Kyler Murray Visiting Giants

The Giants have not exactly been pegged as Kyler Murray fans, but the franchise in need of a long-term quarterback option is nonetheless hosting the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner, Ian Rapoport of tweets.

While Murray is now widely expected to be the Cardinals’ No. 1 overall pick, he has met with other teams. Not many, however. He did work out for the Raiders earlier this month.

The former top-10 MLB draft choice has rocketed into the 2019 quarterback equation, but the Giants have been known to prefer traditional passers. Murray’s 5-foot-10 frame may have given the Giants pause, and were he to somehow slip to No. 6, the team reportedly would prefer Dwayne Haskins over the more athletic passer. Of course, this is probably moot anyway, with Murray almost certainly set to be off the board by the time the Giants go on the clock.

Big Blue has met with Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones. Murray rounds out the quartet of quarterbacks expected to be taken in the first round. The Giants, however, are in need at several defensive spots and have been linked to preferring a pass rusher with their No. 6 overall pick. Jones at No. 17 surfaced as a possible scenario, however. The Giants, who have also discussed a Josh Rosen trade, remain one of this draft’s most interesting teams.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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10 comments on “Kyler Murray Visiting Giants

      • TheTruth12

        He’s barely shorter than Wilson so is Wilson a midget too? And this site has a strict no piece of sh*t people that don’t add anything of value or original so it’s a miracle you’re still able to comment. Even your name isn’t original! Go back to flipping burgers at McDonalds though I doubt you’re competent enough to do that

          • Afk711

            What do you expect its ‘TheTruth12’. He is the resident know it all and thinks he is an NFL scout. He called Josh rosen garbage but got so mad when someone made a joke about murray and is convinced the patriots should sign colin kaepernick. He ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed

            • TheTruth12

              Lmaoooooo what’s your obsession with me bud? I know a lot more than the idiots including yourself. Rosen is trash until he proves other wise, can I not get upset at people that clearly ignore the facts, and don’t add anything of value? Please tell me the last time I said anything about Kap and the Pats I’ll wait… Meanwhile the only time you comment is to talk about me, your obsession is creepy but I get it you don’t have the knowledge to talk about football so you just talk about me.

              • Afk711

                I have commented plenty of times her and hoops rumors. Sorry your brain files cant find them. There was literally a Pats notes where you said they should sign him. Keep pretending it did not happen. Its funny you trash rosen because of his poor play but whenever you talked kaep you made excuses that he had a crappy coach and roster. OOF cant even keep your biases on the same track

              • Guest617

                i’m a buyer of rosen. 2yrs with brady/belichick he’ll bulk-up with two of the best mentors. imo will be better than doug flutie 2.0 ie murray. suck a fart out of my a$$

        • Decius

          You guys are getting emotional about guys who don’t know you exist. I enjoy sports but calm down. Go Giants!

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