Latest On Tyreek Hill’s Meeting With NFL

Details are emerging on Tyreek Hill‘s eight-hour interview with NFL Special Counsel for Investigations Lisa Friel, and multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell Nate Taylor of The Athletic that the interview went very well for Hill.

Taylor says that most of the dialogue between Hill and Friel centered around the now infamous audio recording of a conversation between Hill and Crystal Espinal, the mother of Hill’s three-year-old son, that took place this spring. Taylor’s sources say that Hill was able to provide the league with a “massive amount of evidence” to support his claims that Espinal was the primary disciplinarian of their child and that she was the one who caused the boy’s injuries. The league requested full records from the Overland Park Police Department in March pertaining to the criminal investigation into Hill, but since the case involved a child, the PD denied access to those records.

Hill may be suspended for the threatening comments he made to Espinal in the audio recording, but at least one Chiefs official believes the suspension will be for a maximum of four games, and several team officials expect the league to announce its decision as soon as next month.

That would clear the way for Hill to participate in training camp, and we learned just yesterday that Hill is expected to join his teammates when camp opens next month. Indeed, once the league makes its decision, the Chiefs will lift their indefinite ban of Hill.

The NFL may now ask Hill to visit league headquarters to meet with Roger Goodell, but it currently sounds as though Hill will escape this ugly situation about as cleanly as he could have hoped.

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26 comments on “Latest On Tyreek Hill’s Meeting With NFL

  1. cybrpete

    We the public still don’t know all the facts, but it is interesting to observe how many fans had him tried and convicted in their own minds. It’s amazing that we still have to plead with some people to wait for the facts before declaring someone guilty.

    • padnastikador

      I guess we should all just ignore what he did at Oklahoma State Too. Innocent man right here!!!!!!!

        • padnastikador

          He grabbed a pregnant woman by the throat, and punched her in the stomach. Is there enough punishment for that? Does he ever deserve the benefit of the doubt?

            • padnastikador

              If you’re saying that you’re a Chiefs fan, and you’re going to choose to ignore his beating of women and children for the success of your football team, than you’re pathetic.
              Not a chance in hell you’d get that from me.
              Some things you can’t come back from, ever.
              Beating on pregnant women and children is two of them.
              I really hope that’s not what you’re saying.

              • Decius

                Do we watch sports to follow their personal lives? I know I don’t. Do you only watch movies of actors who have crystal clean personal lives? Can we quit playing social police and let the real police do that job? Can we just be entertained without having to play judge and jury of an athlete? I don’t even like or dislike them as people. I don’t care about that. I enjoy the game. Shut up, have a beer and try to do the same.

                • Ironman_4life

                  Padnastikadors busy watching Major League (charlie sheen) while wearing his Michael Vick jersey.

    • Jzion

      Valid point. I think this type of thing doesn’t stop without serious long term therapy , and treatment. His fist case with something like this was horrific . Starts a narrative that allegations like this only support wrong or right. If he didn’t do it your relieved, if he did would it be a surprise? It’s a cycle, and what happens behind those closed doors only they really know.

  2. Guest617

    wow. the shield’s willing to risk another black eye should be the end to goofell

  3. greg7274

    Did ANY of you panty-twisters read the story before commenting?
    What part of “massive amount of evidence… that Espinal was the primary disciplinarian of their child and that she was the one who caused the boy’s injuries”… do you all not understand?
    I’m starting to think your issue goes beyond this case and may have more to do with either your own fandom… his race… or you’re just jealous haters of his speed and talent. Any one of those is shameful, at this point.

    • padnastikador

      We know for a fact he punched this woman in the stomach when she was pregnant. What do you think the intent was there? I’m sure you can figure it out. Fact is, she’s no peach either. It sounds like they’re both abusing this child. Why would you put it past him with his history of violence? Could it be because of your own fandom……his race……or you just love what his speed and talent brings to your team. It’s shameful you overlook the obvious. Hopefully the CPS case worker isn’t a Chiefs fan.

      • greg7274

        Just so I have this straight…
        Because of his altercation with this woman, FOUR years ago, that he plead no contest and accepted his punishment, expellment, etc…
        …he now should be punished for HER actions, THIS year, against the child she was pregnant with back then?

        Wow… that… was one unexpected twist.

        • padnastikador

          No, you’re right. Even though he has a history of abuse, even trying to abort this kid in the womb, I’m sure he’s completely turned around his act and is now a loving, protective father to the child. Sure the kid shows signs of abuse, but No Way Tyreek had anything to do with it! It must’ve been the Mother, you know, the parent who doesn’t make millions of dollars. The parent who doesn’t stand to lose all that money. Hopefully the state has taken this kid away from these two abusers. As long as he is safe, that’s really all I care about.

          • Banesays

            Hill doesn’t make “millions of dollars” quite yet. So there’s the first way you’re wrong. Secondly, was there video of him punching here in the stomach? And you’re saying you know for a fact he tried to abort that child by punching her in the stomach? Man you should be a lawyer. You probably would’ve gotten OJ off for being on camera stealing his own memorabilia.

  4. goldenmisfit

    Anyone who actually believes any of this is either a Kansas City fan or lacking all rational thought or maybe both. What did anyone expect him to say? Did they really think he would say in this long interview “yes! You got me! I get it. I beat the kid down like a mule“ of course not. Of course he is going to throw his fiancé under the bus the one that caught him red-handed. If this piece of garbage is not suspended for a minimum of 10 games the NFL has become an absolute joke. I know what the average Kansas City fan is going to say, “they have no evidence, no physical evidence“. Well guess what people? They had even less evidence against Elliot and guess what happened? He got nailed for six games. If he does not get more than Eli got we can finally agree on it’s not the act but the logo on the side of your helmet that matters.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    “but it currently sounds as though Hill will escape this ugly situation about as cleanly as he could have hoped.”

    And now without further ado let us introduce the next contestant.

  6. jhatfield

    The chiefs wont beat the Patriots with or without Hill.. so the whole thing is just conversation..

  7. gdbyers

    Chiefs fan here. He did some disgusting things regardless if he did this or not. I want him off the team!

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