consume marijuana. I know she would give up her job before going back to being halfway living.

      • Justin Allen

        This is a funny comment. Your quickness to assume Im a pothead because I agree with the scientific benefits of marijuana only show your ignorance and incompetence. I have never actually smoked marijuana, but science does not lie. Your ignorance doesn’t lie either.

      • brucewayne

        Marijuana addict? LMFAO! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile! Stone Age thinking at its best.

    • kylewait89

      Justin, I don’t think it’s for legitimate issues. He’s been doing it since he was a kid which makes me think, he just does it because it’s a habit.

      I don’t believe he NEEDS to do it. He chooses to do it. And maybe the next CBA will include the use of medicinal marijuana. It really should. But for all of the truth behind not needing to get guys hooked on pills, you have plenty that stick by the rules.

      • Justin Allen

        I agree with obeying the rules which is why you won’t see me saying he shouldn’t be suspended. It’s been documented though that he has high anxiety and deals with issues like that. As someone who also has high anxiety, I fully understand what its like to be ok one second and feel like everything is wrong the next. Marijuana helps with that. It just sucks it’s illegal in my state. I’m not backing excuses for him. Im just saying, it makes sense to try to hold on to him until the next CBA and see what happens with that agreement.

        • bravesfan88

          I have bad anxiety and panic attacks…Ironically, marijuana, actually made it worse. Everyone’s chemical balances are different though, but if you’re able to find something that helps. It can significantly impact your quality of living.

          Anxiety sucks, and panic attacks are the worst part about it. Thankfully, I have found something that works for me, but it was a real struggle mentally before I found an answer. Everyone’s situation is different, but I understand what that daily mental battle is like. It can severely diminish your ability to be a happy and productive member of society.

          I think it is certainly something people should take into consideration before they pass judgment on someone..Just saying..

    • connfyoozed

      There may be changes to marijuana policy in the next CBA, but until then it’s in the banned substance list. I know that, you know that, and most importantly Gregory knows that. He has the right to decide to smoke it, but the current consequences for doing so are clear. Unless Gregory convinces Goodell that he has a legitimate reason for needing to smoke weed, he doesn’t get a free pass from criticism.

  4. kylewait89

    I by no means think athletes are supposed to fill the void of people to look up to but this is another case of saying that it doesn’t matter if you cheat at the highest level.

    Honestly in any industry that’s kind of the mantra but it’s usually “cheat but don’t get caught”. I mean it’s the Cowboys. Maybe just the outlier as they’ve always been.

    • earmbrister

      I’m sorry, but how IN THE WORLD is this cheating? Is it “cheating” if you have an extra glass of wine at dinner and get pulled over for DUI?

      And the Cowboys comment is strike #2. Let’s talk about “it’s the Patriots “ cause one of their players was a murderer, or cause Josh Gordon went off the tracks, again. Neither the Cowboys or the Patriots are at the top of the list for problem behavior.

      Outlier, pfft. Strike 3 Kyle.

  5. kenleyfornia2

    “Lets extend the average player who has been suspended 4 times”

  6. cjbay

    I like how people are saying he doesn’t have a problem, he’s not addicted, it’s his choice…..LMAO, the guy has been suspended multiple times for this. The dude can’t quit!

    • troll_smasher

      I like how one person thinks everyone else’s opinion is wrong and his is right. LMAO, see what I did there?

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