Raiders’ Antonio Brown Threatens To Retire

The Antonio Brown saga has reached new heights. On Friday, Brown informed Raiders officials that he will not play football again, unless he is permitted to wear his old helmet again (Twitter link via’s Adam Schefter). 

Brown filed a grievance against the league this week in order to get permission to wear his preferred headgear. The wide receiver, who recently suffered a foot injury while receiving cryotherapy treatment, has been staying away from team practices after being barred from wearing the helmet that he has used throughout his career.

Other players – such as Packers star Aaron Rodgers – have complied with the league’s mandate to wear an updated helmet that has been cleared for safety. However, Brown is bucking the system.

Brown, one of the most talented wide receivers in the game, was an absolute headache for the Steelers in 2018. After clashing with head coach Mike Tomlin and other key figures throughout the year, the Steelers shipped him to the Raiders in March for a pair of mid-round draft picks. In an effort to keep the mercurial star happy, the Raiders also gave Brown a new deal worth $50.125MM over the next three seasons with $30.125MM in guarantees.

Brown finished last season with 104 receptions for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns. The campaign marked his sixth straight season with at least 1,200 receiving yards and 100 receptions.

This year, the Raiders were hoping for seven in a row. Now, they’re just hoping he’ll play.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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89 comments on “Raiders’ Antonio Brown Threatens To Retire

  1. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Who here is surprised? Mr. Big Chest will never retire by the way, because without that steady game check, he’s broke. Broke and stupid.

    • raderade70

      The dude made like 60 million this offseason. If that’s broke then idk what wealth is.

        • tylerknowsbaseball

          There’s a world of difference between “rich” and “wealthy.” AB is rich. Mark Davis, the guy who signs his checks, is wealthy.

          • mcdusty49

            Mark Davis is actually one of the least wealthy owners in sports…his money has come from football, not somewhere else like most owners…that and he still drives a mini van and uses a flip phone lol

        • KiahFJ

          Here’s the full breakdown of how each age group responded:
          Gen Z: It takes $1.49 million to be considered wealthy
          Millennials: It takes $1.94 million to be considered wealthy
          Gen X: It takes $2.53 million to be considered wealthy
          Boomers: It takes $2.63 million to be considered wealthy

          Most Americans don’t have nearly that much money: The average U.S. household has a net worth of $692,100, according to The Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances.

          That means total assets after you’ve subtracted any liabilities. Since the super rich can pull up the average, the median net worth, or those at the 50th percentile, may be a better gauge, and that’s $97,300.

          The dude is beyond wealthy my man. He’s in like the top 1% of his age range for how much he makes.

          Now if you define wealth by happiness, this dude is struggling haha.

          • jellbuc

            100% irrelevant point. If he has blown all of his money he is poor. And a 60 million dollar contract is worth 0 if he retires.

            • KiahFJ

              Jellbuc obviously if he spends it all he’s poor. And it wasn’t irrelevant at all, we were talking about wealth. Which I described both monetary wealth and non monetary. I don’t know if he blew his money, but he already had millions before the new contract. He makes 2.5 mil in endorsements in a year.

              My point was monetarily he is actually super wealthy. Even without the $60 mil. But yes if he spent all of it he would be poor. Good job.

          • carlos15

            The average US household once you deduct liabilities from assets has a net worth of nearly $700k? That is amazingly inaccurate. Most households can’t come up with $1,000 to pay for an emergency.

            • KiahFJ

              It says average. You do know how net worth works though right? It’s not how much you make. It’s all your assets, all of them.

              That’s not very unrealistic from a net worth standpoint. My net worth is much much higher than what I actually make. Home, 2 cars, 401K, savings account, investments. All count towards net worth. Add all that up and it’s not that ridiculous.

              You don’t count a mortgage against her worth you count the house worth. The average cost of a house in 2019 is around $300,000. So if you own a house in that range which I do not but that was the national average. You already start with that amount. Now add the 2 cars. Average = around $40,000

              Now we’re around $380,000

              Average 401K = depends age, let’s say 40s the average is $80,000

              Welp now we’re around $460,000 in net worth.

