Redskins’ Trent Williams Wants Out

Typically, player holdouts stem from a desire to secure a new contract. That’s not the case for Redskins left tackle Trent Williams, however. The veteran has told teammates that he has demanded a trade or release due to their handling of his recent medical situation, according to sources who spoke with Jason La Canfora of (on Twitter). Furthermore, Williams has vowed to not play for the Redskins, meaning that this saga could drag on if he is not traded this summer. 

Earlier this year, Williams had a tumor (or a similar growth) removed from his head. Fortunately, Williams is now healthy and is expected to be able to play this season. However, for reasons that are currently unclear, the situation caused friction between the lifelong Redskin and the organization.

For now, Williams is under contract with the Redskins for another two years and is owed $24MM between now and the end of the 2020 season. Despite his injuries, that deal borders on being team-friendly, so there could be a ripe market for the soon-to-be 31-year-old.

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16 comments on “Redskins’ Trent Williams Wants Out

      • highplainsdriftr

        I don’t understand this argument anymore. Miller, Mack, Bosa….. All line up against RT

        • compassrose

          The LT is blocking on the blindside. A RH QB would have his back to the left. He is facing the right and can see players coming at him. Obviously he can’t see the rusher from his back. So the best blocker is put at LT.

  1. JJB0811

    Yet another vet who demanded ‘long term security’ & got it, then is upset being underpaid 2-3 years later. It’s pretty evident that the players really don’t pay attention to how rapidly the NFL grows annually. Since the last CBA, I wouldn’t have ever accepted a deal longer than 2 years. I’d be glad to change teams just to be in the top 8 of my position.

    If I were the Skins’ I’d tell him to sit & lose $24m, they all cave.

    • doublee919

      Did you just read the headline and make this post? It clearly says this isn’t a money issue, and he’s upset with how they handled his medical concern.

    • Matthew Heywood

      First off that isn’t the reason this article gives and secondly how can you blame nfl players ?
      They can be cut at any time so they have to make the most money possible in the short career nfl players have but keep being an owner lackey

      • badco44

        I guess the owners signed both sides of the collective bargaining agreement? Really?… that’s right I forgot we sign contracts to not honor them… no sympathy here

      • JJB0811

        Its easy, the players are presented contracts. They can choose to change/modify it before signing.

        My whole point is, other than Cousins and the now CB for the Jets, every player demands ‘long term deals’ and then are mad at the deal half way through it. So why not sign shorter deals?

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Hard to tell how much of this is smoke and mirrors but after using a first round pick on a QB, the Redskins will be royally $crewd if they end up with a gaping hole at LT. They need to fix this mess fast!

  3. SlingingSammyBaugh

    He just wants more money. It has nothing to do with how he was treated, he is just looking for a way to get out of his contract and team control. Getting fed up with these players who sign these contracts and then cry about them a few years later. According to CBA he should get his ass out there and play but he wants to bash the team instead. Sit his ass on the bench.

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