Antonio Brown Notes: 9/15/19

Another day, another batch of Antonio Brown news. We learned a few days ago that the NFL would meet with Brown’s accuser, Britney Taylor, this coming week, and Ian Rapoport of reports that the summit will actually take place Monday. Rapoport says the league wants to conduct the investigation as quickly as possible given that the regular season is now underway, so even if the legal side of this matter drags on for a bit, the football side of things may be resolved soon.

  • Rapoport says that another football player, currently in his first year in the league, was in the house with Taylor and Brown when one of the incidents detailed in Taylor’s lawsuit allegedly took place. As such, that as-yet-unnamed rookie will also be required to speak with league investigators.
  • Although the NFL’s meeting with Taylor could lead to a number of outcomes for Brown — including a stint on the commissioner’s exempt list, a release from the Patriots, etc. — New England is expected to feed him the ball for however long he is on the field. Rapoport notes that Brown has stayed at the team facility until 10pm or later most days during the week to catch passes from backup QB Jarrett Stidham and to continue learning the offense.
  • RapSheet also writes that Brown and Taylor had been engaged in settlement talks for months, but Taylor filed a lawsuit when the two sides could not come to a settlement agreement.
  • ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports that neither Brown nor anyone on his behalf will attend the NFL’s meeting with Taylor (Twitter link). Taylor will ultimately release a statement to the media, but there will be no ETA on that statement until her meeting with the league — which may last several days — is over.
  • We knew that the Patriots were interested in Brown as soon as it became clear that the Steelers might move on from him, but Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes that New England was prepared to part with a first-round pick and another pick or player of significance before learning that the Steelers were unwilling to deal AB to the Pats.
  • Reports on Friday suggested that neither the Patriots nor the Raiders were aware of Taylor’s allegations against Brown before the lawsuit was filed, and a report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette indicates that the Steelers were not aware either.
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12 comments on “Antonio Brown Notes: 9/15/19

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Reports on Friday suggested that neither the Patriots nor the Raiders were aware of Taylor’s allegations against Brown before the lawsuit was filed, and a report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette indicates that the Steelers were not aware either.’

    Well nobody knows nothing, what a surprise
    Also, why have a female trainer if you are a guy, you are just asking for problems as far as I am concerned!

    Lastly I guess no one involved in this can use this line from: A Few Good Men!

    Kaffee: I just wasn’t sure if the witness was aware that 2 nights ago Colonel Markinson took his own life with a .45-caliber pistol.

    Judge: The witness is aware, the court is aware, and now the court members are aware. We thank you for bringing this to our attention. Move on, Lieutenant.

  2. Stoptherun2025

    Marquis Brown his Cousin? That would be ashame if it was. Leave it to AB to ruin someone’s career

  3. madmanTX

    Assuming the witness will provide honesty testimony and actually saw anything, it’ll be interesting to hear what they have to say. New England will turn a blind eye to everything Brown does as long as they can profit from him on the field.

      • Polish Hammer

        Not unique to NE, they just do it sooooo much better than anyone else could. They also took on Gordon after he relapsed and they intended to bleed him for everything until the suspension came, yet somehow that suspension never materialized. Had Cleveland held onto him I guarantee he’d have been sat down. They get everything they can out of AH while he’s available.

  4. burtgummer1

    It’s interesting that this woman wanted Brown to give her 2 million and she would’t go to court.Doesn’t prove anything either way but still interesting

    • Polish Hammer

      Also interesting for everyone that said this never happened yet now there was another NFL player as a witness to what never happened.

      • Polish Hammer

        BTW, knew this guy was garbage but then read the article with all of his issues chronicled and I didn’t realize he’s as bad as he’s been. I guess Tomlinson and Pittsburgh deserves much more credit for keeping him under wraps as much as they were able.

        • burtgummer

          Someone doesn’t even know his coaches name
          I wonder what Rapistberger is thinking about all this

    • rgreen

      Also interesting that Brown would’ve been negotiating with her to begin with,if there’s no merit to her claims.Its not really that uncommon for a woman to be reluctant to go on a stand,telling a group of mostly strangers about being sexually harassed.Add to that,the 1 she’s accusing is a NFL player worth millions,so it’s likely gonna be up against a defense team that’s gonna grill her hard.

  5. GMB 883

    Wow – I sense s lot of NE hating in these responses. This is how I can tell that AB must have played well today. Must be fans from teams that the Patriots beat over the years. I think because Belichick is such a disciplined coach with a very successful formula he can bring in players like Brown and if they don’t respond positively then he says goodbye and still finds a way to win. Other teams should study and learn. They didn’t win 6 SB’s because the cheat or the league favors them. That’s for sure. What team has done this for 18+ years in the salary cap era? It’s incredibly impressive. Like them or not.

  6. g8752

    the only news in this story is that the alleged victim will give her information to the NFL on Monday today and also that there may be a potential witness who was present allegedly during one of those altercations

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