Jets’ Chris Herndon Suspended By NFL

Jets tight end Chris Herndon has been suspended for four games by the NFL. Herndon’s ban stems from a drunk driving arrest and subsequent guilty plea. 

Ordinarily, Herndon would be facing a two-game ban for the violation. However, a woman at the scene of the crash later claimed bodily harm, raising the suspension to four games.

As a rookie, Herndon tallied 39 receptions for 502 yards and four touchdowns across a full 16-game slate. This year, he won’t be eligible to play until Oct. 13, but can participate in preseason contests.

It’s a bad blow for the Jets as Herndon is among their most promising young offensive players. They’ll have to get by without him for games against the Bills, Browns, Patriots, and Eagles before he can return to face the Cowboys.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Jets’ Chris Herndon Suspended By NFL

  1. DarkSide830

    really? let him serve whatever legal justice he is dealt or pay a fine. no need to suspend him. the NFL will suspend you for not holding the door open for someone probably.

    • burtgummer1

      I realize Jet fans are idiots but defending a guy who was driving drunk? Really?????

      • DarkSide830

        i actually despise those who drink while driving more then most people, but the NFL’s insistance of levying their own punishments beyond that of the law is absurd. especially so in content of the next article.

        • burtgummer1

          They should be punished by anyone and everyone.Putting other peoples lives on the line like that deserves it
          I lost my first wife to a drunk driver and there’s no excuse for people doing it

          • deal1122

            Exactly… sorry to hear about your wife. Putting someone else’s life in jeopardy besides your own not only warrants a punishment from the law, but from the nfl as well

        • You can lose professional licenses with a DUI. It’s not that unusual for a DUI to affect your job.

  2. metnoxious

    Calling Trevon Wesco. Trevon Wesco. Please report to the New York Jets coaches office immediately.

  3. JJB0811

    Now how can a non-NFL person claim raise the suspension? If the NFLPA really wants to get serious, then they write up suspensions/punishments for crimes rather than let Goodell do as he pleases. But they don’t and they won’t holdout either.

  4. findingnimmo

    How can anyone have a problem with a league suspension. That’s absurd to even joke about let alone try to have a serious debate about. You can lose jobs with that in your record you can lose licenses, on top of the threat to yourself and others. One of the most preventable things too. Especially when u have money and can hire people to drive you. And I believe the league has drivers too. No excuse. Just another nfl idiot. And anyone who thinks a punishment for this is beyond ridiculous. Take a knee and keep ur comments to yourself. Because many people have had personal experiences with the victim aide of dwi or dui.

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