NFL Reinstates Josh Gordon

The Patriots just got a huge boost as they look to defend their Super Bowl title. The NFL is reinstating receiver Josh Gordon, a source told Adam Schefter of (Twitter link).

Gordon filed for reinstatement a couple of weeks ago, and it didn’t take too long for Roger Goodell to let him back in. Gordon was indefinitely suspended back in December for multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy, but New England made it very clear they weren’t giving up on the talented young wideout. The Patriots tendered him a contract, and video surfaced in June of Gordon working out with Tom Brady.

Gordon isn’t allowed to report to the team until this Sunday and he won’t be able to play in next week’s preseason game, but he won’t have to serve any suspension to start the regular season, a source told Ben Volin of the Boston Globe (Twitter link). The Browns finally threw in the towel on Gordon at the beginning of last season, and the Patriots quickly swooped him up for a fifth-round pick.

He appeared in 11 games for the Patriots last year, catching 40 passes for 720 yards and and three touchdowns. Late in the year he suddenly revealed he was stepping away from the team, and not long after it was announced that he was being slapped with the indefinite ban.

Goodell and the league released an official announcement on the reinstatement, via Tom Pelissero of NFL Network (Twitter link). “We are all rooting for Josh to succeed, both personally and professionally,” Goodell said in a statement. “Everyone shares in that hope and will continue to support him to every extent possible. But as Josh acknowledged, ultimately his success is up to him.”

Gordon has always been supremely talented, but has been plagued by substance abuse issues since entering the league through the Supplemental Draft back in 2012. Assuming he can stay on the field, it’s a huge win for the Pats. There’s been a lot of talk this offseason about New England not having a great group of skill position players in the wake of Rob Gronkowski‘s retirement, and Gordon’s return will do a lot to assuage those concerns.

The Patriots receiving corp will now include Gordon, Julian Edelman, first-round pick N’Keal Harry, and Cameron Meredith and Demaryius Thomas if they can get healthy. Still only 28, Gordon should be only entering the prime of his career. Here’s to hoping he’s in a good place mentally and can make the most of this latest opportunity.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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77 comments on “NFL Reinstates Josh Gordon

  1. tigersfan1320

    What’s the point of banning players of you’re just gonna reinstate them eventually. If a guy is constantly violating the drug policy and clearly can’t stay off them, he should be permanently banned, which means you don’t just reinstate them a few months later

    • wojo3450

      Totally agree. But, as a Pats fan, I’m excited to have him back on the active roster “as a fan”, however, to your point; what is the point of the policy when especially Gordon , continues to violate. It’s only a matter of time again..

    • TrollHunter

      It’s because he voluntarily stepped away! He didn’t fail a drug test, he came clean to the team and league on his own.

      The man is an addict, and he reported him self, stepped away on his own, and got help. What he did is commendable.

      I think it’s good the NFL is trying to treat him as a man battling an illness instead of a criminal!

    • kevin

      a bunch of bs . he keeps getting chances after chances which is messed up if u look at others who have less talent but make 1 mistake and they gone . thus guy and some others just keep getting chances. he should have not been allowed back in

      • TrollHunter

        The difference is that those other players got caught not self reported. Those other players haven’t admitted having a problem and honestly tried fighting that problem.

        In my mind Gordon is very admirable for what he’s done. Shining light on the fight against drug addiction.

        Drug addicts carry the stigma of a criminal and that’s simply unfair and wrong. Addicts are sick and should be treated as such.

      • PeterDipersio

        Who is the 1 person that was not let back in that you are referring too?

    • PeterDipersio

      What’s the purpose of letting criminals out of prison if they are just going to violate the law again ?
      What’s the purpose of letting someone drive if they keep getting a speeding ticket all the time ?
      Get it yet ?

    • frustratedpittsburghpiratesfan

      How many chances does the NFL give Josh Gordon? If this guy worked for IBM he would be unemployment line. The NFL needs to take a more solid stance for individuals like this. Not good for NFL Shield.

