Latest On Jets’ GM Search

The Jets have their eyes on Eagles executive Joe Douglas for their GM vacancy, and head coach/interim GM Adam Gase is reportedly staring in his direction as well. But, the Jets will also consider other candidates, including Bears assistant director of personnel Champ Kelly and Lions director of player personnel Lance Newmark (Twitter link via Rich Cimini of

Whoever the new GM is, he’ll report directly to owner/CEO Christopher Johnson. Meanwhile, Gase will maintain control over the 53-man roster, which could prove to be a sticking point for top candidates. The Jets are loaded with young talent thanks to multiple losing seasons, but any exec that takes the job will have to wrestle with Gase when it comes to player acquisitions. After Gase toppled Maccagnan and ran him out of New York, it’s hard to see an established front office man jumping at Gang Green’s vacancy.

Meanwhile, Gase wasted little time in starting his GM duties. On Wednesday night, he shipped linebacker Darron Lee – a former first-round pick – to the Chiefs for a sixth-round choice.

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11 comments on “Latest On Jets’ GM Search

  1. baumrind973

    And, here we go. They used to play in Flushing and the joke was always about them circling the drain. I don’t remember Gase doing too well in Miami with control over the players! Maybe it’s time to switch loyalties to the other tenant in MetLife stadium!

    • I give no fox

      Gase was god awful on personnel decisions…coming from a Miami fan. I am absolutely shocked he pulled it off again so soon.

      • bigjonliljon

        I never understood what Gase had done in his past to deserve such responsibility. He’s net exactly had success. Why the Jets jumped to hire him so fast and then gave him control is beyond me

  2. metnoxious

    Let’s just hope Gase doesn’t completely crap the bed before he gets canned next year.

    • crosseyedlemon

      This is why the office always comes equipped with a Playstation console and the lastest version Madden football.

  3. supertrucker247

    maybe they have staring contests in the Jets organization to figure out who’s in power and nobody can beat Gase because of his crazy eyes!!!

  4. seth3120

    The power structure is definitely a time bomb here but Gase was right to question the way that money was allocated. Steelers let Bell sit out a year and walk while the Jets have him a big long term deal. I like Bell as a player. Not sure what to expect after a year away but I’d love to have the guy but not for that money. The team will suffer in other areas of need

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