Tyreek Hill, Chiefs Could Reopen Extension Talks

Everything seems to be looking up for embattled Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. We’ve heard over the past couple of days that Hill’s meeting with the league’s investigator went very well, and that he could be looking at a maximum suspension of four games.

The most recent reporting also indicates that Hill will attend the team’s training camp next month. While it once looked like the Chiefs were on the verge of moving on from Hill once and for all, it now appears they still view him in their longterm plans, according to Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports. Assuming Hill comes out relatively cleanly with the league, which it looks like he will, “the Chiefs and his representation could potentially re-engage in contract negotiations for an extension in the not-too-distant future,” a source told Paylor.

Back in March, before this scandal got started, we heard that the two sides had begun negotiating an extension. Allegations of child abuse and domestic violence, of course, put those talks on hold. The Chiefs used their first pick in April’s draft on receiver Mecole Hardman, which many interpreted as a sign they weren’t expecting to have Hill.

The tide has slowly started to turn in Hill’s favor since then, and at this point it would be a major surprise if he isn’t playing for the Chiefs in 2019. Recent reporting indicates that if Hill is suspended it won’t be for the injuries his son sustained, but rather the recording where he can be heard threatening his fiance.

Hill will certainly need to avoid any additional off-field incidents, and any potential extension would likely include provisions to void the deal if Hill gets into further trouble, but it sounds like he may get the mega-deal he was initially angling for. A fifth-round pick in 2016, Hill is heading into the final year of his rookie contract. Assuming they do start talking about a new contract again, it’ll be interesting to see if this ordeal ends up effecting his potential price.

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32 comments on “Tyreek Hill, Chiefs Could Reopen Extension Talks

  1. goldenmisfit

    This is absolutely disgusting! The guy beats his kid throws his fiancé under the bus there is an audio of him admitting that his woman can expect further beatings but they are saying he will only get a four-game suspension and now Kansas City want to sign into an extension! This is all absolutely pathetic and the Kansas City Chiefs are beyond disgusting.

    • timw3558

      prove he did the beatings….the police couldnt…if he did kick him out of the league…but the police couldnt prove it was him…she said she was framing him so glad you know he did it though

    • Rocket32

      Money and fame can get you out of quite a lot of things. Nothing surprising about the Chiefs planning to keep Hill long term anyway. They need him. Was never any chance of them moving on from him. Sad reality is that if they did someone else would just pick him up. Little to no chance of a talent like him going unsigned. They know they’d basically be handing another team a star WR.

      • dust44

        Dude was what a 6th round pick? And is on his rookie contract. That’s not the kinda money to get u out of a child related crime. Not sure there’s anyone with that kinda money my guy.

    • Ironman_4life

      If you have info on what happened , you should turn it over to the PD.

    • bencole

      Did you see the report suggesting Hill presented a whole bunch of evidence yesterday to the NFL that it was his wife??? Don’t comment on this stuff if you don’t know what’s going on… and if y’all don’t want him we’ll take him, I don’t care if he breaks the law as long as he plays football well. I mean, I do, but the two are not at all related.

  2. highplainsdriftr

    I like all the people who are fine hiding behind the lack of conviction. This guy is trash. The audio should be enough to offend anybody. Just remember, if you daughter comes home and says that her boyfriend said she ‘should be terrified of him’- be sure to ask if he’s good at football before you marry her off

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Even if he gets off with what many, perhaps most will consider to be light punishment, how many people out there think Hill is going to go through the rest of his career without any incidents?

    Is it a matter of time, or will he turn a corner and be a model citizen for the remainder of his career/life? Bet I’m not the only one who thinks it’s the former.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    The NFL should just make it a requirement that players have off field issues before accepting them into the league. It would save a lot of time and expense of conducting investigations and preparing suspensions that never act as a deterrent anyway.

  5. TrollHunter

    So I remember last year when Mahomes would throw those deep tight spirals and Hill would blow past everyone on his way to catching them for TDs!

    Oh, you say Hill does things whilst not on the field of play! And those things aren’t good! Well that’s not my concern. I’ll let the police and legal system handle that.

    The guy who collects my garbage, the woman who delivers my mail, the checkout clerks at Target, might all be horrifically terrible people. I don’t know and I don’t care. My only concern with them is that they do their jobs. Same goes for my entertainers!

  6. JJB0811

    This is exactly why Andy’s son died. He cares more about chasing a SB than doing what an adult should do. Whatever happened with Hill and the RB, they were bad dudes, but could play football. So sign them up.

      • JJB0811

        100+ work hours and being a dead beat dad did play a role. Then only to continue with that after his death. Sorry, but he was rich and could have easily taken time off to rehab his other son, yet choose not to. At some point, he has to take blame.

          • JJB0811

            I hope they do as well. But if you’re a multimillionaire and one goes down that road, I’d hope you would take time off to be with your family. I sure would.

            And I wouldn’t sign creeps who purposefully harmed kids or others just because they are fast.

            • Ironman_4life

              Lol no. Im a poor Cal Fire scout. If I was even a millionaire I wouldn’t work

        • greg7274

          Taken time off to be with his other son?
          His other son is on the Chiefs coaching staff.

          …details… schmeeetails

          • Ironman_4life

            After ive read the story now i see the point your making. His son was 28. I dont think any parents gonna take time off work to take care of a 28 year old.

            • greg7274

              my post was a reply to JJB saying read should have quit his job after his son died, so he could be closer to his remaining son. Point was, they work together. So… they kinda close, as it turned out.

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