Raiders Considering QB With No. 4 Overall Pick?

Just over a week ago, we heard that the Raiders were unlikely to use one of their three first-round picks on a QB. However, a report from earlier this week suggested that Oakland would be sorely tempted by Kyler Murray if he should slip past the Cardinals, and now Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network says that Murray isn’t the only signal-caller the Raiders will consider with the No. 4 overall pick (video link).

RapSheet says rumors connecting the Raiders to a QB continue to persist, and although the team has been steadfast in its support of Derek Carr, Murray and Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins were very impressive to Oakland brass. The implication here is that, assuming no one trades above the Raiders at No. 4, Haskins (or Murray) could very well be Oakland-bound.

That is why teams like the Redskins who are interested in Haskins are concerned with getting above both the Giants, who hold the No. 6 overall pick, and the Raiders. That is welcome news for the Jets, who have the No. 3 overall pick and who are anxious to trade down.

Top defensive prospects like Quinnen Williams have generally been mocked to the Raiders, and the club still could go in that direction. But head coach Jon Gruden is not shy about making bold decisions, and if the team went with Haskins, it could give itself another future trade chip in Carr, and it could still address more glaring needs with its other first round picks.

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24 comments on “Raiders Considering QB With No. 4 Overall Pick?

  1. sportznut1000

    usually the week leading up to the draft, its all smoke and mirrors but if the cards dont draft murray, than i could see raiders taking him or trading with niners @2 and taking him so that the jets dont trade down at 3 and have someone grab murray ahead of them. gruden has always loved qbs with small statures on draft day. i specifically recall him clammoring for teams to draft manziel way back when. but if murray is gone, no chance at all they draft haskins or any other qb at 4th overall

    • imindless

      Shows you really no nothing about gruden lmao. Every qb he has had has been over 6’3 gannon, johnson….this is fake news like most mock drafts or living in what if territory. They are going defense with all first rounders, if jacobs slides then potentially with pick 27.

      • myaccount

        Just because he’s only had 6’3 QBs and above doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take a short QB. He loved Manziel more than any other prospect during his “QB camp” segment.

        • dray16

          That makes good TV as well though and we all know ESPN was behind the Manziel rise, they loved him or they loved higher ratings

  2. sufferfortribe

    Considering…..determined…..looking…..wants…..exploring…..willing……….visiting…..requesting…..looming…..extending…..exercising…..demanding…..waiving…..signing……..picking…..not interested…..can’t wait for the drafting.

    • Sick of Losing

      yea man I cannot take the speculation any longer, let’s get this over with!

  3. rocky7

    Yeh, drafting Manziel as per Gruden was a real great plan….how about checking in on that. What a draft brainiac!
    If the Raiders are that stupid to take Jamarcus Russell the 2nd, by taking a kid with 14 whole games and 1 years worth of experience…then my team with Giants will send them a dozen roses and a big thank you when one of the defensive can’t misses falls into the Giants laps.

  4. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    There is no way the Raiders will take a QB.

    Their new star, Big Chest, has made it clear that intends to show total loyalty to his QB, Derek Carr, because of his belief that his former QB was not loyal to him.

  5. Super T

    If the Raiders use one of the 1st round picks on a QB or WR, I’m going to seriously re-think my fandom.

    The Khalil Mack trade already has me questioning it.

    • kenleyfornia2

      They got two 1st rounders for a guy who didn’t wanna show up. It was fine

    • captainsalty

      First part ok, second part was tough but the right call…again it’s all for not if we don’t shore up multiple spots with top picks in the next 2 drafts

  6. MileHighFan

    Gruden picked up Nathan Peterman. So much for him being a quarterback savant.

  7. Smoke. They want to trade this pick. Most valuable pick and they can then pick more defensive players if they get a middle pick (redskins) back. When the Cards pick Bosa, the teams moving up might be calling the Jets so of course the Raiders want to trade this pick before that happens.

  8. bowserhound

    Just trying to get the QB hungry teams to jump ahead and draft the QB’s so that Oakland can take their pick of stud defenders. Classic.

  9. seth3120

    Derek Carr is no bum. I don’t take a qb high in the draft unless I’m certain as one can be with draft picks that he’s the man. Not adequate but damn good. I don’t use a high pick to replace Carr with another Carr with the holes they have. Scare tactics and posturing if you ask me

  10. crosseyedlemon

    Chucky will surprise everyone by using his first round picks to acquire some blackjack dealers.

  11. Max Jackson

    Does the GM want to keep his new job?

    He’s going to take a safe bet and draft Devin White or similar. Nobody would disagree that was a risky move down the road.

  12. BoSoxWin

    Not sure what Carr’s guaranteed money looks like but if Oakland can get a QB in this draft with similar skills to Carr and can then trade (or even cut) Carr without too big of a cap hit then this might actually make some sense. They can spend the savings elsewhere to build a more complete team. When is the last time a Top 3 QB (in salary) won the SB? The Patriots are so lucky that Brady does not care about that, he only cares about winning. But paying QBs $25M+ really hampers what teams can do elsewhere to build a complete team.

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