Antonio Brown Says He’s Done With The NFL

Embattled wide receiver Antonio Brown took to Twitter this morning to announce that he will not be playing in the NFL anymore. Brown said:

Will not be playing in the @NFL anymore these owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at anytime we will see if the @NFLPA hold them accountable sad they can just void guarantees anytime going on 40m 2 months will see if they pay up!”

In a follow-up tweet, Brown threw shade on Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who was infamously involved in a prostitution sting earlier this year. Brown said, “Kraft got caught in the parlor AB speculations fired different strokes different folks clearly.”

He then went completely nuclear and tweeted headlines from older news stories concerning sexual assault and rape allegations levied against Ben Roethlisberger and Shannon Sharpe, both of whom obviously still have prominent roles in and around the league (Twitter links). He also seemed to offer support for Patriots fans who were making death threats against Robert Klemko, the Sports Illustrated reporter who broke the story regarding Brown’s second accuser (Twitter link).

By now, most everyone is familiar with the Brown drama, and as Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network observes, it sounds as if Brown just got the news that the Patriots will not be paying him the $9MM signing bonus that he agreed to when he signed with New England (Twitter link). The first $5MM of that bonus was due to be paid tomorrow, and as Ian Rapoport of wrote in a story that was published before Brown’s tweet, the Pats were not expected to cut that check. As a result, Brown will be filing a grievance, as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports (via Twitter).

Of course, just because the mercurial Brown says he’s done with the NFL doesn’t mean he actually is. While it seems unlikely that he will sign with another team this year — especially since the NFL could put him on the commissioner’s exempt list as soon as he signs — all it takes is one club to roll the dice. By signing Brown, a team may be paying him to sit on the exempt list, but that team would also be securing his rights if and when he comes off of that list. On the other hand, Brown’s latest tirade has led to at least 10 head coaches and/or GMs saying that their team owners will not touch Brown, whom they consider radioactive (Twitter link via Jason Cole of Bleacher Report).

For now, the NFL’s investigation into the accusations of sexual assault and rape made against Brown is ongoing. Rapoport observes that the league has concluded its meeting with Brown’s second accuser.

Pelissero notes in a separate tweet that the NFLPA is indeed prepared to represent Brown in his battle to recoup his “lost” funds. Meanwhile, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that, despite speculation to the contrary, the XFL is not interested in Brown.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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78 comments on “Antonio Brown Says He’s Done With The NFL

  1. Danthemilwfan

    Stupid clause where if you rape, sexually assault and abuse women and or children that they can fire you and not pay you

    • gammaraze

      In all honesty, at this point, when you sign a guy like Antonio Brown, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Brown didn’t do ANYTHING out of his known character during his 11 days with the Patriots. Brown’s grievance regarding the signing bonus is warranted and fair.

  2. Stephen Anthony

    I think won’t play and nobody wants to hire you right now, are not the same thing.

  3. What happened was that no team has shown any interest in signing him so he’s just going to say that he’s done with the league like it is his idea or choice. If a team offered him a deal, he’d trip over himself to sign it.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    sad they can just void guarantees anytime going on 40m 2 months will see if they pay up!”

    Pay up for what exactly? Attitude? Bull Schiste?
    I gotta stop cussin man, but still nobody needs a balloon head like Antonio Brown on the team

    Hey Antonio, why don’t you get one of those 15 dollar an hour jobs to support your 5 kids. Get into the real world and then you can see how it works!!!

  5. ricebooth

    He will probably say the nfl should have made him change his helmet sooner now and that he has brain damage that caused him to do it.

  6. earmbrister

    The NFL didn’t break up with me, I broke up with the NFL. Riiight. This idiot has all the maturity of a 10-year-old.

  7. ekrog

    Love how he equates being a rapist with being a john. In his f—-ed-up mind they probably are.

    When he suits up for the XFL they can put “Icharus” on his jersey.

    • SoCalBrave

      Being a “John” to women forced to prostitution against their will is pretty much rape.

  8. madmanTX

    Loving the reaction of Pats fans today. How do you like AB now?

