Eagles, Carson Wentz Agree To Extension

The Eagles did not waste much time. They have come to terms on a four-year extension with Carson Wentz, the team announcing the deal. Negotiations commenced for at least a few weeks, and the 26-year-old quarterback is now committed to the Eagles through the 2024 season.

Wentz’s new-money figures: four years, $128MM, with more than $107MM in total guarantees and $66MM guaranteed at signing, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com reports (on Twitter). The contract can escalate to $144MM in new money, Schefter tweets. Two years remained on Wentz’s rookie deal, so in totality, this is a six-year, $154MM pact. While Wentz did not reach Russell Wilson‘s $35MM-per-year agreement — though, he did eclipse Wilson and all others in total guarantees — he comes in just below Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers in average annual value.

As a 2016 draftee, Wentz only became extension-eligible in January and has dealt with season-ending injuries in each of the past two years. But the Eagles continue to show tremendous faith in their centerpiece player. Wentz no longer has any limitations from the back injury that halted his 2018 season, but a player who also missed much of his senior season at North Dakota State due to injury (broken wrist) obviously brings risk to extend at a top-end price.

Torn knee ligaments ended Wentz’s bid to become the 2017 MVP, and Nick Foles proceeded to play so well in the playoffs a statue of he and Doug Pederson now stands outside of Lincoln Financial Field. Foles, whose late-season work keyed another Philadelphia playoff berth last season, is now in Jacksonville. The Eagles are clearly confident Wentz is their future. He will be 32 when this deal expires.

The Eagles gave the Browns plenty in trading up to the 2016 No. 2 slot to select a Division I-FCS quarterback, but his 2017 revealed immense potential. Wentz threw 33 touchdown passes in 13 games, and his 78.5 Total QBR ranked second that season. Last year, Wentz’s touchdown percentage predictably regressed — going from 7.5 to 5.2 — but his yards-per-attempt and completion percentages figures went up (7.7 yards and 69.6 percent, respectively). He finished an abbreviated 2018 season with 21 touchdown passes and seven interceptions, but the Eagles were just 5-6 in his starts (and 4-1 in Foles regular-season outings).

Howie Roseman has done well to keep the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII core in place long-term, having finalized 2019 deals with Brandon Graham and Jason Kelce as well. Key members of the championship team now signed through at least 2021: Wentz, Graham, Kelce, Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, Lane Johnson and Fletcher Cox.

A promising young passer now signed long-term, this agreement will certainly change the quarterback market. It will provide a clearer road map for fellow 2016 draftees Jared Goff and Dak Prescott, the latter being a 2020 free agent, along with Patrick Mahomes when that time comes.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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47 comments on “Eagles, Carson Wentz Agree To Extension

  1. brewcrewbernie

    Hopefully they got somewhat of a hometown discount, this dude’s going to make a lot of money on IR.

    • BruceBochyistheMarlboroMan

      I’m more concerned with how much money is guaranteed.

  2. Polish Hammer

    Oh boy, cue up all the moronic comments about the IR or Nick…anyway, smart move to lock up the cornerstone of your franchise….

      • kenleyfornia2

        Because the idea of keeping Foles is unrealistic with their cap situation. The idea of trading Wentz and keeping Foles is so moronic that anyone who thinks that needs their head examined.

      • Polish Hammer

        Booger, 2 serious and un-related injuries that lead to 8 games missed in 3 seasons doesn’t mean they don’t re-up the face of the franchise.

        • dave13

          13 games.. you forget about the playoffs? Only the most important games and ones you’d like your #1 QB playing in..

        • ViV

          It’s 21 games from 3 serious injuries the last 4 years counting his senior year of college.

          Even so, I’d agree with you if he were approaching free agency. Locking someone up with those question marks two full seasons before their contract is up instead of giving them at least one more season to prove their durability is a needless risk.

          • Polish Hammer

            And how many games has Andrew Luck missed the past few years? I’d bet if he became available there’d be teams lined up to lock him up to an even bigger contract.

            • ViV

              The point is that Carson Wentz isn’t available. So to go with your Andrew Luck comparison, the real question is would it make sense for the Colts to come out and re-up him for a boat load more guaranteed even though he has multiple years left on his contract with all his recent injury concerns?

    • washington_bonercats

      Smart move even though the guy still has 2 years committed? What if he blows his knee out in both of the next 2 seasons? Smart move then?

  3. ziggy13

    so we 32 million per year for 4 years on top of his last 2 years of his rookie deal? I’m pretty stoked about that. If he can stay healthy (big if at this point for sure) this is an amazing deal

    • jorge78

      Less money to surround himself with players he needs to do well.
      Trey moronic…..

      • ziggy13

        look at money that top QBs have been making with the rates only skyrocketing in the future. this is going to be a bargain before the extension even kicks in

      • leefieux

        Love the irony of ‘trey moronic’. It was ‘tres ironic’ (mixing French and English).

  4. jorge78

    84% guaranteed! Wow!
    Hope his knees hold up
    carrying all that bread…..

  5. kenleyfornia2

    Garoppolo starts 8 games mostly vs bad teams and gets 130 million. Tears his ACL making a play for his team no one bats an eye. Wentz does the same thing except has a track record of being elite vs good teams and people go nuts.

    • fathead

      San Fran had $$$ to burn at the time with over $100mill cap..Eagles are constantly against the cap every yr

      • jdrushton

        Howie Roseman is the cap expert. The Eagles were $20 million over the cap back in March. Before this signing, which doesn’t affect this year’s cap since the extension is for 2021-24, they were $26 million under the cap.

    • Polish Hammer

      Obviously, math isn’t a strong suit for you, 40 of 48 games (13.33) is slightly different than 8…

  6. crosseyedlemon

    So does carrying all that cash to the bank qualify him for a “workout” bonus too?

  7. Miklo916

    Lol and they said Dak don’t deserve 30+. Had better season and stays healthy. Ijs.

    • Polish Hammer

      Wentz has been MVP. worthy when he’s played, Dak? Not so much…

    • Regi Green

      Yup,Dak had the better year….please let that translate to Dallas giving him a better deal than this one.Please

      • jdrushton

        You want to talk about cap-strapping a team. How about Prescott, Elliott and Cooper extensions?

    • Polish Hammer

      We know it wasn’t your mom posting, she was too busy making a PB&J with the the crust cut off for the loser living in her basement…”ma the meatloaf” says lowIQdrifter…

  8. bradthebluefish

    Lame. Guy can’t stay healthy and he gets one of the most lucrative QB deals. Shoulda kept Foles. Could’ve been had for less.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Taking Foles at 88 million over your franchise QB is lame. Stop getting caught up in the super bowl stuff and use your head.

      • troll_smasher

        You were champion Adam Gase as GOOD coach, yet call people morons and tell them to use there head. You might need to practice what you preach.

        • kenleyfornia2

          I didn’t call anyone a moron LOL. You should learn how to read and use context. I said a certian idea is moronic. Adam Gase is not a bad football only coach. As a person he is clearly a cancer. But he knows how to run an offense. And can the Jets play a game first jeez? The Cowboys were dysfunctional and they made the 2nd round

  9. jwoh13512

    It’s getting harder and harder for the teams paying the Quarterback huge money to make the playoffs. Look at all the teams that made the playoffs last year that had quarterbacks still on their rookie contract. That’s why Brady takes a lot less than he could be making.

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