      • Who cares if Josh Gordon or any other player smokes weed? These are outdated policies anyway.

        Please stop your drinking, Pirates Fan. Alcohol is addictive and debilitating. People in Pittsburgh drink too much of it.

  2. kingcong95

    “Babe, I swear I’ve changed for good this time. Please give me one more chance.”

      • gronk

        I’m pretty fired up to see what this “problem” you speak of can do if he and Brady get a season together. And yes I know it’s wishful thinking. But hey we lost him last year and still had a parade.

    • Polish Hammer

      He relapsed in Cleveland and they cut ties because a suspension was looming. NE took him knowing he relapsed and a suspension was looming and played him anyway. The suspension never came and he’s now reinstated?!? Wonder if the same would’ve been done had he stayed with the Browns?

  3. GoldenJabs

    You nimrods are obviously clueless! Drug addiction is a disease. If he was reinstated to play on your favorite NFL team I’m sure you would feel differently. #patriothaters #nimrodnation

    • DarkSide830

      my second favorite team is probably the Pats and despite your points the rule still stands. what’s the point of the rule if any suspension related to it will just get overturned? just remove the rule to start with.

    • SunsetStripper

      “It’s a disease”. Sure it is. Go tell his sob story to a bunch of kids in a cancer hospital and se what kind of reaction you get. Yeah I have a disease. I drink too much. Calling it a disease takes away all personal responsibility

    • Addiction does not absolve someone of a lack of responsibility. How many more chances does he get?

    • Dennid

      Drug addiction is only a disease because some supposed expert decided they needed funding to keep some rehab programs going. There is a huge difference between a disease and a weakness.

  4. jeremy

    if he was on any other team he would still be suspended. the NFL should reinstate everyone that’s suspended

    • Nick Ottino

      Yea because the NFL loves the Patriots, they definitely are Goodells favorite team. What a ridiculous statement.

      • NYY42

        I agree Roger destroyed Bills spy gate tape library because he likes/loves the Pats so there’s that!

        • Nick Ottino

          That was before the Patriots became public enemy #1. If you are really trying to argue that Roger treats the Pats better than any other team Then I guess we cant have a real discussion.

    • gronk

      Excuse me sir. I believe you are slightly confused. So your saying the fact Gordon is a Patriot explains why Goodell reinstated him? You know we’re talking football right?!

      • Polish Hammer

        That’s right. As a Brown they never had leniency on him and with each relapse should be progressive sanctions. Somehow NE trades for him knowing he relapsed and no suspension ever came. Had the Browns not traded him he’d be sitting.

  5. glubrani

    Maybe Robert and Josh can go for Rub and Tugs when he gets banned again in Week 6.

    • GoldenJabs

      Hmmmm…. “Rub and Tugs” I think I found my new fantasy football team name.

    • GoldenJabs

      Unfortunately it’s not just been weed. Here is a quote from the man himself in 2017.

      “I’ve used alcohol on many, many occasions, Xanax on many occasions, cocaine several occasions, marijuana most of my life, codeine, cough syrup, methazine is very prevalent where I’m from,” Gordon admit. “It’s what I grew up using.”

      That’s a little bit more than just weed…..just sayin..

      • Polish Hammer

        Thanks for finding that, it should shut up the legalize weed people and those that claim it’s a disease when there’s obviously more to the story.

      • Most people drink, the rest of the nonsense is mainly over the counter. If cocaine is really only “several occasions”, there’s not an actor you watch on the big screen who hasn’t done more cocaine than Josh Gordon.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    The NFL needs a few success stories for their 100th anniversary so rolling the dice on Gordon doesn’t have much downside. If he relapses they can at least say they tried.

  7. sportsfan101

    So uhhh gronk when you coming back? Pats are already the favorites and just got even better? Take a nice 6 week vacation come back week 7 and let’s get ring number 7 and show everyone the pats dynasty is the best in sports history. Win win for all parties involved!

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