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Investigators have determined that the broken arm suffered by the three-year-old son of Chiefs star wideout Tyreek Hill was an accident and was not the result of abuse at the hands of Hill or the child’s mother, Crystal Espinal, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk (citing Kevin Kietzman of writes. Despite that, and despite the fact that there is no active criminal investigation of the matter, Hill is not out of the woods.

While most assumed the crime that Johnson County DA Steve Howe was referring to when he said he believed a crime had been committed against the child pertained to the broken arm, that was not the case. Instead, as Kietzman reports, the crime pertained to the welts and bruises that Overland Park police found on the child’s body. Investigators determined early on in the process that the broken arm was an accident, but the welts and bruises are evidence of criminal abuse. The problem is that, although both Hill and Espinal have admitted to spanking their son with their hands and a belt, prosecutors cannot determine which parent, or if both, caused the welts and bruises.

This report will not change the NFL’s stance on the situation, as the league was already waiting for the Child Protective Services proceeding that resulted in Hill’s son being removed from Hill’s custody to conclude. But although Florio suggested yesterday that the NFL may be trying to brush this matter under the rug, he is singing a bit of a different tune today. Indeed, the portion of Kietzman’s report revealing that Hill admitted to spanking his son with his hands and a belt could make Hill more susceptible to league discipline, and he can also be disciplined for making threats against Espinal and creating an unsafe environment for his child.

Florio’s earlier opinion notwithstanding, it would be very surprising if the league did not take any disciplinary action against Hill, even if he is not charged with a crime. However, it may be awhile before we know for sure. For the time being, Hill is banned from the Chiefs’ facility.

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21 comments on “Latest On Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill

  1. hmeakem31

    I’m confused. If they both admitted to beating their son, shouldn’t they both be charged instead of not being able to charge either bc they do not know who did it on this one occasion.

    • greg7274

      The admission was to spanking.
      One of them was obviously “beating” the poor kid, when the welts were raised. But neither admitted to that level… although Espinal apparently doesnt deny it in the text messages that Hills lawyer say they have in their possession.
      I’m going to wait and see how that plays out.

  2. T-Dawg

    If this Scum goes undisciplined by the NFL after Elliot, and Brady we’re suspended, then it’s just WRONG!!! Wonder what the NFL will say when he kills one of them next time? Trash has a history of this!

      • TrollHunter

        Hill is a beast, I’d definitely take him. But hey, I’m still a fan of OJ Simpson!

        I really don’t care what players (or other entertainers) do outside of their jobs!

        That’s why there’s a legal system. The NFL should stick to only disciplining football misconduct, such as on-field, missing practices, etc.

      • gene95988

        No way would I want this guy on my team. These are life-altering events to a young child, mentality, as well as physical abuse. These are basic human-rights
        Violations. Don’t care how good a player is who repeatedly is involved in child abuse charges
        This child would be better of in foster care.

  3. Phattey

    There’s no way you can discipline him, you literally had Adrian Peterson who has had a massive suspension and a child die from child abuse/ neglect come out last year and admit to continuing to beat his son with a belt in an interview and nothing was done

    • kylewait89

      Peterson’s son died in 2013….and had nothing to do with him. What’re you talking about?

      They definitely can suspend Hill as there is evidence that there is criminal abuse by both parents.

      • Ironman_4life

        What a weird case. What a generational talent. As a Chiefs fan with kids this has torn at me. On one side what if he did what hes accused of. On the other side , how can i watch a player of his caliber be released just to be signed again right away.
        No matter what happens with the NFL’s handling of this matter, I think we can all come to the conclusion that both of these parents need help. Parenting classes , anger management classes . Etc etc.

      • cobbalicious

        Apparently not enough to charge them with a crime though. Innocent until proven guilty remember. I am not saying this what he does is right, but you can’t just go suspending players willie nillie because believe he might have done something criminal. The nfl should stay out of these cases unless they are found guilty.

  4. TrollHunter

    That’s extremely misleading! APs son died from head injuries inflicted by the mother’s boyfriend, not AP. Comparing that to beating a child with a belt is ridiculous!

    Maybe the NFL didn’t do anything, because it knows that’s going to far interfering in how a parent raises a child!

    Players shouldn’t be suspended for using a belt in a reasonable fashion to discipline a child.

  5. Ironman_4life

    As a Chiefsfan this has really torn at me from day 1. As a father i have to think of that child that somehow got injured While in the care of these parents. As a fan of the game, I couldn’t stand to watch a player of his caliber be released just to be signed by another team and end up playing against us.
    I think that we can all agree that no matter how the NFL handles this investigation and offers any sort of punishment, these parents need some serious help whether it be parenting classes or anger management classes but they definitely need to get some help now…

  6. darkangel

    IT DOESN’T MATTER which parent caused the welts and bruises. even if only one parent caused it, the other parent FAILED to protect the child.

    • greg7274

      so not only are we now guilty until proven innocent, we can also lose our jobs because we were in the same building when someone else committed a crime. Our forefathers would be so proud.
      Btw, I believe Hill and Espinal have been separated for most of this child’s life… details

    • alxdhm32

      Agreed we don’t do that as parents of our kids, they hit but they almost 4 and 2 they don’t get hit back! They get hugged and we have a stern talking with them it usually works for a couple weeks till they get hit by other kids at school and figure out why they have been attacked. I was raised with a hand across my face or bottom but never learned anything from it other then to be scared of my parents. Different times though I guess.

    • Ironman_4life

      So if you left for work one morning and your spouse harms your child , you should face charges?

      • Matthew Heywood

        Well said that other comment is one of the dumbest I have ever seen . Before we burn the witch at the stake let’s at least attempt to find out the facts

  7. crosseyedlemon

    I hope reports that Mike Florio is “singing a new tune” doesn’t indicate that he intends to sing the National Anthem at sporting events. I still haven’t fully recovered from Roseanne Barr.

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