    How come no reporting on how Pats fans threatened a sports illustrated reporter about reporting on the 2nd AB sexual complaint?

  9. cubsfanbudman1908

    I haven’t seen a fall from grace like this since The Antonio Brown/Raiders debacle.

  10. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    As I said all along…

    Big Chest was never very bright to begin with and now he has CTE on top of it.

    Everything he has done, is doing and will do makes sense when you understand that he’s a brain damaged dunce.

  11. snotrocket

    Maybe he can make some money from his new book, “How to Screw Over Your Children and Grandchildren in 2 Weeks”.

  12. Appalachian_Outlaw

    How does this clown figure the Raiders owe him a dime? Games played=0

    Contracts go both ways, which he’s clearly not smart enough to understand. Good riddance. I guarantee you won’t be missed, AB.

  13. phillyballers

    Good riddance AB. However with Kraft… If it’s a sex trafficking ring, offering sexual favors is compulsory/coerced so… I don’t know how you can view that in any other light than a form of rape. “I’m just a John” is the same as “I was just following orders” at the Nuremberg trials. Both Kraft and AB are filth.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I tip my cap to you, sir. You finished with just as many career receptions as a Raider as Antonio Brown.

  14. sportznut1000

    i cant wait to here browns hall of fame induction speech. should be pretty juicy. and canton thought terrell owens induction was uncomfortable

  15. crazylarry

    Glad he is “ done with the NFL”. We have been done with this Circus Clown since last year.

  16. miltpappas

    Even with his past, Brown had a chance to start fresh in New England. The fans there welcomed him and were willing to forget the past. He’s never going to learn.

  17. crosseyedlemon

    I guess Brown has disgraced himself enough now to pursue a successful career in politics.

  18. HailRodgers12$

    It’s the general football fan population’s turn to celebrate like this butt nugget did after”signing” with the Pats.
    It’s too bad this won’t be the actual end of hearing about this clown. No doubt the NFLPA will fight for and win his grievances over the signing bonus $, and the NFL itself refuses to just say “you’re done” and ban him for life.

  19. SoCalBrave

    I really hate to say it, but AB is right about Kraft, Roethlisberger and Sharpe. The Pats decided to give him that signing bonus thinking that they were so smart. Now they’re acting as if they were blindsided by AB. It doesn’t work that way. They have to pay him his signing bonus, same as the Raiders need to pay the guaranteed portion of his contract. That being said, I hope he loses all that money in court to his victims.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      The Raider don’t owe that dude anything. When you sign a contract you’re expected to fulfill your obligations and perform a service. What did Brown do, practice once?! Yeah he froze his feet, but he also whined and cried about his helmet like a petulant child while he made exactly zero effort to help the team during his “rehab” process. The way he celebrated his release shows him for what he is: a self-entitled, self-centered, jackleg.

      • MC Tim C

        Exactly. The money isn’t guaranteed if you don’t, you know, practice and be a part of the team.

        • Polish Hammer

          And you ask to be released from it all so you can post memes shortly thereafter of yourself with $$$ and in a Patriots uniform.

  20. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    The people most severely affected by this “decision” are the beat reporters who had a field day and a huge market for their work for a couple of months there…

  21. Ed "The Mythical One"

    And I am really going to miss him. I think the Steelers can definitely go for conduct detrimental and show how he orchestrated his way out of Oakland and forced them to release him after Oakland gave him everything he wanted.

    He wanted out of Pittsburgh, he wanted a lot of money, and a contract extension. The Raiders gave him all of that and he still wasn’t happy. Then he gets his dream opportunity to catch balls from Brady and probably win a SB and he blows that up too.

    Then if any team was thinking of trying to sneak in and get a bargain on him and gamble that he’d beat these charges…he erased that chance now. In a couple more years there will be cries of collusion, “Why nobody want to hire me!”

    Actions have consequences, idiot. Just because people put up with it sometimes because of your talent on Sundays doesn’t mean they always will. Welcome to the real world.

  22. mcdusty49

    Nice censorship on something tame compared to some of the garbage I read in here…great work

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