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Kareem Hunt is back in the news. A video on showed the Browns running back talking with police following a “small argument” (via Mike Florio of Hunt was not arrested or charged following the incident.

Per Florio, the owner of the bar where the incident took place downplayed the entire ordeal, while a witness told that a “physical altercation” definitely occured. As Florio notes, it’s uncertain if that “altercation” was an actual fight or just horseplay. The cops in the video can be heard telling Hunt that they “saw him push you.”

A Browns spokesperson told Mike Florio of that the team is aware of the incident, and the organization has already talked to Hunt. It’s unlikely that anything comes up this latest episode, although Florio wonders if the organization may have placed Hunt on “some sort of a one-strike arrangement” when they signed him back in February. While the recent incident seems relatively harmless, Florio notes that the Browns could “regard any controversy whatsoever involving Hunt to be enough” to terminate the contract.

The Browns stirred up some controversy up their own when they signed Hunt earlier this offseason. Hunt, 23, is under investigation for three separate 2018 events — most notably the incident captured on video that showed him shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel/apartment complex in February of last year. The Chiefs waived Hunt following reports of the incident, but the Browns subsequently inked him to a one-year deal.

Hunt will already be sitting out the first eight games of the upcoming season. When the running back eventually returns from his suspension, he’ll be joining a talented Cleveland offense. While Hunt is out, the team can lean on 2018 second-rounder Nick Chubb and pass-catcher Duke Johnson Jr., while the passing game will revolve around quarterback Baker Mayfield and wideouts Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry.

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39 comments on “Latest On Browns RB Kareem Hunt

  1. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Dorsey previously said he’d have a “zero tolerence policy for any distractions from Kareem”. I’ll bet $10,000 that Dorsey is a liar.

  2. sufferfortribe

    Baptized into a new life with Christ, yet still choosing to live his old life?

  3. Ironman_4life

    If Kareem hunt could put football before his penis, he would have a Super Bowl ring and probably be signing about an $80 million contract right now with Kansas City.

    • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

      But what do you expect of a University of Toledo graduate (har har har) and Mensa scholar whose dad has been arrested way more times than him?

      • Polish Hammer

        Graduate? He went there but I highly doubt he’s holding a diploma. And the PD had an interesting article laying out the family’s criminal history a while back. Yet another NFL destined to be 5he next Lawrence Phillips.

  4. Paul1989

    Florio notes that the Browns could “regard any controversy whatsoever involving Hunt to be enough” to terminate the contract.
    If only NBC took the same stance with Florio!

  5. Dennid

    If we continue to give multiple chances to these kids things will not change. A second chance in most cases is fine. But to even be near a club or bar this soon? Pure stupidity.

    • bencole

      How about we let the kid do whatever he wants and not bother him? We can let the legal system handle it, can’t we?

  6. Bdd1967

    Exactly…keep taking these punks back and the situation only gets worse. Look at Ray Rice…knocked the woman out…never played another down. Enough of the coddling of these supposed grown ass men. There’s got to be a penalty for actions like this. It can’t just be overlooked time and time again.

    • rkmarx

      The only reason Rice never played another down was because his skills were dwindling, not because of what he did. Sadly, teams don’t care about any of that. If they think a player can help them sell more tickets, either by winning or by drawing a big crowd, they’ll let him play.

        • Polish Hammer

          But it’s all good because she ran out and married him quick thinking they’d have spousal privilege LOL!

          • bencole

            Well, she does. At least in court. But when he loses his livelihood and wealth, so does she, so you’re also punishing the victim. One of the many reasons personal conduct policies don’t work.

      • dcahen

        You say “teams” like all teams don’t care or have no scruples. I’m thinking some teams (Browns, Patriots, Raiders, Bengals, Cowboys) don’t care & will take a chance with a problem child every time. Other teams, or organizations would never take the same chance. Some teams have class, while others are classless.

    • bencole

      Looks like you’re struggling to change your user name and are trying to do so in the comments??

  7. jpz2681

    Let’s slow down here don’t even know if there was an incident at all yet bar owner says nothing went on , yea maybe he shouldn’t have been at a bar to begin with but it’s not like he murdered someone like Ray Lewis or sexually assaulted multiple women like Big Ben

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