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Disgruntled Redskins left tackle Trent Williams, who has been holding out in hopes of a trade, has already accumulated some hefty fines estimated to be “millions of dollars”, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Despite reports stating that Williams was not concerned about any potential fines, Williams finds himself in a challenging position, as he has a $150K workout de-escalator that kicked in that lowered his base salary from $11MM to $10.85MM. Adding to that, Williams failed to cash in on $653K of salary this past week by continuing his holdout.

The Redskins refused to comment, but league sources told Schefter that Washington will not forgive the fines and will not give Williams a new deal. As previously reported, Washington has no plans to trade Williams.

In Williams’ absence, the Redskins signed veteran Donald Penn to a one-year deal. Penn, who played well in his first start for Washington last week against Eagles, will serve as the starter for the foreseeable future until Williams returns.

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9 comments on “Latest On Trent Williams

  1. Christopher_Oriole

    What’s the course of action if he never returns? Does his contract continuously toll year to year?

    • afsooner02

      He can’t join any other team….his contract essentially freezes unless he returns by…week 10 or so? …..I would assume if the skins don’t trade him, he will retire. Which just seems dumb for both parties.

      • Polish Hammer

        No, just dumb for the player. The Skins can keep losing and as soon as they fall out of contention a lineman won’t be so much in demand for them anymore especially if the fill in does ok.

        • afsooner02

          If what he saying and backed by other skins is true about the medical staff in DC. I hardly fault him for staying away. He has more money than he’ll ever need if he is smart about it.

          I’m guessing once the skins throw the towel in on the season, they’ll trade him for picks. Pro bowl left tackles kinda, sorta generate just a little trade interest….

          • Polish Hammer

            So a holdout for more money isn’t about the money and “he has more money than he’ll ever need”? Ok.

            • afsooner02

              Not just about the money, he has stated as much…but ok. Dude wants off the disaster known as the skins.

            • Matthew Heywood

              Except he isn’t holding out for money but because of multiple mistakes by the redskins medical staff one of which almost killed him

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