              IRA, Savings, Investments…

              Average doesn’t mean population, keep in mind the rich bring averages up. Which is explained the paragraph after. Which maybe you ignored? They adjust for the rich with the median net worth.

              It makes sense.

              • Yancey Berry

                The average family income in the US is 59, 039 a year (2017 census).. The median house price in the US is 215,000.. I believe you must be doing the state of Ca..

      • madmanTX

        Slap around your baby mama and throw furniture off a balcony on little kids and then tell us how long $60mil lasts that lifestyle. AB goes through money like Michael Jackson did.

    • jorge78

      That makes me wonder.
      If he does retire, does
      he owe the Steelers some
      of the bonus money they
      gave him? He doesn’t play
      for them anymore but they did
      trade him in the middle
      of his contract and took a massive cap hit. What
      about the Raiders? Did
      they give him any bonus
      money on his new extension?

  2. manos

    Talk about an inflated ego. This guy thinks he’s top dog but really he’s just a spoiled baby who thinks he’s bigger than the game. No one will miss you if you retire. Nobody cares for a player who loves themself than the game.

    • bigjonliljon

      I think your on to something there. He can’t use the contract stuff for attention or press…. this is his way of gaining attention. What an idiot

  3. Point-Special

    Why can’t the league just make him sign a waiver, and then let him wear his old style helmet?! Who else would like to see the single bar face masks again!?

      • DarkSide830

        then maybe the league could start being more serious about them. their best out fro. lawsuits are waivers. no matter how good the helmets are guys will still get concussions and sue. waivers eliminate the possibility if properly created.

    • Crycket

      Or, the league can just stand pat and not budge, call AB’s bluff, and potentially let a single player in the league’s history throw a tantrum and quit. IF AB retires (and he wont), the only thing people will remember about him in 10 years is what an absolute headcase he was. What a legacy to leave behind.

    • burtgummer1

      Does it matter ? With or without AB PIttsburgh can enjoy watching the playoffs again this year

        • burtgummer1

          You probably said that same thing last year.I’m not a fan of anyone in that division so it’ll be

          • madmanTX

            Stick to trolling. If you took that bet to Vegas, you’d be broke come January.

          • tylerall5

            Steelers are a better team than the Ravens. Bell didn’t play last year so he’s not exactly a loss, Brown was a cancer who brought the team down as he needed to be targeted constantly. They barely missed the playoffs last year, and you can arguably blame the kicker for that.

  4. DarkSide830

    should just make him sign a waiver saying they arent liable if he gets injured. a lot of other guys would follow suit, it shoudlnt be the NFL’s job to protect guys who play an inhetently dangerous sport. wear what you want at your own risk.

    • Josh5890

      ” it shoudlnt be the NFL’s job to protect guys who play an inhetently dangerous sport”

      Insurance companies and OSHA say otherwise.

      Is it a factory’s job to make sure their employees are working in a safe environment, yes. This is no different. Employers are required to protect their employees.

      • DarkSide830

        pro sports, namedly football are certianly not the same as an average job, and i think how insurance covers guys its the same way. any insurance company who covers a football player knows the risks, especially one willing to cover your AB type hardheads.

        • Josh5890

          But pro sports is a business, so legally the NFL has to protect their players. The NFL just had to pay a $2 billion dollar settlement to former players for safety failures.

          Also, the NFL is having a harder time with getting insurance companies to cover them. It has been well documented.

      • howiehandles

        This is very different. Factory worker’s jobs aren’t to hurt each other.

    • balloonknots

      Health issues post careers sends bad image and further liability. Not to mention current head trauma cases.

  5. maximumvelocity

    He’s looking for an out. His foot is probably so damaged, he will never be same player. This is the out that lets him quit without disclosing real reason.

