Latest On NFL CBA Talks, Gambling

More steam is building toward a future without another NFL lockout. After a report indicating the league is increasingly motivated to finalize a new collective bargaining agreement by September to avoid the prospect oc contentious talks hanging over its 100th season, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports notes both sides are motivated on this front.

Part of this motivation stems from the revenue streams that legalized gambling can create, with La Canfora adding many owners are eager to see what an increased relationship with gambling can do for the league. A 2018 Supreme Court ruling opened the door to states making inroads on the gambling front, and state legislatures across the country are acting accordingly.

While a gambling component infiltrating the league could be years away, JLC adds this is being seen as a “billion-dollar” game-changer that could see future salary caps spike. The cap has gone up by approximately $10MM for most of this decade, but the new CBA — which will coincide with new television agreements and, potentially, an increased relationship with sports betting — could change that for the better.

Another sign the NFL and NFLPA are making strides: key members of both parties met recently in Chicago to discuss the CBA, Albert Breer of reports. This June 12 gathering was the third CBA-related meeting of this cycle, Breer adds, noting Roger Goodell, union chief DeMaurice Smith and select players and owners were in attendance. The other meetings occurred on April 9 and May 8, in Minneapolis and New York, respectively. A July meeting is tentatively scheduled.

Additionally, the NFLPA’s executive committee stayed in Chicago for a June 13 strategy session, per Breer. The current agreement does not expire until March 2021. The fact that the sides are meeting regularly this early points to, despite the frequent acrimony between the league and the union, a greater chance the NFL avoids the work stoppage that defined 2011.

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8 comments on “Latest On NFL CBA Talks, Gambling

  1. crosseyedlemon

    “many owners are eager to see what an increased relationship with gambling can do for the league.”

    They only have to look at the many scandals that crippled online poker to get their answer.

    • Flharfh

      That’s just wrong. Online poker was an absolutely booming industry until the FBI decided to shut down all the major US sites in 2011.

      • crosseyedlemon

        And the reason the FBI had to act was that too many players were getting scammed and cheated. It would be foolish to think that the same type of greedy, unethical criminals that penetrated the online poker industry couldn’t accomplish the same thing with online NFL betting.

        • brucewayne

          It’s a totally different betting arrangement on football or other sports than it is with cards! The line is already set before the game begins. Way more variables during the game with cards. It’s a totally different betting system!

          • crosseyedlemon

            The problem generally has nothing to do with the system setup itself. The problem is the people running these systems. Most online betters have absolutely no idea who or where these people are or what their background is. They are basically putting their complete faith in a ghost in a machine. I think any reasonable person could recognize that that is just asking for trouble.

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