Jaguars Don’t Want To Trade Jalen Ramsey

As with most stories of this magnitude, there have been a number of pendulum shifts in the Jalen Ramsey saga since the outspoken corner requested a trade last week. The Jaguars have no shortage of potential suitors, but while the offers that rival clubs have made for Ramsey are undeniably tempting, no one has met the asking price of two first-round picks and then some. We initially heard that Ramsey could be dealt on Friday, but when Friday came, reports surfaced indicating that Jacksonville owner Shad Khan is willing to give Ramsey a record-breaking contract to keep him in a Jaguars uniform.

In keeping with those reports, Adam Schefter of writes that the Jaguars are not interested in trading Ramsey, regardless of his trade demand. If the team were so inclined, Ramsey would already be gone. However, Ramsey has not been placated by the promise of future riches — riches that most every team would be willing to give him — and he still wants out.

As Schefter observes, that sets up a potential showdown this week. After their Thursday night win, the Jaguars return to the practice field Monday, and if Ramsey really wants to force the team’s hand, he could simply not show up. He would obviously be subjected to fines for that approach, but that may be a risk he’s willing to take.

For what it’s worth, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says the Chiefs are still considered by several GMs to be the favorites to land Ramsey. Ultimately, those GMs think Jacksonville will get a first-rounder, a second-rounder, and a young player with upside in a Ramsey trade.

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12 comments on “Jaguars Don’t Want To Trade Jalen Ramsey

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Jacksonville owner Shad Khan is willing to give Ramsey a record-breaking contract to keep him in a Jaguars uniform.

    Yeah, but if he is not happy and if he does not like the defensive scheme…
    Why would he want to stay?

    • Ironman_4life

      If you hate your job but they offer you more money are you going to stay?

      • zcoughlin2

        Not if every other employer was willing to let me do the job I want and pay me the same amount, which every team would do.

    • king beas

      By saying that if they do trade him the trade taking him on now has to give him that record deal taking up a ton of cap space

  2. JJB0811

    All the Jags are doing is hurting their own rep. Either play the D that’ll enable their players to be more successful or trade the guy. If you’re a good to great FA, why sign w/ such a short sited team?

    • mrpadre19

      The Jaguars Defense has been top 5 the last 3 seasons.
      Just because Ramsey prefers something that makes him look better doesn’t mean what they’re doing is wrong.
      They looked bad against KC(who doesn’t?),but dominated Houston and Tn.
      There are 10 other guys in Defense….you can’t just play man to man all the time to make Ramsey happy.

  3. H3ads40T73

    If firing Coughlin an option? He’s the whole reason Ramsey wants out in the first place. The owner and the city of Jacksonville should do everything possible to keep Ramsey around.

    • mrpadre19

      It would be death to the Org. If they made personnel decisions based on what one player wants.
      No matter the player.
      Ramsey already has a big head…..just imagine if he got a HOF Coach and local Jax legend fired by demanding it?

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