Reactions, Notes On Carson Wentz’s Extension

Earlier this week, the Eagles and Carson Wentz agreed to a four-year extension that would keep the quarterback in Philly through the 2024 season. The new-money figures include $128MM, with more than $107MM in total guarantees and $66MM guaranteed at signing. The contract can ultimately escalate to $144MM in new money.

Predictably, there have been plenty of notes and reactions pertaining to the extension. We’ve compiled the latest below:

  • While Wentz recently became eligible for an extension, the quarterback could have waited to see if he’d boost his earnings ceiling. However, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network tweets that the 26-year-old was content with the more than $100MM in guaranteed money (along with the injury protections). Furthermore, if Wentz finds that his contract is a bargain in a few years, the quarterback is content knowing that the Eagles will have some extra money to spend elsewhere.
  • The extension locked up Wentz for the foreseeable future, and it also means that Eagles have a lot more clarity going forward. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie echoed this sentiment while talking with Dave Spadaro of the team website (Twitter link). “We found a wonderful quarterback and person a few years ago,” Lurie said (via Charean Williams of “He’s everything you want in a franchise quarterback. To be able to plan ahead and know exactly that he’s going to be with us and build the roster in just the way that we want to do it, it means everything. It allows you to make smart decisions. We always wanted a terrific quarterback and a terrific person, and he embodies it in every way.”
  • While Lurie sounds excited about the Wentz extension, the owner is also pleased with the front office’s ability to lock up many of his teammates. “We’ve got a great young core, and we’ve got a great core that we’ve been able to extend,” Lurie said (via Williams). “It gives you the best chance to win. . . .I can’t be more excited about our season. I wish September were here now.”
  • Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes that pundits could make an argument that it would have been better for the Eagles to wait a year before extending Wentz. After all, the quarterback has suffered injuries in each of his three NFL seasons. On the flip side, even if Wentz were to suffer another injury, McLane opines that he would have still garnered a lucrative contract. Furthermore, the organization may have saved some dough by extending Wentz ahead of Jared Goff and Dak Prescott.
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9 comments on “Reactions, Notes On Carson Wentz’s Extension

  1. Guest617

    with the money wentz can buy friendship bracelets for his teammates that hate him

    • kenleyfornia2

      Did Wentz murder your puppy? The man went to a no name school to #2 draft pick and just secured his bag. He could care less what his immature teammates think.

    • kabphillie

      Remember all the teammates that stood up for him? He also owned up and said he’ll be a better teammate.

      • Polish Hammer

        Don’t mind the troll, he forgets who he trolled with what comments and which user name he’s posting under, funny when he gets them crossed and exposes the fraud he is.

      • Spike1122

        Nobody is liked by everyone. Think about some of the other highly paid and highly productive QBs like Roethlisberger and Rodgers. They are two who literally no one on their team likes. Sometimes you are going to rub people the wrong way and not everyone will like you but the greater majority of the players on the eagles like wentz enough to stand up for him when bs articles are written about how he is hated by his teammates. I for one am happy he will be our QB for the foreseeable future!

    • cjelepis

      Aww, everyone doesn’t like me,… :-(

      Get over it. It’s not a qb’s job to be likeable. It’s to be a quarterback. Nobody would complain if a left tackle was mean.

      At the end of the day, they guy (minus injuries) has been every bit the part of a starting qb, and he deserves to get paid. All due respect to mr Foles, who earned a free dinner anytime he comes to philly, but Wentz is clearly the future and kudos to the organization for wrapping this up early.

      Now – go fix the Malcolm Jenkins situation!!!!!

  2. Richard Hangslow

    Why is it every QB extension a new record? No one should be above Brady, Brees, Rogers.

    • Domino427

      Cap keeps going up, which inflates all salaries, but especially the most important players like QBs

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