NFL Considering Paid Leave For Antonio Brown

The NFL will give serious consideration to placing Antonio Brown on paid leave via the commissioner’s exempt list, multiple people tell Mark Maske of the Washington Post. Brown has been accused of rape and sexual assault in a federal lawsuit filed in Florida and the NFL may take action against him as the legal process begins.

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If placed on the exempt list, Brown would be barred from playing. It’s a decision is expected to come this week, after some investigating by the league office, before the Pats take on the Dolphins in Miami. Then again, the NFL could theoretically allow Brown to play for the Pats while the investigation is underway, then later decide to place him on paid leave.

Brown reported to the Patriots’ facility on Wednesday with the expectation that he would participate in practice and meetings. The wide receiver, though his attorney, has denied any wrongdoing and termed the lawsuit as a “money grab.”

The league has used the commissioner’s exempt list to park other notable players in recent years, including Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson.

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51 comments on “NFL Considering Paid Leave For Antonio Brown

  1. phenomenalajs

    Hard to call it a money grab when she’s only seeking about $75K for the events she described. Why would you subject yourself to the kind of backlash that comes from suing a celebrity when the amount you are seeking is not even what he gets to play one quarter?

    • frg214

      If you re-read line 11 in the lawsuit it says “…and the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000.”

      And I’m not saying that to defend his actions either. It’s evident that there’s issues with AB before this came to light. So I don’t really see how some are defending him.

    • carlos15

      It’s more than $75k, that’s a common threshold in lawsuits to distinguish. She is seeking a whole lot more than that.

      • Still around posting and victim-blaming, eh? I’m surprised they have wifi in the chimp enclosure at the zoo.

        • TrollHunter

          And to think I can type also, it’s tough though with my knuckles being so big and scared!

      • forwhomjoshbelltolls

        So, the women who accused Ben (with no evidence) were victims, but the woman who accuses Big Chest (with evidence) is a money grabber?

        How do you wash the brown off your tongue? Or do you swirl it around your mouth all day so you can keep tasting it?

        • TrollHunter

          When did I ever say anything about the Ben women, they were both lying!

          What evidence? From what I can tell the only “evidence” is that he admits to releasing on her back. No proof of rather or not it was consented too.

  2. wojo3450

    But also, she said she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety daily and also has suicidal ideology.. don’t you think if that’s true, she would be seeking more than 75k.. Sounds to me like she is looking for easy money given all what AB has been going through; don’t get me wrong, this is all his doing… but I hardly believe she was just a completely innocent party to this.

    • madmanTX

      Then you’re wrong. Go look at the texts Brown sent her and see what he did. If you think she consented to being flashed or him doing what he did to her while she was asleep, then you have the mentality of a rapist too.

      • TrollHunter

        She said he flashed her and tried to kiss her, yet continued to back.

        She said she was watching tv, not sleeping. Yet after he allegedly “finished” on her back, she still went back.

        It’s clear they had a relationship that went beyond just “training.” It’s clear that relationship went sour. It’s clear that he admits to second incident.

        It’s unclear if anything he admits to doing was consensual or not.

        So really there isn’t much to go on here until we have more on the nature of their relationship.

        • There ‘isn’t much to go on here’, yet you’ve managed to question her mentality and blame her for being in his presence. Not a word of admonishment towards him. You are a victim-blaming simpleton.

    • myaccount

      She IS seeking more than $75k. The lawsuit says “exceeds” $75k, which I recently learned is a common phrase in large civil suits.

    • bigjonliljon

      If she is experiencing these side effects, isn’t it kind of weird that she’s getting married in less than a week? I’m not defending AB not saying she’s lying… I just think that kind of hooky

  3. david722

    This guy is a clown. Shame on Oakland and Boston. I guess if you can hit a baseball or catch a football all is forgiven.

    • amk3510

      This didn’t come out until after he signed in New England and innocent until proven guilty is a thing. You dont think the timing of this is suspicious at all?

      • madmanTX

        Why do you think it is? Why didn’t she come out with this when he signed a BIGGER CONTRACT with the Raiders or in Pittsburgh. You think this is aimed at AB only because he is with the Patriots? God, you Patsie fans are pathetic.

        • TrollHunter

          Is it not possible that she went to an attorney at the time of his signing that contract with Oakland?

          It would take any attorney at least a few months to properly put together a case to file!

          • TJECK109

            Is it not possible that she had been privately try to settle this with AB and has been unsuccessful and thus the reason for the timing?

