Seahawks Trade Frank Clark To Chiefs

On Tuesday, the Seahawks agreed to trade Frank Clark to the Chiefs. When finalized, the deal will send Clark and a third-round choice (No. 84 overall) to the Seahawks for their first-round pick (No. 29), third-round pick (No. 92), and the lower of the Chiefs’ 2020 second-rounders. 

The Seahawks originally cuffed Clark with a franchise tag for 2019, but the defensive end said he was unwilling to play under the terms of the one-year tender. Ultimately, Clark got his way with a massive long-term extension. The Chiefs have agreed to sign Clark to a five-year, $105.5MM deal, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). The pact includes $63.5MM guaranteed and gives him a potentially larger total intake than Cowboys standout Demarcus Lawrence. Joel Corry of CBS Sports tweets that the $105.5MM figure is a maximum value, and that the actual contract is a five-year, $104MM pact. The additional $1.5MM stems from $300K incentives that Clark could earn in each year of the deal for posting 11.5 sacks or more.

However, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times tweets that Clark may have been unwilling to ink that same deal with the Seahawks if Seattle had extended it to him. Instead, he was, despite his statements to the contrary, willing to hold out until September and then sign his franchise tender before the regular season started.

In a perfect world, the Seahawks would have liked to keep Clark for the long haul. However, after making Russell Wilson the highest-paid player in NFL history, space was rather limited. But now, as Brady Henderson of tweets, the team can shift its focus to extending Bobby Wagner this offseason, and if the Seahawks can’t get a deal done, they will have enough cap space in 2020 to put the franchise tag on Wagner if it so chooses.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs have made another major change to their defense. After ranking 31st in yards allowed in 2018, they’ve swapped defensive coordinator Bob Sutton for Steve Spagnuolo, moved to a 4-3 scheme, traded Dee Ford, and released Justin Houston and Eric Berry. Now, it’s out with the old and in with the new for KC. The Chiefs have landed one of the game’s best young edge rushers in clark, bringing him to a front seven that also includes new pickups Alex Okafor, Emmanuel Ogbah, and Damien Wilson.

Clark, 26 in June, entered the league as a second-round pick in 2015, but truly broke out as an NFL sophomore with ten sacks in 2016. After a nine-sack effort in 2017, he exploded for 13 sacks last year, his first full season as a starter.

Clearly, the Chiefs are all-in on fixing their defense, but it has come at the expense of draft capital and future flexibility. The Chiefs no longer have a first-round pick for Thursday, nor do they have a ton of wiggle room in future years after locking up Clark through his prime seasons.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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42 comments on “Seahawks Trade Frank Clark To Chiefs

  1. kaehlaone

    How is this possible? I thought the best we could get was a conditional 2nd or 3rd rounder? Lol

      • kaehlaone

        I’m sorry you lack reading comprehension skills. They didn’t get s conditional anything unless you consider the condition being that they get the lower second rounder next year. Regardless they got a 1st and 2nd so take a look in the mirror there

    • hmmarmi

      that 1st rounder is at the end so it’s about the same as a 2nd. lol

      • dponkell

        What ??? So I guess a high second rounder is the same as a first then, right?

        • dponkell

          No, lol even better. We lost, but it was only by one point, so it’s about the same as we won lol

        • justinept

          FWIW, if you take every team’s top 32 players… You’d probably have 40-45 different players between them. So there is something to be said about 2nd rd picks and late 1st rd picks having similar value.

          • compassrose

            1st round picks have the 5th year option so there is a big difference between a 1st & 2nd. You get the player for one more year at a reduced salary.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Yeah that’s what confuses me here. The difference in talent isn’t worth the pick value lost

    • KCRoyalty

      Clark is better against the run, he’s 2.5 years younger and also has been way more consistent.

    • hr71

      Switching to a 4-3 I believe and Ford is a little light in the arse for 4-3 DE, weak against the run too. It’s a net gain for KC but they gave up way too much in draft capital and actual $$$$. No non-QB is worth >$20M a season. That’s insane. Seahawks won this deal big time. They got what they were asking, a 1st round pick in a defense heavy draft and don’t have to worry about how they will fit this guy in the budget after giving Wilson a gigantic deal.

