Only 16 Draft Picks Remain Unsigned

Roughly 7% of this year’s draft picks have yet to sign their rookie contracts, as shown in PFR’s tracker. So far, 238 of this year’s 254 selections have inked their deals.

Here’s the complete breakdown, sorted by round:

First Round (6)

Second Round (3)

Third Round (5)

Sixth Round (1)

Seventh Round (1)

Unsurprisingly, the first round (6) and third round (5) still lead the way in stragglers. First-round picks tend to have the most leverage, which means agents will often haggle on issues such as offset language. Third-round negotiations also tend to drag since there is wiggle room when it comes to their base salaries.

As an unsigned seventh-round pick, Cutting’s situation is an unusual one. The Air Force product has signed an “injury protection agreement” instead of his rookie contract, giving the academy time to render a final decision on whether he can play in 2019. Depending on how things shake out, Cutting may have to leave the team for two years to fulfill his service requirements.

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10 comments on “Only 16 Draft Picks Remain Unsigned

  1. CubsHope5

    Just a heads up – under second round you still have (4) in parenthesis from the last update but only 3 left

  2. Hannibal8us

    I wish I was shocked that the government can’t make a decision on a guy without it taking forever. Let’s see let the guy play football or look like a bunch of jerks and get bad press by demanding he fulfill his obligations right now. Shouldn’t take months to decide.

    • pads fan1980

      It’s not bad press they guy signed up and got free college he should have to honor his commitment. If he wanted to play football he should have never enlisted to begin with.

      • lmcpeeks

        You missed the key word in his comment. NOW … of course he has to honor his commitment but why now? What’s a typical NFL career 3 years? You’re telling me this guy can’t go reserves until his career is over in the NFL?

        • Hannibal8us

          Exactly what Imcpeeks said, why would the Navy want to cost this guy a shot at a lifelong dream because they can’t let him fulfill his commitment later. Especially since this would look great for recruitment having a bonafide NFL player represent the college. Just seems stupid and especially when you factor in how long they’re taking to make this decision. Really leaving this kid in the wind not knowing what his future is going to be.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I’m thinking along the same lines as unclemike. Maybe Cutting is as patriotic as Pat Tillman was and doesn’t want any special favors done by the military on his behalf.

    • Hannibal8us

      Pretty sure he wouldn’t have to wait to find out if he was just planning to serve.

      • crosseyedlemon

        It’s not a decision to rush because there are the feelings of your parents, siblings and others to consider besides your own.

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