NFL To Meet With Antonio Brown’s Accuser Next Week

The NFL is conducting an investigation on the accusations against Antonio Brown that will begin with the league sitting down with his accuser, Britney Taylor, next week, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter (Twitter link).

Taylor, who previously worked with Brown as a personal trainer, is willing to meet with the league as soon as she can. She is getting married this week and the league will wait until that happens before sitting down with her. The NFL has no power to compel non-employees to cooperate, so Taylor meeting with the league is on her own accord and outside of the responsibilities of her lawsuit.

“We are aware of the civil lawsuit that was filed earlier today against Antonio Brown, as well as the response by Antonio’s representatives,” the Patriots said in a statement on Tuesday night. “We take these allegations very seriously. Under no circumstances does this organization condone sexual violence or assault. The league has informed us that they will be investigating. We will have no further comment while that investigation takes place.”

Brown is being accused in civil, not criminal court. There was a report earlier today that authorities were looking into the matter criminally, though from the Allegheny County District Attorney stating that neither the police department nor the DA’s office was contacted about Taylor’s lawsuit, as Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports (Twitter link). The DA did say that their office had looked into another incident involving Brown but after checking it out, they did not move forward with the case.

The NFL, as we reportedly earlier, is considering putting Brown on the commissioner’s exempt list, which would amount to a paid-leave of sorts. The delay in interviewing Taylor may cause complications with placing Brown on this list. However, Roger Goodell has the power to take action first and ask questions later.

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35 comments on “NFL To Meet With Antonio Brown’s Accuser Next Week

  1. Gumby82

    When you’ve managed to get on the wrong side of an organization as despicable as the “Oakland for now raiders”, it’s time to take a look in the mirror.

      • Ironman_4life

        As a person who grew up around the Bay area and classless raider fans I can say the fans are despicable

        • highplainsdriftr

          Yeah, all other fan bases are class acts. But besides your declared bias, what has the organization done?

        • dorfmac

          Speaking of, don’t judge all O’s fans by this guy. I promise we don’t all suck.

        • burrdeuces

          Rule of 10,000, coach. All fan bases have approximately 10,000 fans that suck. Don’t let the few punish the many.

      • Gumby82

        Sure. They ruined the Coliseum with Mt Davis, they killed a Niners fan after a friggin pre-season game which is why they don’t play anymore, oh, and now they’re leaving. AGAIN! Eff off

        • highplainsdriftr

          The organization put a hit out on a niner fan?

          First African- American Head Coach
          First Hispanic Head Coach
          First Female Executive
          Al helped facilitate the merger.
          And they have maybe the strongest anti-domestic violence stance in the league due to the sad story of Fred’s daughter.

          Sorry they broke your heart with the move loser

              • Gumby82

                Ha! I wish brother. I’m just mad that they charge an arm and leg for a game, say they love the fans, and are moving away in less than a year. Again. I’m amazed how you guys put up with this. I guess I can learn from you in the tolerance aspect of life

  2. TheTruth12

    Also important to note that the accuser stated the relationship was brother-sister and there was no romantic relationship, thought the videos posted on twitter seem to point to that being a lie. Now those videos do not prove that he did/didn’t rape her. Even if AB is found innocent still expect a 8 game suspension for Brady because this is the NFL after all.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      I’m reasonably sure you meant an 8 game suspension for Brown…

      • vtncsc

        He prob meant Brady, NFL will suspend him for offering to let AB stay in his home. That makes about as much sense as the NFL discipline does.

      • phenomenalajs

        I’ll give TheTruth12 the benefit of the doubt and figure an 8-game suspension for AB would be to screw with Brady.

  3. TJECK109

    Did everyone miss that the DA admitted to looking into another incident involving brown?

    Where there is smoke there is fire, better roast him like you did Ben

    • highplainsdriftr

      Plus the texts she gave, the masturbating incident didn’t sound consensual in HIS text. It’s hilarious how suddenly people stand up for this guy like he’s honest a week after a world class run of manipulation and sleazy ethics

  4. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Surprised we haven’t heard the “Mr. Brown’s phone was hacked” excuse yet.

    If those are indeed his texts, he’s already admitted to one of the accusations.

    Beyond their earnest dedication to being sycophants, not sure how anyone can defend that.

    • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

      Mr. Big Chest’s brain doesn’t work that fast. The “dis bi*&% hack my fone yo” explanation comes tomorrow.

  5. elEddieG

    Wait. AB’s lawyer said yesterday that it was consensual, but now Rosenhaus is saying that AB is denying it all and mentions AB is the loving father of a daughter. So because he has a daughter and what he did was consensual according to his lawyer this makes it all okay? What am I missing here?

    • compassrose

      That Rosenhouse is as big a scumbag as Brown. That guy has such an ego he has made a ton of money off pro athletes though. He will lie to protect that money flow. Brown says none of them happened but the texts shows one happened. I wonder if she kept the blue dress.

  6. goldenmisfit

    What is the league expecting her to say? That she made it up to get money? I look at it like this the girl never filed a police report is not seeking criminal charges all she wants is to sue him for money which tells me this is all a lie. As someone who studied law when someone accuses someone else of rape and does not seek criminal charges it is normally a false accusation because they don’t want to get pinched for filing a false police report.

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