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Numbers have emerged in the Dak Prescott negotiations, and we now have conflicting reports about the Cowboys quarterback’s demands.

On Sunday, a report surfaced indicating the fourth-year passer turned down a Cowboys proposal of $30MM annually. A day later,’s Jane Slater reports the same (Twitter link). Where it becomes more interesting: Slater adds Prescott is pushing for $40MM annually.

While no quarterback comes especially close to that benchmark, Prescott would be an interesting candidate to be the league’s first $40MM-AAV player. The 2016 offensive rookie of the year, however, has not requested such a contract, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk (Twitter link). Whether the parameters include total value or new money, Florio categorized the report of this demand as “all-caps false.”

Prescott recently did not sound receptive to the kind of Cowboys-friendly deal that Jerry and Stephen Jones have posited, citing the new CBA potentially bringing gambling-generated money into the equation. But he may not be seeking landscape-altering cash. It’s expected he will become the highest-paid player in Cowboys history, but PFT’s Charean Williams notes the Cowboys are not expected to make him the NFL’s salary kingpin.

Not all $30MM-AAV deals are created equal, obviously, so it is premature to judge Prescott for potentially turning down such an offer. But these talks, and Ezekiel Elliott‘s, have reportedly frustrated the Cowboys. The team has made it known it does not wish to set any positional markets, which seems like it will be a bigger issue on the Elliott front. But with numbers now being thrown around, this process appears to be accelerating.

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29 comments on “Latest On Cowboys, Dak Prescott

    • Miklo916

      Haters in the house. No he not worth 40 million. But he gonna get paid top five then others will sign and he will no longer be top5 paid. So quit hating hater

      • compassrose

        Be honest do you think Dak ous better than Russell Wilson? Forget about how you feel about the team and him as a person. Just as s QB did you honestly think he is better?

        If you do you are too much of a homer and delusional. I don’t think Wilson is the best QB in football but there are many I would take over him. No hating just truth.

  1. Paul1989

    Oh how I hope Elliot holds out and Dak and Dunk gets paid and stinks it up like he should. Just to hear the Cowboys fans would be music to my ears!

    • Mikel Grady

      Brady 7.6 y/a Dak tied with Aaron Rodgers 7.4. Rodgers and Brady dink and dunk too?

      • TheTruth12

        Brady and Rodgers are also a million times better than Dak. Dad also wants over 30M and is the 15-20th best QB. He’s more delusional than AB.

      • Paul1989

        Brady and Rodgers are good with or without an excellent running back, Dak and Dunk needs Elliot just to remain serviceable!

  2. dlevin11

    Dak still needs to prove himself this year. Pay him next year based on his performance in 2019.

  3. murwin

    As a fan of other teams, I hope Dallas way overpays so they won’t be competitive for years. As an outsider, I wouldn’t pay him more than $25/yr.

  4. Ronk325

    This bum isn’t even worth $20 mil a year and he’s trying to push for $40? Also how does he expect the cowboys to sign their other players long term if he’s taking 20% of the team’s salary cap?

  5. Pigskin 101

    Jones should trade Dak & Zeke then acquire 1st overall draft pick and take Tua

    • Steezy

      What would that accomplish lol? So the cowboys and chargers would each have a second back hold out on them lol?

  6. scooter65

    Being a lifelong fan I truly hope the Boys trade Zeke to many problems and sign Dak for $15-18 million

  7. of9376

    The Cowboys created this problem. They never drafted a decent QB to backup Dak. Therefore, he knows he has all the leverage here. Especially considering the rest of the team is pretty young and talented. Dak will get the 30+ because there’s no better option.

  8. Grey matter

    Everyone talking about these two players. They’re are better with them but falls has other talent too. If one of them should go.. Zeke. He’s touch of a headache and has what…1000 caries on three years? That makes careers short. Just like Sherman, he wants to cash in on his talent while he’s young. Can’t blame him (Zeke). But $25 mil is a ceiling for Dak.

  9. crosseyedlemon

    It’s ridiculous for an owner to worry about setting a positional market price because in most cases that ceiling will last no more than a season before some other team crashes through it. If your serious about winning championships then you have to give up the notion that it can be done on a Walmart budget.

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