Antonio Brown Won’t Face Criminal Charges For Alleged 2017 Incidents

The Allegheny County District Attorney will not pursue criminal charges against Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown for two alleged incidents that took place in 2017 (Twitter link via Ian Rapoport of Former Brown cohort Brittney Taylor has accused him of three separate incidents, in total, so he is not necessarily out of the woods in terms of legal repercussions. It is presently unclear whether Brown will face charges for the third alleged incident, which is said to have taken place in May of 2018.

The DA will not pursue charges against Brown for these two alleged sexual assaults, which Taylor says took place in June of 2017, due to the statute of limitations. That is to say, the DA is not speaking to the merits of the accusations one way or another by declining to press charges.

While football is secondary in this entire matter, we must note that this will potentially impact Brown’s availability for the Patriots moving forward. If no charges, or convictions, come any of Taylor’s three separate accusations of sexual assault, it is possible that Brown will not face league discipline. Of course, the league office still reserves the right to suspend Brown based on the results of their own investigation.

In his Patriots debut on Sunday, Brown caught four passes for 56 yards and one touchdown. This week, he’s slated to turn his attention to the Jets. Brown’s status is very much day-to-day due to the issues surrounding him, but the NFL typically makes these types of rulings on players by Wednesday morning of any given game week. Barring something unforeseen, the Patriots will have Brown on the field at the Meadowlands.

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26 comments on “Antonio Brown Won’t Face Criminal Charges For Alleged 2017 Incidents

  1. axisofhonor25

    Interesting. I thought there wasn’t a statue of limitations for sexual assault. Anyone up to clarify?

    • Steezy

      That’s a myth, it varies by state. Most states are 2 years or less. Hence why the 2017 stuff can’t be pursued There may be a couple that have no statue of limitations, not sure.

      • bostonbob

        My understanding is that Murder is the only crime with no statute of limitations

    • Steezy

      Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why he spent a few months negotiating with her only to balk, just to drag out negotiations past the 2 year mark. Idk why this is even news now, any decent reporter should have known this already lol.

      • bencole

        If this was going on, the
        parties would likely have had a tolling agreement on the civil portion, and set a settlement deadline short of the statute of limitations date. Any attorney would do this, not doing it is probably malpractice.

    • There is. Think back to Bill Cosby. It’s why he was only charged with a few instead of dozens. The statute of limitations had run out on most of his offenses.

    • K3vin

      I asked my priest and he said there should definitely be a statute of limitations

  2. madmanTX

    The league can suspend based on personal conduct. brown has a laundry list of charges to choose from. I would think attacking a GM would require at least a 4 game suspension.

    • That’s one I don’t understand. He threatens Mayock, his GM, with violence and the story has been public and corroborated. Yet the NFL isn’t doing anything about it. Say what you will about letting the process work its way out in regards to the sexual assault allegations, but the Mayock thing is pretty cut-and-dry. Why he hasn’t been suspended or fined is beyond me.

      • Vedder80

        They allowed his guarantees and contract to be voided, so I wouldn’t say they did nothing….

        • They didn’t ‘allow’ anything. His contract ‘allowed’ that. The NFL has done nothing about him threatening violence against his GM.

  3. GMB 883

    No doubt he better clean up his act quickly or all that talent will be wasted while the opportunity to play for and with the GOAT coach and QB. Of couple he already had a great career in which everyone says is HOF worthy. Empowerment is one thing but he seems to be way out of line and out of control on a regular basis. Almost hard to believe he is so disciplined when it comes to working out and preparing to play with a total lock of discipline in her personal life with others. He must think the world owes it to him. Who knows. Certainly interesting but the act is getting old for most people watching.

  4. leefieux

    Once again, Brown gets what he wants….out of Pgh, out of Oakland , out of trouble and onto the Patriots?

    That just sucks.

    • bradthebluefish

      Right!? Brown keeps on “winning.” It’ll catch up to him someday. He already doesn’t have an ideal home life given all the girls in and out of his life so it’s not all “wins” for him.

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