John Elway Not Eyeing Broncos Ownership

Pat Bowlen‘s death will bring the situation regarding his successor to the forefront. But the player most associated with the franchise since Bowlen bought the team in 1984 does not have interest in becoming its owner.

John Elway has been in place as the Broncos’ top front office executive since 2011. While rumors have persisted about Elway one day buying the team or organizing a group to do so and becoming the franchise’s controlling owner, the Broncos’ current GM attempted to shut that talk down.

No,’’ Elway said, laughing, via 9News’ Mike Klis when asked about one of these scenarios coming to fruition. “No. 1, I don’t have the money. I wish I did. I wish that wasn’t an issue.”

Elway is one of the NFL’s highest-paid GMs and has other income avenues in Denver. Forbes, however, valued the Broncos at $2.7 billion. The Broncos gave Elway a five-year contract two summers ago, and he plans to continue serving in the same capacity.

It’s a different galaxy,” Elway said on the difference between front office money and ownership capital. “I’m happy with where I am. I’m proud to work for the organization and the opportunity they provide and so we’ll continue to work our tail off.”

The current battle between Beth Bowlen Wallace and the Broncos’ trustees, who have been running the team since Pat Bowlen’s Alzheimer’s struggle required him to step away, featured the latter party regarding the late owner’s daughter as unqualified at this time to serve as the franchise’s controlling owner. That fight continues, with former 49ers executive Carmen Policy serving as the NFL arbiter.

Pat Bowlen’s brother, Bill, has also filed suit to remove Broncos CEO Joe Ellis and two other trustees from the Bowlen Trust. The trustees believe Bill Bowlen is suing on Bowlen Wallace’s behalf, Klis writes. But Brittany Bowlen, 29, has been viewed as the favorite to one day take the reins. Brittany Bowlen is expected to take a business-side job with the Broncos this year.

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6 comments on “John Elway Not Eyeing Broncos Ownership

  1. JrodFunk5

    Freaking all time great from an era where it was much tougher to be a QB! I hate to sound like a stuck in the past anti progressive, but man do I miss those days of the NFL

    • crosseyedlemon

      It was pretty soft for players even during the Elway era. You need to go back to the 50s when guys had to play both sides of the ball….now that was tough.

      • ChiSoxCity

        In relation to the game today, QBs had to be tougher twenty years ago. The NFL today is essentially flag football with a little rugby style tackling mixed in. The rules are arbitrary and nonsensical. It’s boring.

        • crosseyedlemon

          The most exciting era was probably when the AFL and NFL were in a heated battle to win fans. Some really entertaining anecdotes emerged as to what extremes each league would go to to gain an edge over the other.

  2. jorge78

    Refreshing to see Elway is self aware about what “galaxy” he lives in. If only Jeter was like that…..

  3. kmwallace

    At least Elway is humble… Beth Bowlen Wallace is a phony, entitled, ” born again” who will step on anyone who gets in her way. I should know, I was considered family and sister-in-law for years. Backstabber of all time.

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