Saints, Michael Thomas Far Apart On Deal

The Saints and Michael Thomas are far apart in contract talks and no extension is imminent, according to Jeff Duncan of (on Twitter). Still, the two sides remain motivated to get a deal done and hope to have one in place by the start of training camp. 

This news somewhat conflicts with what we heard earlier this week. The two sides seemed to be in a good place, especially since the Saints are reportedly comfortable with making Thomas the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.

For one reason or another, the two sides have hit a snag. It’s possible that the Saints have offered to make Thomas the highest-paid wideout by certain metrics such as average annual value, but his guarantees might not be on par with that of Odell Beckham Jr., who leads the way with $65MM in total guarantees and a whopping $41MM guaranteed at signing. Thomas, who leads the league in receptions (321) over the past three seasons and ranks fifth in yards (3,787) since the start of the ’16 campaign, is likely seeking to be the new leader across every major category.

Thomas recently signed with agent Andrew Kessler after cutting ties with David Mulugheta in November. a sign that he is not content with simply cracking the top five at the position. The Saints may want to get something done with Thomas sooner rather than later, because his asking price could inch up if the rival Falcons sign Julio Jones to a multi-year extension first.

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6 comments on “Saints, Michael Thomas Far Apart On Deal

  1. goldenmisfit

    If I were the Saints I would wait. If you go back and watch the NFC championship game Michael Thomas was on Aquib Talib call game and had four catches and 36 yards. The Rams might have developed the blueprint on how to shut down Michael Thomas. See what Thomas does this year if he puts up the same number as he has been there can you give him whatever he wants but if he does not they seriously need to rethink that.

  2. jjabrony

    I feel like the problem is that Thomas is a talented WR but it’s probably Brees that makes him great. With Brees being 40, do you really want to give huge money to a young receiver? It puts the Saints in a tough place. Looking at Thomas’ stats, I was surprised that he only averages a career 11.8 yard/catch.

    I’m a Raider fan, so it may not shock anyone when I say this but right now is the time to trade Thomas while his value is high. Let another team offer him the giant contract. Brees can make a star out of any receiver.

    • wellyou'rewrong

      It’s because most of the Saints passing is quick and short and not chunk plays.

  3. bradthebluefish

    I see what you are saying but with the Rams having great cornerbacks, Thomas should do just fine versus every other team. Gets tougher in the playoffs.

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