Security Guard Pressing Charges Against Ezekiel Elliott

UPDATE, 5:35pm: Shortly after this story broke, Elliott’s attorneys released a statement saying that he was being extorted by the alleged victim, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link). The statement reads:

“Over the course of the past several weeks, Mr. Elliott has been the target of extortion. Kyle Johnson’s filing of a criminal complaint against Mr. Elliott in connection with the Las Vegas incident is the latest attempt to do so. Mr. Elliott and his team are in contract with all of the proper authorities and are fully cooperating with them in their investigations.”

5:28pm: Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott won’t be suspended for his incident with a security guard in Las Vegas back in May, but the situation isn’t over quite yet. 

The security guard is filing assault charges against Elliott in Vegas, according to Enzo Marino of FOX 5 Vegas. The security guard, Kyle Johnson, alleges that Elliott “bumped me and then shoved me over a metal railing.” Per Marino, “Johnson said he was only seeking a sincere apology from Elliot, but decided to press charges after he says the NFL and Elliot tried to sweep the incident under the rug.”

The league spent a lot of time digging into it and the investigation garnered a lot of headlines. Elliott was summoned to meet with commissioner Roger Goodell a couple of weeks ago, and he released a lengthy statement afterward taking responsibility and apologizing for the incident.

Zeke has only been in the league for a few years, but he’s already had a lot of battles with the commissioner’s office. He famously went to court over his six-game suspension in 2017, and the Cowboys have said they feel Elliott has been unfairly put under a microscope by the league. We’ve also heard that if Elliott were to get himself into any additional trouble, Goodell would likely crack down harshly.

This all comes at a pivotal time for Elliott, as he angles for an extension. He’s under team control through the 2020 season due to the fifth-year option in his rookie contract, but he wants to get locked up well before then. We heard last month that Dallas wasn’t in any rush to extend him and could even let him play out his rookie deal and enter free agency, but then it was reported more recently that they had changed their minds and now viewed extending him as a priority.

Marino reports that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police will now conduct an investigation, and decide whether or not to charge Elliott with battery. We’ll keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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30 comments on “Security Guard Pressing Charges Against Ezekiel Elliott

  1. first time I have seen the term ‘shoved’ being used…with incident on video kid beware of slander

  2. goldenmisfit

    Basically what happened was he thought he could blackmail Elliot into buying him off when that did not happen he decided to press charges. If he really wanted to press charges he would have when the incident took place 2 1/2 months ago.

    • crosseyedlemon

      You don’t want to be extorting anyone in Vegas unless you have Nicky Santoro backing you up.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Bad things only happen to bad people? That’s going to be a tough sell I think.

        • Polish Hammer

          Or we’ll over 1000+ pro football players enjoy their time off the field and you don’t hear boo about them while some are lightning rods for controversy/trouble.

        • Polish Hammer

          And Zeke did “take responsibility and apologize” for his actions so I guess he should’ve realized that there’s more to this process than seeing Roger when there is a victim.

          • crosseyedlemon

            When you “take responsibility and apologize” for the mistakes you’ve made, do you expect to be extorted 2 1/2 months later?

            • Polish Hammer

              No, but since you admitted guilt you can expect to be held accountable for that. Bad enough he makes poor decisions on his own but he obviously gets poor advice from his handlers.

                • Polish Hammer

                  Ah, the old heartfelt sincere apology because either they made you or because you got caught. Not the last we’ll hear of dear old Zeke and his off the field transgressions…

    • lucienbel

      There’s statute of limitations on such thing for a reason. And they’re longer than 2 1/2 months. He really wants to press charges so he’s doing it now. The police have agreed to investigate. Everyone is operating well within their rights. It is what it is no matter how any of us may feel about it.

  3. Connorsoxfan

    Jerry will probably give him a raise due to this incident so not sure how it would affect his contract status :)))

  4. papasmurf25

    Good for you kid ! Not sure how anyone can defend Elliott since the act was on tape…. the delay in charges shouldnt matter

  5. I’m trying not to take sides but the guard said all he wanted was an apology. It sounds like he got that. Then why this?

  6. eaterofbirds

    Semantics aside, this kid puts himself in too many situations like this…emphasis on kid. He needs to grow up. Quick. I will never begin to comprehend the lifetime of training, playing for the ultimate goal; the NFL…and then putting yourself at risk of losing it all because of lack of control, immaturity and just always being in a place where things like this happen. He needs a new off the field hobby, keep his punk ass mitts off women and people in general and realize, he can beat people up and rob banks when his career is over.

    • crosseyedlemon

      If he gets extended by the Cowboys the banks will be trying to rob him…lol.

      • Polish Hammer

        And if he gets in trouble once again and loses access to his profession he’ll be trying to rob the banks…lol.

  7. Dorothy_Mantooth

    My guess is that some greedy contingency lawyer got his/her mitts on this security guard and convinced him that he could earn a pay day out of this. First comes the legal charges, then the civil suit for ‘emotional distress’.

    While I agree that Zeke was in the wrong here, there’s zero chance he gets any jail time for this….this is all about the end game of getting a quick pay day. Sad

  8. dmzeng1970

    I think that Zeke and the Cowboy-tin general need to face up to the fact that they are just another football team and not the toast of the league anymore. Once they realize that and start behaving like the rank and file NFL TEAM they and the league will be better off. Millionaires can”t be strutting around like the BMOC expecting special treatment like in college, try acting like Emmit Smith did Ezekiel….

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