Giants Rumors: Haskins, Draft, Manning

More steam is building for the Giants bypassing a quarterback at No. 6 overall to take a pass rusher. They have been rumored to be interested in this draft’s bevy of front-seven talents while simultaneously being less than enthralled by this crop of passers. One Giants source informed Ralph Vacchiano of SNY the team will have a tough time passing on a defender at 6.

There are a ton of great defensive players in this draft,” the source told Vacchiano. “As much as we need a young quarterback, I honestly don’t know how we can pass on one of the pass rushers at 6.”

This follows a Vacchiano report that indicates the Giants are “strongly” leaning in the direction of drafting a pass rusher at No. 6. The Giants’ visit list, so far, includes Nick Bosa and Josh Allen. Both players may be gone by the time New York’s first draft window opens, with Quinnen Williams possibly set to be a top-five selection as well. However, players like Montez Sweat, Ed Oliver and Rashan Gary may well still be on the board at that point. The Giants have gutted their pass rush in consecutive offseasons, trading Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon. They finished with 30 sacks in 2018 — the second-lowest total in the league. New York added Markus Golden in free agency but still needs help on the edge.

Here is the latest on the Giants, shifting to the other side of this debate:

  • Despite this buzz surrounding Big Blue and pass rushers, the Giants still have a glaring long-term need at quarterback. And this is peak smokescreen time. As the Giants continue to research Dwayne Haskins, they remain pleased with the results, per Vacchiano. Should the Cardinals be running a historic Kyler Murray smokescreen operation and the Heisman Trophy winner drops to the Giants, Vacchiano adds they would still take Haskins over the 5-foot-10 passer. The Ohio State breakout star is the likely choice, if, in fact, the Giants go quarterback at 6. Haskins is set to visit the Giants.
  • The Giants also sound interested in filling their post-Manning quarterback need via trade for Josh Rosen, if he becomes available. They have discussed this internally and are expected to be a suitor, and many around the league believe New York’s No. 37 overall pick would be enough to get this done. The Giants do not have their own third-round pick, which would have been near the top of the round, but do hold a No. 95 choice as a result of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. That by itself might not be sufficient for the Cardinals’ 2018 first-round QB.
  • The Eli Manning-in-2020 rumors may be quite legitimate. Giants brass do not believe the 38-year-old quarterback has declined to the degree most of the NFL media does, Vacchiano notes. The hope remains the Giants will have Manning’s heir apparent lined up this year, and Daniel Jones has now surged into the conversation, but Vacchiano adds the Giants “will not hesitate” to extend Manning into 2020 if not. They would like him to mentor his successor, whether said passer arrives this year or next.
  • Dave Gettleman is taking plenty of heat for his offseason decisions, most notably the ones that sent away Beckham and Landon Collins. But Giants ownership is fully on board with the second-year GM’s plan, Vacchiano writes, adding that ownership likes that Gettleman has attempted to create a better culture in the locker room.
  • Pass rushers and quarterbacks aside, the Giants are on linebacker Devin White’s visit list.
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13 comments on “Giants Rumors: Haskins, Draft, Manning

  1. gmetwagner

    I agree with the GMen. Hold Manning through 2020, snag some people in FA next year when you free up cap room. Grab a QB.

      • wellyou'rewrong

        Until you realize that FAs dont usually want to join teams that finish last in their division 3 years in a row.

        • saluelthpops

          Until you realize that FAs don’t care nearly as much about standings the previous 3 years as they do the $.

          • wellyou'rewrong

            Then you realize you’re overpaying for bums and select the wrong QB too.

  2. RockHauler

    According to my source who is a giants executive. A deal has already been made between the Giants and the Cardinals for Rosen (2019 2nd rounder and a conditional 2020 4th rounder) but won’t be made public until just before draft day. Hence the recent activity with the G-Men scouting edge rushers predicted to go high, and the shift away from Haskins.

    • Smartz1

      Sure. Exactly why you are breaking this story in the comments section of PFR. Right.

    • Perksy

      Since they need so much, what if they traded down from 17 to acquire more picks?

    • bobg529

      I hope your Rosen scenario is correct. I think he’s the right guy for the Gmen long term and will play much better in a better situation. These are sensible moves in my opinion.

  3. jobe2207

    The Giants have no clue what they’re doing. They keep putting pieces around a 38 year old QB. Giant fans you beat the Pats twice because of defense not Overrated Eli!! Get used to last place

  4. eshotnot

    The giants @#6 should take an edge or rushing DT. If they take Remmers in FA can wait until 3rd or 4th rd. for a OL @ OT. With Remmers go with edge if not at #6, if got the edge than either a LB or DT BPA at each position. The QB @ 37 with Rosen, get him on the cheap and with better line and receivers than he had at Cardinals. We will still need a couple corners, safety, a promising OL men, WR, RB more D, all BPA @ the time of the pick.

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