    • AJ Urlacher

      They’re switching to a 4-3. I don’t know Dee enough to say whether he can convert seamlessly or not, Obviously the Chiefs weren’t too confident there

  2. bigun

    Should say …to the Chiefs for their first round…

    Meanwhile, as a Chiefs fan, I don’t lie this deal. Too much draft capital, cap space and taking on attitude. Thumbs down, Veach.

  3. leefieux

    I’m confused….the Seahawks are trading Clark to themselves?

    “When finalized, the deal will send Clark and a third-round choice (No. 84 overall) to the Seahawks”.

  4. Polish Hammer

    Written very confusing, so Seattle trades him to the Seahawks?

    “When finalized, the deal will send Clark and a third-round choice (No. 84 overall) to the Seahawks for their first-round pick (No. 29), third-round pick (No. 92), and the lower of the Chiefs’ 2020 second-rounders.”

  5. Z-A

    Makes sense. It is an Odd Year, Dee Ford sucks in odd years. Clearly an Even Year player.

    Frank Clark is 2 yrs younger, and probably a better scheme fit for the shift KC has made. Not a terrible trade for KC. They see their window as now, not later. They also have whiffed at DE or OLB in the last 2 drafts (both 2nd rounders).

    • kenleyfornia2

      Yup their fans want to say “look at all our cap room next year”. Sure then why couldn’t you keep a young star on a team that has to win now

    • DaveP

      Can’t pay everyone – Wagner, Reed and others will require extensions. The beauty of the salary cap is distributing high end talent.

    • hr71

      Yep, there’s 2 ways to win in today’s NFL. 1. Get lucky on a QB in the draft and go all out on overpaid FA’s to win while he’s still on his rookie deal and…2. Give your franchise QB a monster deal because you have no other choice and then try to stockpile draft picks and hopefully hit on most of them.

      I guess teams haven’t figured out yet that it’s stupid to give these guys such ridiculous contracts.

  6. dalton2green22

    Not a Seahawks fan by any means but sleepy eyed Wilson caused this. Esp with defensive draft bust on defense they have had. Go chiefs ! Seahawks suck ! Cheatin Pete

    • compassrose

      Can you explain what I think you are trying to say in that sentence that makes no sense? I believe you are talking about draft busts. If so tell me about all the D draft busts we have had. Is the one you are giving us a 1st and 2nd for one of them?.

  7. Louie Proudpoppa

    But everyone laughed at the Seahawks… Saying not a chance in hell we could get a 1st. Well fuckers. We got a 1st a second and moved in the 3rd.. I’ll miss Clark but edge rushers are a dime a dozen. Seahawks always have ways of turning scrubs into probowlers. Not even worried. Been fun Frank. I hope.u succeed in KCMO unless u playing us.. chiefs.. y’all got one hellava team.

  8. Rosstradamus

    Hey, It’s Business! Clark wasn’t going to report without a new deal, and Hawks made the decision to go younger(come draft day) and spend money elsewhere(namely Wilson and future contracts of Wagner and Reed in the works) They got their asking price(1st AND 2nd) which most laughed at, and now I’m sure they’ll draft his younger, cheaper replacement in the coming days! GL to you Frank, you’re an awesome player(better than Dee Ford btw…Chiefs will luv him) but GO HAWKS!!!

  9. mgrap84

    Honestly think they over paid. I think he is good but not first round pick good

  10. marco

    Not a good deal for the Chiefs.They paid way too much for Clark when they already had what they needed in(Ford).This was finally a year that Ford was not injured and he had a banner year. I don’t like losing first and second round draft picks when you need more than one player to help and turn the team around.The D-backfield has been horrible for years and they need to work on getting that position fixed.We signed CB Fuller last year and you hardly ever heard his name called on the field unless it was for a penalty.He was definitely a bad addition,so we all have our ways of seeing things, and i saw wasted money on Fuller and I hope the same don’t happen with Clark

  11. JohnTheNBAFanatic

    Reading this 1 year later and still finding a mistake. Clark was traded to the chiefs not the seahawks smh.

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