    • DarkSide830

      i mean if the dude is actually injured then this all seems like its a moot point. its not like he would be practicing if he was injured, and a guy staying away from camp while injured should be the least of worries for a team with the players the Raiders have.

  6. ThePriceWasRight

    based on how AB has acted in the last year, it may be too tough to save that brain.

    • clemente3000

      He that these teams can’t survive without him. It won’t be too long before he is on the outside looking in unless he changes his attitude.

  7. sureshotschmitty

    Just an out to quit playing football
    He’s damaged since getting hit by Burfeld? 2 years ago

  8. Brad

    I don’t agree with how he is going about this, but with all the money the NFL has they can’t update his old helmet to meet pre-concussion protocols? Just change the insides of it?

    • jorge78

      It probably fits or weighs differently because of the upgrades…..

  9. tiredolddude

    I just want to thank AB and LeVeon for taking their freak shows elsewhere. I haven’t been this much of a Steelers fan since Troy retired. Thanks fellas

  10. connfyoozed

    The Steelers getting 3rd and 5th round picks for AB is starting to look like a whole lot better value than it did at the time, isn’t it?

  11. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    If they adjusted his meds in the past year or so, they need re-adjusting…

  12. RedSox Fan

    This clown quit on his team lat year now, traded and won’t shut up. The media needs to ignor him and let him go away.

  13. snotrocket

    I hope this Look at me Charlie gets absolutely destroyed the first time he goes across the middle and whatever helmet he has on pops off like a champagne cork.

  14. Danthemilwfan

    My argument is in the NFL there are players that fit great and players that can play anywhere. I lean towards Brown fitting great in Pittsburgh because Big Ben is a great qb. Carr is a good qb but he couldn’t get on the same page with Cooper. There is no way Brown is as good in Oakland.

  15. noraj9

    man, if some of you guys heard the stuff I complained about at work…

  16. glubrani

    Bye!!!!!! Someone needs to finally stand up to these overpaid cry babies. Serious, if I walked into my job and made a threat they would walk me out.

  17. fishy2022

    He is ridiculous. Just wear a different helmet. I would call his bluff, bet he plays again

  18. thepghkid

    A lot of u ppl just laughed and laughed when the STILLERZ traded this douche for a 3rd and a 5th!!!!! Raider fans, WE, have had a rivalry for the ages…..and we just stuck u where the sun don’t shine when we raped you on the AB trade!!!!!!

    Good luck with this tard

    • Steezy

      Calm down there sparky, why don’t you leave the raping to Roethlisberger

  19. thepghkid


    John Stallworth = greatest Steeler WR
    Fred Bilitnekoff (Sp?) = greatest Raider WR

    I’m sorry I don’t know how to spell Fred’s last name, but as far as I am concerned……he is in the top 10 in my lifetime…..he was a STILLERZ killer along w/ Branch… dirty bass tards

    I love the rivalry back in the 70’s……now but not then….

  20. thepghkid

    A message to AB:

    I’m twice your age and I wanna kick your ass…..

    I may not, but you would know that I was their…..

    Go Steelers….
    Go Raiders….

  21. thepghkid

    P. S. AB, you r a f’n pansy and don’t deserve to carry Ron Shanklin’s jock strap…..

    Yep, that’s how old I am…….google it

  22. thepghkid

    RaiderNation, I’m sorry we f*cked you so bad! You got stuck with a f’n C*NT and you are ready to move to Vegas. Good luck in the future!!!!!!


  23. MZ311

    This is why guys like AB and OBJ get traded. They put themselves above the team. Wear the new helmet. It’s simple.

  24. Rondon

    Unfortunately, for this ‘I burger with me sauce’, they don’t make a stupid proof helmet that protects a guy from getting into a cryogenic tube and “injuring” his feet.

  25. Kjlong32

    This guy’s a joke. He’s wasted space on a wasted team. It’s all about money with these idiots until they don’t get there way. He wants to wear his old helmet cause his big ego head can fit in it from being streched out over the years.

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