Latest On Redskins’ QB Situation

The Redskins’ starting quarterback race is wide open at the moment, but as John Keim of writes, 2019 first-rounder Dwayne Haskins is already making his case for the job.

Haskins has impressed after two days of rookie minicamp, and head coach Jay Gruden said of the Ohio State product, “[i]t’s been a treat. He’s made some throws that turn your head without a doubt.”

Of course, Haskins still has a long way to go, and two days of rookie minicamp will not make or break his future with Washington. But as the No. 15 overall pick, he will certainly be given ample opportunity to start right away, and his performance thus far has been promising.

The Redskins’ OTAs and mandatory minicamp will be critical in clarifying the team’s quarterback situation, because Gruden does not like to have a three-man competition in training camp. He believes, understandably, that it is too difficult to divide meaningful repetitions between three players, so the pressure is on Haskins and veterans Case Keenum and Colt McCoy over the coming weeks.

Given that Haskins has a lot of basics to master — like his footwork and dropping back from under center, which he did not do in college — Keenum and McCoy may have a leg up for the time being, especially since Gruden’s job security is tenuous at best and he needs to win games in 2019 to keep his post. But Haskins obviously has the highest upside of any of the three competitors, and the Redskins expect him to develop quickly.

Gruden said, “The most important thing in the next couple weeks is, let’s see how far we can push [Haskins]. Let’s see if there is a chance he can win the job. If we feel like he’s coming along slower, then we have to maybe push Case or push Colt. But if we feel like [Haskins] is coming along and he’s firing and he’s comfortable, then we’ll play it out and see what happens.”

Gruden sounds like a man who wants his rookie signal-caller to seize the opportunity and run with it, and Haskins is up for the challenge. He said, “I’ll be ready for whatever the coaches want from me, whether that’s starting right away or next year or through the season. I’ll prepare like I’m the starter.”

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7 comments on “Latest On Redskins’ QB Situation

  1. goldenmisfit

    Jay will start Haskins because with Haskins as the starter regardless what happens this season management will say “if we bring in a Nother head coach it may stunt his progression“

    • crosseyedlemon

      Management would not be reluctant to bring in another coach if Haskins is merely used as a clipboard holder and not given the opportunity to progress. That was the eventual fate of Jeff Fisher who barely used Goff as a rookie. It would be rather foolish for Gruden to make the same mistake as Fisher so I fully expect to see Haskins starting within a month of the season opener.

      • Rondon

        There are too many stories where rookie QBs have sat out a season or more and had it work out well, to say what Jeff Fisher did matters at all. They won’t fire Gruden if Haskins needs time to hold a clipboard and figure it out.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Coaches who are proven winners and already have an established starting QB can sit and develop rookie QBs taken in mid rounds but that is not the situation being discussed here. There is no escaping the fact that the Redskins suffered an embarrassing collapse last season and that the heat under Gruden has increased. If he has Haskins walking around all season with a clipboard while the team continues to pile up losses he is going to get crucified and deservedly so.

  2. OCTraveler

    Redskins will start Haskins for two reasons – the first is because he has talent & potential and the second is to rub the noses of the Giants in it and showing them how absurd their first round pick was.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      They’re not gonna throw him out there to get eaten alive. He probably start this season, but if the supporting cast isn’t there and/or he’s not clicking with the system, no harm in keeping him on the sidelines for a bit.

  3. Verlander2TheQuickening

    McCoy is probably odd man out in the competition here since he just had more leg surgery less than a month ago. So really Haskins just has to beat out Keenum, and I can’t imagine many situations where a coach on at least a very warm seat is going to sit his #1 draft pick for a former UDFA journeyman acquired via a trade made in desperation.

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