Raiders’ Antonio Brown To Play Vs. Broncos

What a week. What an offseason. 

Antonio Brown will play on Monday night against the Broncos, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden announced. Brown made a mea culpa to Raiders staffers and teammates on Friday morning, and that apparently put him back in the team’s good graces.

It’s a stunning turn of events, particularly after Brown’s latest incident. For those of you who haven’t been tuned in to the NFL’s most fascinating story of the offseason:

  • Brown threatened to retire, and skipped practices, when the NFL refused to let him wear his helmet of choice.
  • Brown was handed a letter, outlining fines for those missed practices when he returned to the club in late August. He expressed his dissatisfaction by posting a picture of the letter to social media and indicated that he would not pay the fine.
  • Sometime after, Brown nearly came to blows with GM Mike Mayock. He punted a football, threatened to punch him, and called him a “cracker.”

At least, that’s the Reader’s Digest version. There’s also the strange saga of Brown’s final two years in Pittsburgh, the trade that brought him to the Raiders, and the cryotherapy session gone awry that left him with a foot malady.

In light of all of that, the strangest twist of all is this: Brown will suit up and play in the Raiders’ season opener against the Broncos on Monday night.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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59 comments on “Raiders’ Antonio Brown To Play Vs. Broncos

  1. phillyballers

    He’s the equivalent of that bat poo crazy but super hot chick you date. You always conceded bc she’s hot. But eventually it blows up in your face.

  2. Jason Calvert

    The Raiders are spineless. It’s just a matter of time before he blows up over something again.

    • cjbay

      Why wouldn’t he? Not like they are going to discipline him. Open ticket to do whatever he wants to do.

      • markburgh

        Steelers west drama queen all they had to do is suspend him 2 games him missing games would hurt him nothing else will he is Big Pampers

    • Correct! Raiders just had their nads clipped. AB now knows he can do what he wants and get away with it. It’s going to get worse from here. Stay tuned!

  3. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    If he pulls this Schiste again, the Raiders should have the ability to terminate his contract without consequence. What Brown did was absurd what is wrong with this guy?

    • gozurman1

      What do you mean “If”??? It is when….and I give it 2 weeks max……. As for the contract. Depends on how it is written and what the collective bargaining agreement says as well.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Yes but it thought the contract stated it becomes guaranteed if Brown is on the roster on opening day. So maybe they change the language to work this out

    • By all accounts the Raiders already have the reason and ability they need to pull eliminate the guaranteed money in his contract. This comes down to what Andrew Brandt always says greater talent = greater tolerance.

    • whitesoxfan24

      Sideline tirade coming week one when he doesn’t feel like he’s getting the ball enough.

  4. 4eyedcoupe

    The NFL should be handing down disciplinary action for use of a racial slur

    • dirtbagfreitas

      It’s not a racial slur for an African American man to call a white person a cracker.

      • BuckarooBanzai

        I’m Black and, yeah, “cracker” is a slur lol.

        I’d be surprised if there’s no action taken

        • Steven Juris

          If he threatened Mayock then yes the NFL has the power to suspend , the slur is a team issue and Gruden wants him to play.

        • robluca21

          Regardless of race if you have to use a racial slur in an argument it shows what a weak person you are. Like why even go there? What happened to calling someone a b*tch or a pu**y

  5. dwilson10

    So does this mean that no matter what any Raiders player does they won’t be penalized by the team? Or as long as you give an “emotional apology” (which everybody besides the Raiders knows was fake) you’ll be good to go.

  6. carlos15

    They can’t even use a picture of him without a derogatory term on his hat which is funny because if I wrote in this post what his hat says in the picture of him it wouldn’t let me.

    • That’s amusing. In the picture, Antonio Brown does not look like a world class athlete. He looks like a rapidly aging thirty something year old man in rehab.

  7. washington_bonercats

    Jon Gruden and Antonio Brown. Not sure there is a better combo to come in and represent Las Vegas. This whole thing has just been incredibly sad. AB has no reason to act like this after he got paid, Jon Gruden is so clearly giving into the needs of the (very) few over the many, and Mayock has officially lost any respect any Raider had for him. The best product to come out of the Raiders camp so far is Hardknocks. And even that is a tough watch

  8. compassrose

    Wait he called him a cracker but if it was the other way around and Mayock called him the N word wow he would be fired. This org is even worse than a dumpster fire. You let the petulant child run the house. This is like a child that throws a fit and you tell him I am going to punish you but the kid comes up all doe eyed and says they are sorry they won’t duo it again.

    Then later they do something worse. This clown show with Chuckie and Chuckles is have a huge blow up. I give Mayock a pass I think he wanted to punish him but was out voted or plain told no by those two clowns. Mayock needs to go back to ESPN or Fox sports. Get the popcorn ready because there is going to be a show. Spoiled little kids can promise to be good and might be a couple times they don’t get their way but eventually they go bat sh!!!!t crazy because that is how they are. AB can’t help himself he is wired like this.

  9. TheTruth12

    What’s really funny is the idiots trying to compare cracker to the n word, if the roles were reversed. There’s a reason why you type cracker and don’t type out the n word.

    • Ironman_4life

      I don’t think it’s funny. But then again only white people can be racist.

  10. BuckarooBanzai

    It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme but, imo, the requirement to the apology would be to get tested; specifically for CTE

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      That can only be done at an autopsy. Are you suggesting that they murder AB?

  11. rycm131

    Is anyone else thinking this was just all a publicity stunt by the Raider to get more fans?

    • braveshomer

      I was just about to say ahahaha…I’m surprised they used that pic, bet they change it once they notice it lol

  12. snotrocket

    I’m actively rooting for him to have a career ending injury. I’ve never hated a player more than this pos, and I don’t care about the Raiders at all. Die in a fire.

    • That’s a very nasty thing to say. Antonio Brown has taken some very hard shots to the head as a football player. He may literally be suffering from brain damage. Brown has largely behaved like a clown and done no one any real harm.

      Indeed, he’s providing headlines and amusement for the NFL. Lear’s fool.

  13. robluca21

    Wow imagine a white player calling a black GM the N word?

    Would be plastered all over every news site .

    At least now we know brown is a racist as well as a low life

    • victorg

      got to love the double standards … so brown can call a white man a cracker and its all cool but if mayock would have called him a Nigg@ the backlash would have been monumental.
      if I were a WHITE Owner and or GM I would have demanded Brown be banned from the NFL the exact same way Mayock would have been.

    • crosseyedlemon

      About the only guy desperate enough to take that job now is Hue Jackson.

  14. graysondecker

    The comments on Antonio Brown-related articles are looking more and more like the comments used to look like on Kaepernick articles. Except it’s much harder to defend Brown than it is Kaepernick.

  15. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I wish AB would tone it down just a little.

    He’s gone so crazy that even his sycophants won’t defend him any more.

    That was half the fun.

  16. lannonrich

    They wonder why he keeps doing this stuff. Never held accountable. Like a child that has no home training.

  17. manos

    Wow what a spineless move by the Raiders. Brown called Mayock’s bluff and made him look like a punk. He just lost the respect of that locker room. Rookie GM mistake.

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