Tyreek Hill Expected To Attend Training Camp

Fresh off Wednesday’s meeting with the NFL, Tyreek Hill is expected to attend training camp next month barring an “significant development” in the ongoing investigation surrounding child abuse allegations levied at the Chiefs wide receiver, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com.

Hill sat down with NFL Special Counsel for Investigations Lisa Friel today in a meeting that lasted eight hours, reports Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. The NFL is investigating child abuse accusations against Hill after the pass-catcher’s three-year-old son suffered a broken arm. Authorities have determined that neither Hill nor his fiance broke the boy’s arm, but there’s been some dispute as to whether a legal investigation is still ongoing.

In addition to being accused of physical abuse, Hill was also caught on audio threatening his fiance, indicating that she should be “terrified” of him. Even if Hill isn’t formally charged with a crime as a result of this episode, the NFL can still levy its own punishment under the league’s personal conduct policy.

The NFL has no timetable for the conclusion of its investigation, per Rapoport. Chiefs training camp opens on July 26.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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28 comments on “Tyreek Hill Expected To Attend Training Camp

    • jonesadoug

      first off it was 1 arm that was broke while with his mother at Tyreeks house. Tyreek was in California at the time. Have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? Tyreek shouldn’t get any suspension at all.

    • KCChiefs3485

      except they have already proved it was broken as a result of an accident. typically seen from someone trying to brace a fall by placing their arms out.

      • TrollHunter

        Clearly the anti Tyreek crowd wants him suspended for A. not being there, and B. not placing a soft pillow down for him to fall on!

        Don’t you know kids are ment to be kept in glass bubbles never to be harmed by the dangerous outside world!

        Also if a child ever does misbehave in any way, he/she should be told they are perfect and everything they do is perfect. Then given an entire cake to eat and anything else they desire! Never ever ever should they be punished or disciplined in any way!

        Geez, don’t you know anything about raising kids!

  1. GMB 883

    But it was Ok to threaten his fiancé? He obviously has issues and we know it’s not the first time based on his history. If the NFL doesn’t do anything and something happens again it becomes another terrible situation for whoever is affected and the league for not holding him accountable for his actions.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Goodell will be handing down some kind of suspension to avoid a public backlash but he won’t go so far as to toss Hill from the league because that would expose the NFL to another collusion case.

    • crosseyedlemon

      And you just want to subtly discover who has an issue with improper spelling, grammar and punctuation. That’s very clever…lol.

  2. bonajim23

    Hang your heads in shame Chief fans! This is completely disgusting and embarrassing! Whatever the Chiefs do this year- even if they should win the Super Bowl- will be completely tarnished as long as this man plays on your team! Kareem Hunt, now Hill. This is such a shame and a complete embarrassment for both the Chiefs and the NFL.

    • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

      I don’t root for player injuries, but will make an exception for this guy. Hoping some headhunting safety destroys him. A broken arm sounds appropriate. Maybe something more serious and season ending.

      And I plan to root against KC every single week, even though it was fun last year watching Mahomes.

        • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

          Actually a guy who breaks him 3-year old’s arms and threatens his wife probably deserves to have his neck broken, but an arm will do.

          • KCChiefs3485

            Too bad it’s been proven that the childs arm was broken during an accident, similar to how someone would brace themselves for a fall by putting their arms out.

            Maybe you should read the facts….you wouldn’t come off as an idiot.

    • Ironman_4life

      Lol. But If he signed with your team you would be jumping on his bandwagon. No point even replying. yes you would

    • TrollHunter

      If the Chiefs win the SB, it will be in no way tarnished! In fact, it will almost completely forgot within a year or two.

      The truth is most fans don’t care about all the off-field stuff. It’s only a few self righteous ones like you that will hang onto this.

      • bonajim23

        Wrong TrollHunter, any normal person who is not drinking the NFL KoolAid like you are finds this type of behavior reprehensible! They have been other reports of child abuse with him along with domestic violence towards a woman. What does it take to see that this guy does not deserve the privilege to play in the NFL?

        • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

          Exactly. When the headlines appear that say “Tyreek Hill, Former KC Chiefs WR, Shot by Police in Lenexa, Kansas Hotel Room”, I’ll pretty much yawn, that the NFL keeps making billions on employing these losers that should be flipping burgers or serving time in jail.

          The Chiefs, Andy Reid, and Mr. Hunt deserve to be mocked and booed all season.

        • KCChiefs3485

          TrollHunter is actually spot on. By the end of the year, no one will even remember this story. Majority of fans couldn’t care less about off the field issues.

        • TrollHunter

          Sure, people will fain anger or disgust when the topic is brought up, but most fans don’t really care. If the Chiefs win the SB, all that will be remembered in 5 years is how Mahomes played and that they won.

    • KCChiefs3485

      it is very disgusting and embarrassing that the woman made up a bunch of allegations against him.

      people need to read news reports and get all the information before they comment. it will save you from looking stupid.

  3. Jzion

    Didn’t Hill beat on this child before he was even out of the womb? Or did I read that wrong awhile back? Something about punching the mother in the stomach , choking her out, that kind of behavior that if you run a 4.3 gets a pat on the back in the NFL. As far as proven that he didn’t do it. Pretty hard to prove something like that when you have 3 year old victim , and a battered woman who probably lives in fear. Without the proper help there will be more to come . Wether or not we hear about it is another thing. Who knows what really happened once those door’s closed .

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