Cowboys Frustrated With Prescott, Cooper, Elliott Talks

The Cowboys are growing frustrated with the lack of progress in negotiations with Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and Amari Cooper, Todd Archer of (on Twitter) hears. The team believes solid offers have been made that would put each player in the top five at their respective positions, yet the needle has not moved much. 

In the case of Elliott, the Cowboys are pitching him a contract that would be closer to Le’Veon Bell‘s than Todd Gurley, Calvin Watkins of The Athletic (on Twitter) reports. That deal would make Elliott second-highest paid running back in NFL. It seems that Zeke is either gunning for No. 1, or for a more favorable payout/guarantee structure than Gurley earned. Gurley got $45MM guaranteed in his deal, whereas Bell is looking at $39.5MM in potential earnings over the first three seasons.

On Sunday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed confidence in the process for all three players. The team, at least behind the scenes, is now singing a different tune.

You just know like so many things it’ll happen. It’ll happen,” Jones said of the extensions. “There literally is no concern on my part at all about any timeframe. That’ll happen. The results are too good for them and too good for the Cowboys. Think about it a minute. The results are too good for them and too good for the Cowboys. That always happens when it’s good for both (sides).”

Prescott does not sound receptive to a Cowboys-friendly deal and Cooper seems more than willing to play out the final year of his pact in search of the biggest payday possible.

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33 comments on “Cowboys Frustrated With Prescott, Cooper, Elliott Talks

  1. Ironman_4life

    Is there really a big difference in 50 million guaranteed and 60 million guaranteed?
    Last time I asked my boss for a $.50 raise he had me escorted out of the building.

    • TheTruth12

      That’s because you’re easily replaceable, your boss could find a replacement for you in less than a week. Let me ask you if it was you, would you take 50M over 60? No of course not so do us all a favor and shut up :)

      • louwhitakerisahofer

        50 cents was too greedy of an ask. All you do is run a deep fryer and respond when the timer dings. Ding… fries are done… ding… fries are done.

        • Ironman_4life

          I’m glad that you know where I work but if it’s important to you actually work for a fire department. But congratulations on having a people reader

      • Ironman_4life

        I’m sorry I thought I was entitled to my opinion in this opinionated section. Stop being so overly sensitive

        • SuperSinker

          You sound sensitive partner (which is fine) lol

          The point is, these guys need to make money now because they could have their backs broken tmrw. Guaranteed money is what they’re after, and it’s an embarrassment to the league and fans that they don’t get paid if they’re hurt

    • TheTruth12

      Okay and your point is? NBA players are constantly signing extensions with 2 years left, all while getting fully guaranteed contracts and playing a less physical sport. No one has a problem with that.

      • saluelthpops

        Is his point really not obvious? Comparing two completely different sports makes your point way more vague than his.

        • SuperSinker

          What is his point? lol just to tell everyone Elliot’s contract situation?

    • Its not like he had much flexibility with the contract considering its the rookie deal. Yeah he signed the deal, but its not like there was much for him (or his agent) to negotiate for. Different than say a player signing their second contract and then holding out near the end of that deal. Zeke knows that Dallas is going to run him into the ground the next two years (and possibly the next year or two after that if they franchise tag him) and then let him go after that. If he’s going to be run into the ground like that, he just wants to get paid accordingly to how valuable he is to the team.

  2. goldenmisfit

    The one guy of the three I feel has no leverage is Prescott. Everyone needs to remember something Sean Peyton’s contract with the saints expires at the end of the season and Drew Brees can terminate his contract at the end of this season. Everyone knows Peyton has wanted to be the coach of the Cowboys and Jason Garrett’s contract with the Cowboys ends at the end of the season and we all know breeze will go where Peyton goes and oh what a coincidence Drew Brees is from Austin Texas.

    • dust44

      Brees is also over 40. And Dak is 25. Lol. Asinine comment. Let’s cut loose a 25 year old above league average QB with upside and replace him with a 40 year old who maybe has 2 years left. Solid plan.

    • Fwiw, Payton’s deal runs through 2020. So the Cowboys would have to work out a trade for him unless New Orleans fired him after the season. Also, I highly doubt that Brees would leave New Orleans, regardless of what happens to Payton.

  3. julyn82001

    Aww Athletes salaries… Not quite the regular workers making $15 an hour (California)…

  4. Binks

    Yeee. I love watching the players stick it to Jerry “butter toothpaste” Jones

  5. jkurk_22

    Dak and Cooper should take the money if they’re being offered contracts that would “pay them in the top 5 at their respective positions”. Neither of them, and especially Dak, are nowhere near top 5 at their positions lol

  6. crosseyedlemon

    It’s always reassuring to have an owner who repeats himself…repeats himself…repeats himself. Think about it a minute.

  7. Dorothy_Mantooth

    The real question is, what other NFL team besides Dallas is going to pay Dak Prescott $30M+ per year? Answer = None! Prescott should sign any deal that guarantees him $50M+ regardless of AAV. The agents put false expectations in their heads…Dak barely squeaks into the Top 10 QBs in the league right now and he only does so because of the Cowboys Offensive line. If he played for Arizona last year, he’d be in the bottom 10-15 QBs in total QBR.

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