Eagles, Carson Wentz Talking Extension

It’s going to be time for the 2016 draft class to start thinking about their next deals pretty soon. Anyone drafted in the second round or later is heading into the final year of their deal, while first-rounders still have their fifth-year options for 2020. A lot of the top players from 2016 will be inked to extensions soon, and it sounds like Carson Wentz could be taken care of in the near future. 

“My belief is that deal will get done at some point this offseason,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said recently of a new pact between Wentz and the Eagles, per Tim McManus of ESPN.com. Schefter reports that the “two sides have begun talking” and that “both sides are motivated to get it done.” Schefter also cautions that nothing is particularly close, but that everyone thinks it’s going to get done this summer.

Interestingly, that’s in stark contrast to how the Rams are playing things with Jared Goff, the quarterback who went one spot ahead of Wentz in the draft. We heard in late March that Los Angeles hadn’t talked extension with Goff yet, and it didn’t seem like they were in any rush to do so.

Wentz has been unable to stay healthy the past couple of seasons, but the team is obviously all-in on him. They let Nick Foles walk in free agency, so it’s not like they have much of a choice. It’ll be very interesting to see what Wentz gets in the context of the quarterback market.

He was playing at an MVP-level before tearing his ACL and LCL in 2017, but he does have a troubling injury history. His camp isn’t going to take a discount however, and he’ll likely want to break the bank while resetting the market once again. Philly’s division rival, the Cowboys, are getting ready to pay Dak Prescott, and it’ll be fascinating to see how the two deals compare.

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14 comments on “Eagles, Carson Wentz Talking Extension

  1. angels24

    Who’s going to get paid more Wentz or Dak? Wentz is better imo when healthy, but he seems to not stay healthy.

    • DarkSide830

      Wentz will get more because his agent wants him to get payed for how he can play, (ie the MVP contending season) and the Eagles have less young studs like Zeke, Cooper, etc that also need big extentions going forward. Dallas will have to spread the money around a bit.

  2. sportsfan101

    Who cares the more either gets paid the more they hurt there teams. Watch Brady on jimmy kimmel big reason why the patriots are always on top. It’s about finding a player who isn’t greedy and needs to set records that based on the market will be broke vs records Brady has set that won’t. The patriot way is tried and true and it boggles my mind no other franchise can come even close to replicating it.

    • frank_costanza

      To be fair, he has the ability to take team friendly deals due to a certain someone he happens to live with. It’s still commendable because most athletes egos wouldn’t let them take less when they’re clearly worth more, but let’s not kid ourselves here. If he had to be the bread winner in his household he would absolutely have cashed in.

      We all knows these deals cripple teams, but we all know that doesn’t change the fact that they have to make them. That’s why I was in favor of trading Carson, signing Foles and using that extra money to build the team around him.

    • 0213963

      You don’t get how the “business” end works my friend. These young players will not leave money on the table to take a “team friendly” deal. Their agents and the NFLPA won’t allow it. It’s their job to get as much as possible to raise the bar for the next group that comes in and will be negotiating deals in the coming years, it’s always about raising the bar.

  3. DannyQ3913

    Philly media saying he’s getting $30 mil a year for 5 years. Just make sure they deduct the 4 weeks a year he misses

    • Polish Hammer

      Funny every time you post that. Eight games missed in 3 seasons for a shredded knee and fractured vertebra, both of which he played through, isn’t like he’s milking a phantom or chronic injury.

      • frank_costanza

        It’s not like he isn’t injury prone either. It goes all the way back to high school with him.

  4. DarkSide830

    i do really hope they wait until after the season is over to see if he really can stay healthy a full season. if he continues to have injury issues he is certianly not worth 30 million per year.

    • frank_costanza

      What other choice do they have? They went all in when they decided to let the freakin super bowl MVP walk.

      • kenleyfornia2

        They went all in when they traded up for Wentz. If you thing the Eagles had the cap room to sign Foles you dont know how football works. And no tagging him every year is not an option

  5. flagsrup

    You can pay him now or later but the ticket gets more expensive as time draws out. It’s about value and leverage that are both on the Eagles side now. Do it “big” now and h Howie restructures down the road.

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