        • amk3510

          The only pathetic one is you for assuming anyone who has an opinion on this is a Pats fan. You’re comprehension skills are horrid because I have commented on articles in the past arguing with Pats fans that you were on and I never said she target him because he is in NE. I guess you have the memory of a senior citizen. As for the issue at hand AB was not looked bad upon by the whole world when he was dealt to Oakland. Now everyone outside Boston thinks he is a clown, so this would be the most vulnerable time. Yes AB is absolutely a clown but when you accuse someone of rape its very serious and any opinion you may have of him needs to be pushed to the side. Sorry you cant put away your bias for 5 seconds when someone is facing these types of allegations

          • emac22

            I think the view is that patriot fans are the only ones dumb enough to defend an alleged rapist while questioning the claims of the victims.

          • compassrose

            Why do you have to disparage senior citizens? Wait until you get older then make comments about losing memory.

      • al avias phone

        exactly what I was thinking.why not bring the suit when he was in Pittsburgh? he made millions there.wait till the big payday he got so she could get more.

    • imindless

      Shame on oakland? They released him for this incident plus everthing else lol

  4. wojo3450

    Not necessarily, remember we still do live in a country where you are “innocent until proven guilty”. I totally agree he is a clown. But business is business. If an investigation shows beyond a reasonable doubt than yeah, suspend him but not until then.

    • The thing is they can suspend him for what he did to the raiders gm as well, so if they decide to be premature with this one they can just say its due to the slurs and the threatening of Mayock.

      He is kind of double screwed right now.

      If he goes on the exempt list who actually pays him and does it go against anyone’s cap?

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        I was also wondering who pays him if he’s on that list. I know this won’t be popular and all, but it applies to any team (just that it’s the pats in this situation) – doesn’t seem right that the team has to pay him if he’s not allowed to practice or play. Either the league should pay him or he should be put on unpaid leave.

        Btw, not a Pats fan here.

    • berkyjay

      This is a civil suit as far as I know. So there is no innocent or guilty. It’s strictly a dispute based trial and thus has different standards.

      • compassrose

        There actually is innocent or guilty. It is not beyond s reasonable doubt if it is 51-49% she wins. There is a lot less needed to make him pay in a civil suit. Just like in the OJ case found innocent in the criminal phase but guilty in the civil.

  5. dustyceltics

    I’m a patriots fan… and I think it came out not because he signed with the Patriots… but because of everything else that’s been going on with him! Now I don’t know if it’s true or not… if it is that’s sad no one should do something like that it’s disgusting and sinful but 2. If she’s just lying about it then again that is sinful and disgusting to… but as to why she’s coming out about it now is I honestly think because everything that’s been going on why not just go ahead and add gas to the fire

    • TJECK109

      I think it came out now because she tried to settle it privately with no success.

  6. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    The Madden Curse strikes again. If you recall it was only ONE YEAR AGO that smiling AB was the poster boy for Madden Football.

    That should make Pat Mahomes/Chiefs fans very, very nervous.

    • KCChiefs3485

      Madden Curse applied to the season in which the player was on the cover. For AB that would’ve been last year.

      This isnt a case of a video game curse. It is a case of AB being a total nutjob.

  7. Senioreditor

    I’m NOT an AB fan but this is a CIVIL suit NOT a criminal suit. ANYONE can file anything against anyone. It’s an allegation seeking compensation. He should be allowed to play unless criminal charges follow.

  8. emac22

    The NFL doesn’t need charges.

    They look into things and act based on their findings. Not on a judge or a jury.

    • Senioreditor

      Imagine if a baseless civil suit is filed, you’re held out of games and miss performance incentives. Is the league liable for the missed incentives? Did they have reasonable cause? The next CBA is going to be a MASSIVE fight.

      • phillyballers

        You would see things like per game appearance bonuses go away. Hard to argue for performance based ones, what if you pulled a hammy or laid an egg and wouldn’t reach those incentives anyway. NFL CBA will be interesting or rather uninteresting bc it will drag on.

  9. dombrowski

    NFL league office is a bunch of dip sticks and AB is a dirty. No denying either of those. That said, the league office should not suspend until there is some evidence.

  10. goldenmisfit

    This is absolutely ridiculous. The NFL is already prepared to take action or because a woman “claims“ this happened and is only seeking money in a civil lawsuit and not criminal action. No one find this odd that this woman refused to file a police report and refused to press criminal charges but is looking for money in a civil lawsuit? The problem is because of what happened in Oakland and he did cause some drama issues everyone is willing to say he’s guilty but if this was a guy that did not cause any drama everyone would say “wait to see if there is any evidence“. This has been going on now for about a year and a half there is no way any evidence is going to pop up all of a sudden to make him appear guilty or innocent. This will clearly be whose word do you believe the million dollar football player or the woman only looking for a pay day instead of justice?

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