No Suspension For Redskins’ Reuben Foster

Redskins linebacker Reuben Foster will lose out on two game checks in 2019, but he will not be suspended in connection with his most recent round of domestic violence accusations, according to a league statement. The Redskins have expressed confidence that Foster would not be suspended into the 2019 season, but the news is still surprising for many. 

Today, the NFL notified Reuben Foster of the Washington Redskins that he will be fined two game checks following a review of recent incidents and an assessment of his adherence to obligations arising from previous violations of league policies,” the league said in a purposely-timed press release. “Following a thorough investigation, the evidence did not support a finding that Foster violated the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy in connection with the Tampa incident in November 2018. The NFL has returned Foster to the active roster from the Commissioner Exempt list. He may fully participate in all team activities.

Foster has acknowledged that he is responsible for his actions, and he has committed to a comprehensive accountabilIty plan developed by the league, the NFLPA, and the Washington Redskins to help him grow personally and avoid future misconduct. Foster was advised that any future incidents will likely result in more substantial discipline.”

Foster, unsurprisingly, will not appeal the decision (Twitter link via’s Adam Schefter). Ultimately, it’s a solid outcome for the 2017 first-round pick, who is among the league’s most talented linebackers, but also one of the league’s most controversial players.

Foster was accused of roughing up his ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, in February of 2018. Ennis went on to recant that story, but, in November, she alleged Foster of abusing her once again at the 49ers’ team hotel in Florida. This time around, she is sticking to her story, but the Redskins claimed Foster days after the police report was filed.

At the time, the Redskins said Foster would not play if the latest round of accusations appeared to have merit. Months later, the Redskins pushed for Foster to take the field in Week 1.

The charges have been dropped, there are no complaints, so it’s time for him to play football,” president Bruce Allen said in March.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “No Suspension For Redskins’ Reuben Foster

      • JJB0811

        The NFL didn’t suspend him. They have a pretty clear history of taking drastic action w/o much proof or when charges from police are dropped. Clearly there is something wrong w/ the accusation.

  1. JJB0811

    John Lynch is looking like a fool as a GM. He and the HC can’t get anything right.

    • atuck_sfg

      It wasn’t about not wanting his talent on the roster it was about the constant distractions, the guy surrounds himself with the wrong people. It’s a locker room thing, not an on field thing

      • JJB0811

        I concur. But his history of altercations, bad relationships, and all the rest were all documented before the draft. At some point, the HC & GM have to be held accountable for it.

        • ttownclown

          The only thing documented before the draft was injury concerns from stingers in his neck. He was begged to change how he hits at Bama because he hits so hard it hurt his neck.

        • sportznut1000

          for the record the pick they took foster with, was a pick lynch got by moving back just 1 spot in the draft. so you cant really blame him for a busted pick they didnt have before the draft began anyway. now solomon thomas is a different story. however he acquired jimmy g a couple months prior and had he not, they probably would have taken josh rosen or josh allen i believe there over thomas anyway

  2. HalosHeavenJJ

    As if he’ll make it to Week 1 without getting arrested again.

  3. redbeard87

    Wait, you mean a domestic violence accusation turned out not to hold up under scrutiny? I’m shocked

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