Giants To Bench Eli Manning, Start Daniel Jones

It’s happening. On Monday morning, the Giants announced that they will bench quarterback Eli Manning in favor of rookie Daniel Jones for the upcoming week. 

Many expected the baton to be passed at some point in 2019, but few saw it happening this soon. After Manning’s latest rocky outing, coach Pat Shurmur & Co. have given him the hook.

He’s been our starter to this point, and I don’t want to talk about anything else moving forward from that standpoint,” Shurmur said earlier this week, when asked about Manning and Jones. “I’m not ready to discuss that.”

Manning has been the Giants’ starter for most of the last 16 seasons. In that span, he captured nearly every franchise record for QBs, not to mention two Super Bowl rings.

The Giants also briefly benched Manning in 2017, but they bailed on that quickly after fans revolted. This time around, fans might be a little bit more understanding – the Giants are 0-2 heading into this week’s game against the Bucs and they are years removed from their glory days.

The Giants’ selection of Jones in the Top 10 was a source of controversy, but the rookie rewards their confidence with a strong showing in the preseason. In exhibition action, he completed 85.3% of his passes, threw for 416 yards, plus two passing TDs against zero interceptions. He also saw some action down the stretch of the Giants’ Week 1 loss to the Cowboys, though his sole drive ended with a lost fumble.

Now, Jones will be tasked with manning the QB position while the Giants fight to turn things around in 2019.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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26 comments on “Giants To Bench Eli Manning, Start Daniel Jones

    • Sick of Losing

      sorry. I actually had insightful statements to make to the fellow negative nancy’s that follow this site but I got busy at work. I am very glad that we’re able to see what the rookie can do. It’s a little early to make this move though I think. I would’ve waited until week 5 until Golden Tate was back, but that’s just me. I am super happy that we can now deal Eli for picks to the Steelers! GO GIANTS. SICK OF LOSING.

  1. brewcrewbernie

    The other team that occupies MetLife needs a QB, maybe Eli can beat the Pats next week lol

  2. jacobsigel1025

    Good move for the Giants. They have nothing to lose right now and Eli isn’t getting any better lol.

  3. BuckarooBanzai

    Ironically: this is more likely Gettleman’s Hail Mary to save his job to prove he didn’t corn-hole the draft lol

  4. vacommish

    It’s too bad he didn’t retire. He’s had a great run and should’ve gone out on his terms versus be replaced. It is the right decision for the team, just hard for Eli.

  5. OCTraveler

    Jones will be 0-2 as a starter and the team will be 0-4 when they return for the next home game – get ready for a “real warm welcome” Mr. Jones when you run onto the home turf as the starter for the G-men!

  6. johnnybadd2019

    Eli’s days were numbered thanks for the 2 Lombardi’s but we need to go in a different direction

  7. leefieux

    ‘Jones will be tasked with manning the QB position’

    I saw what you did there….very clever.

  8. I probably would have waited until at least week 6. Shepard is out right now and Tate is suspended and won’t play until week 5. Wait until you have your full complement on receivers, for a dual purpose: give Eli a chance to show if he has anything, but more importantly, don’t put Jones out there with no weapons. You have Barkley and Engram and absolutely nothing else right now.

    That being said, they could be 0-6 if they wait, so I understand. Gettleman should be on extremely thin ice right now and maybe thinks Jones playing well might save his job. His trade of Beckham should have brought more in, and his trades during the year last year brought in practically nothing of value. His offseason defensive signings (of seemingly every FA from places he’d been before–Arizona, Carolina; and none were anything special to begin with) have been unmitigated flops already.

    • MajorLeague79

      100% agree with you. They have Barkley and that’s about it for offensive weapons. This move could really backfire and kill Jones’s confidence IMO.

  9. bradthebluefish

    Send him to the Jets or Steelers. Eli Manning doesn’t deserve the bench.

  10. Tazza

    Manning’s trash anyway. Should swap Manning, a first and a 7th for Ramsey.

    Jags get an injury replacement for Foles, they get the first they want and they get a 7th.

    The Giants get an elite defender, who is young which would be amazing for their rebuild.

    • Smartz1

      Besides the fact Manning would have to waive his no trade clause, the Jags are asking for 2 firsts for Ramsey. Pretty sure a washed up QB, a first, and seventh ain’t do in it. Again, even if it would, he’d have to waive his no trade clause.

    • Tazza

      Maybe change the 7th pick for a 4th. Having a young group of Jones Barkley Lawrence Baker and Ramsey is nice for the rebuild

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