Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Denies Abuse Allegations

The latest round of allegations against Chiefs star Tyreek Hill may put his football future in jeopardy. However, in a four-page letter sent to the NFL by his lawyer, the wide receiver strongly refuted the allegations against him. 

[Hill] categorically denies he has ever ‘punched’ his son in the chest or anywhere on his body, or otherwise touched him in the chest in a mean-spirited manner or as a form of discipline,” the attorney wrote (via

Through his lawyer, Hill denied having any role in his son’s fractured arm. The attorney also noted that the injury to Hill’s three-year-old boy was ruled to be an accident when he was examined at the hospital. Hill’s letter to the league also refuted Crystal Espinal’s recorded allegation that their son is “terrified” of him.

Recently, local investigators closed their investigation into Hill, citing a lack of concrete evidence. However, damning audio of a conversation between Hill and his child’s mother may have breathed new life into the case. Some reports indicate that the investigation has been re-opened. Meanwhile, Terez A. Paylor of Yahoo Sports (on Twitter) hears that might not be true – at least, not yet.

For now, Hill remains barred from all Chiefs team activities.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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37 comments on “Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Denies Abuse Allegations

  1. goldenmisfit

    So throw his lawyer he is denying any wrongdoing but yet there is an audio clip out there where you hear him specifically admitting to breaking his sons arm? What a scumbag! This is a guy that should be banned from the NFL for life!

    • KCChiefs3485

      Where did it admit to that, i heard the same audio and never heard an admission.

      • highplainsdriftr

        Lol. I love how you’re still cutting this guy slack. I agree, it isn’t a true confession. He did tell his fiance and the mother of his child to be ‘terrified of him too’. Looks like some KC fans are as classy as the organization

        • KCChiefs3485

          I never cut him slack. In fact, if he is found to be guilty of anything, the next time he plays another down of football will be too soon. But to come out and say that he admitted to breaking a 3 year olds arm, I feel like I have the right to ask where that information came from.

          The only part in the audio i can think they are referring to is when she says (and this is paraphrased) “Why does he say daddy did it, then when I look at him he changes his story” to which Hill replies (again paraphrased) “thats when he is telling the truth”.

          Contextually, I take that reply to mean when the child changes his story, thats when he is telling the truth. Not when the child first says “daddy did it”.

          Could I be wrong? Possibly. I do know for sure I cant be the only person that believes thats what he meant when he replied to that.

        • KCChiefs3485

          As far as the “you should be terrified of me too b—” part, yes that does look pretty bad given the past.

          With all that said, we will just have to see how the situation plays out.

    • mbraun9

      He never admitted to breaking his sons arm…but when accused, he didn’t deny it.

  2. ahale224

    What did anybody think he was gonna say? Was he going to admit it? Of course it has to be reported and we should hear him out, but after that audio recording it’s pretty impossible to believe and I hope if it’s true the courts and the NFL throw the book at this guy.

    • eaterofbirds

      Exactly. He still is entitled to his “due process” regardless how it looks on the surface. If a prosecutor bumbles this, then he gets off. From the initial look, it doesn’t look so great for Hill, as he does have a history. His lawyer is leaning on the burden of proof, and muddying the case with lawyer speak and “law as defined” gobbledygook is part of the process. Stay tuned.

      The Chiefs suddenly look like idiots with all these questionable dolts coming back to haunt them

    • KCChiefs3485

      His wife/fiance/girlfriend…whatever you call it, taped their conversation as an “insurance policy” and gave it to her friend. Her friend gave it to KCTV5 after the DA declined to press charges the first time.

  3. KCChiefs3485

    That letter is a pretty good read. I’d like to see the rest of the text message exchanges that they had examined.

    • BertMacklin

      I read that, it’s the fakest thing I’ve ever read. Humans do not talk like that.

  4. tank62

    “You should be terrified of me too B—–”
    Yeah the words of a true innocent man

  5. leprechaun

    I ask everyone who reads this please google the name AJ Freund in Illinois. AJ is being buried this weekend and if the Hill boy isn’t moved out of his house by DCFS he to could end up like AJ.
    Hill deserves a life time ban if it proves to be true.

  6. jabl

    Until the NFL and the Chiefs advise that the audio tape has been confirmed to be Tyreek Hill’s voice, we wait while he is suspended from all team activities. No games are being played, so why rush to judgment?

    • Polish Hammer

      Trust me when I say I’m not one to defend him one ounce, but that tape is hardly a smoking gun. She ramped him all up, pissed him off, baited him and then hit record…he could’ve “confessed” to doing all sorts of things.

  7. goldenmisfit

    Evidence; child with broken arm, audio clip of hill in meeting he did this as well as admitting he deceived investigators, pattern of violent abuse dating back to when his fiancé was pregnant with his child. “Well he is entitled to do process let’s just let the court case play out“-every Kansas City Chiefs fan knowing without hill they are absolutely screwed

    • KCChiefs3485

      Evidence, text message exchange where the fiance states that she did all of these allegations because she was upset at Tyreek during a custody battle. Evidence, when child was examined at the hospital, outcome determined accidental. Read all four pages of the letter, it is quite interesting.

  8. bencole

    In many states not only is the audio clip inadmissible as evidence, but it’s a crime for her to make the recording. Not sure where this was or what that state’s law is though.

  9. cybrpete

    As a Chiefs fan, I hope Hill never plays another down for KC… if he’s guilty. Yes, he SEEMS guilty. Yes, the evidence APPEARS damning, but there are a lot of people who don’t know the difference between the Internet and evidence. You don’t have to be a first-year law student to understand that just because someone is guilty of one thing (a past assault) doesn’t make him guilty of another accusation.

    I’m ready to cut this guy zero slack. I want him gone… but not prematurely. Not based on news reports and audio that can be interpreted one way or another AND doesn’t prove guilt.

    To cut him loose prematurely and then he turns out to be not guilty would lead to more bad guys being kept by teams in the future. They would fear cutting the cord.

    There are a lot of people these days who want to paint someone guilty based on an accusation. That is dangerous for society and maintaining law and order—the very thing these people claim to defend.

    The Chiefs (Dorsey) gave Hill a second chance. If it’s PROVED he didn’t deserve that second chance, be done with him.

    • cybrpete

      I believe Hill is guilty… I “believe,” I don’t know, any more than anyone else on this thread knows.

        • tank62

          No it won’t. That text exchange is bogus. Only suckers buy that
          Those are not normal talk for anyone much less that abusive jerk
          He threatened her on tape. Enough for me ban him

  10. Z-A

    People say a lot of things in the heat of the moment. They tweet dumb ish too. Words are just words. If he did it, try him, convict him, sentence him and move on.

  11. Yep it is

    Funny how we want to prove him guilty before everything is in. Appears he did but let’s wait. The Chiefs are a class organization. That is why John Dorsey and fellow gangsta Kareem Hunt is gone. Ben Rothlisberger raped a woman and he is still playing. Hmmmm wonder what the difference is?

    • kenleyfornia2

      John Dorsey is a better GM than what the Cheifs have now. He drafted all their good players and got canned because he had to use cap room to keep his guys.

      • Polish Hammer

        Disagree, Veach has been killing it so far, not bad for a new GM.

      • KCChiefs3485

        I disagree as well. Veach has done a great job.

        Dorsey wasnt fired because he had to use the cap, he was fired because he couldn’t manage the cap.

        Waited too long for the Houston and Berry extensions and cost us a lot in cap space because of that.

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