Antonio Brown Files Grievances Against Raiders, Patriots

It was an inevitably, but free agent wideout Antonio Brown has now filed his much-discussed grievances against the Raiders and Patriots, as Ian Rapoport of reports. We learned last week that Brown could be filing the following grievances:

• Fine appeals with the Raiders: $215K

• Salary guarantees with the Raiders : $29MM

• Signing bonus with the Raiders: $1MM

• Unpaid Week 1 salary from the Raiders: $860K

• Salary guarantees with the Patriots: $1MM

• Signing bonus with the Patriots: $9MM

• Unpaid Week 3 salary from the Patriots: $64K

• 2020 option year with the Patriots: $20MM

Rapoport confirms that all of the above grievances have been filed except the one concerning the 2020 option year with the Patriots, which felt like a major longshot anyway. In sum, Brown is seeking roughly $40MM in unpaid salary and bonuses.

However, Brown’s grievances are unlikely to be heard until the spring. Recent reports have suggested that AB stands a good chance of recouping the $9MM signing bonus from New England, but he could have a tough time recovering most of the other amounts.

We heard earlier this week that the NFL has yet to interview Brown concerning the sexual assault/rape allegations levied against him, and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk — while acknowledging that Brown does not merit any sympathy — says the NFL could be deliberately slow-playing the situation to keep Brown out of the league. After all, no team will sign Brown while the league continues to stay silent as to whether the embattled wideout is destined for the commissioner’s exempt list, and the league doesn’t really have to say anything until its investigation is concluded (the last step of which is the interview with Brown). That’s not a violation of the collusion provisions of the CBA, but it is a convenient loophole.

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26 comments on “Antonio Brown Files Grievances Against Raiders, Patriots

  1. Rondon

    I’d like to file a public grievance against Brown for insulting our intelligence, public whining and for being a complete role model nightmare for every parent with an impressionable kid.

  2. unclemike1525

    Brown: They violated my constitutional right to burn my feet, wear inferior equipment, and whine like a pathetic schoolgirl. Also ( Allegedly), assaulting women. The question is, not that everybody got rid of him, but what took so long? As good as he is at causing drama, doubt even Trump wants him now. But, you never know. (Another exaggerated eyeroll).

    • davidkaner

      More like Patriots scoop up cast offs for huge discounts & after years of cleaning up, they finally got burned. Oakland wasted two picks but just cut him loose and was wise to do so. New England just screwed up & never should have played him. They lose 9m based on precedents. I don’t like AB & he’s a spoiled brat who took one too many hits to the head. I hope he never suits up again but don’t just blame him, Pats rewarded him for bad behavior then got burned. Deal with it.

  3. afsooner02

    What team would be stupid enough to sign him now….I’m guessing quite a few.

    • semut

      Yeah, that’s not how things work. More likely than not a judge would (assuming Brown wins) order the NFL to pay Browns legal fees. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face

  4. compassrose

    I think the NFL should sit down with him and ask what it would take to get rid of him. Would $90 mill make you go away and the NFL never comes out of your mouth again? If he says anything to or about the league her pays the money back. Do anything to get rid of this clown.

    • semut

      They already have. The NFL doesn’t care what he does so long as he’s not a member of their organization. $90mil to go away when he’s ALREADY away?? That’s not very smart business man

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    How does this clown figure he’s owed all of this? At most, the Pats owe him a game check and MAYBE the 1 million dollar signing bonus, since he did suit up for them once. Contracts are two-way streets, though.If you’re a twit, and you pretty much do everything in your power to violate every term in your contract; don’t be a dolt and act surprised when the other party voids your contract.

    I hope the league is slow-playing his appeals, and they use every means available to make sure he never sees an NFL field again. This dude is a garbage human being.

    • semut

      The Pats will likely owe him the full $9mil. It was a guaranteed contract, not a game-by-game. If they play him for one game the entire year becomes guaranteed (more or less). If they cut him after the “text message debacle” then that would be a whole different story. But because they played him in a game AFTER that, they lose the ’cause’ that normally would have allowed them to void the contract. Obviously 2020 is a joke since that was a team option and he never got close to it. But I’d be shocked from a legal standpoint if the Pats got off with anything less than $9mil going to AB.

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s a major POS. But the Pats had their chance to cut him before that game. They played him, thereby saying “meh, we dont care too much about the text messages”.

  6. Ed "The Mythical One"

    Can you imagine how that interview with the NFL with Brown will go? He better allow his attorney speak for him.

  7. captainchaos55

    Where’s all these clowns now that spent the whole off season stroking Antonio Brown and Levon Bell? Now I will admit, Bell’s ineffectiveness isn’t completely his fault but it’s clear, he wasn’t and isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Those of you that spent all that time month after month spouting off about AB this AB that….he’s done. He’s done because he’s an idiot and clearly not smart enough to keep a job in the NFL.

    • semut

      It’s a good lesson. If you sign a contract, honor it. If you think you’re worth more, then don’t sign it. If you’ve already signed it and still think you’re worth more, tough shiit. Play it out, play hard, and earn a better deal. I can’t stand thing new trend of signing a contract, then thinking you’re better than that, and pouting your way to a new deal by not playing.

  8. JoeBrady

    I’m still wondering who to sue to get back my draft picks. He wasn’t hugely expensive for a guy with his talent, but a 3 & a 5 is nothing to sneeze at.

    Nothing to do here, but be happy that he requested his release, and happy that the Pats stepped up with their $9M. I figure he probably has to settle with the Pats before he settles with us.

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