Antonio Brown Generating Interest; Latest On Grievance

Wide receiver is one of the most coveted positions during the run-up to this year’s trade deadline, but with A.J. Green seemingly off the market, and given the uncertain availability of other big names like Emmanuel Sanders, WR-needy teams that are unable to swing a trade prior to October 29 may turn to another option.

Indeed, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says a number of teams are keeping a close eye on Antonio Brown, and his name has come up in internal personnel meetings. Once the trade deadline passes, La Canfora’s sources expect interest in Brown to further intensify.

Of course, the league has not yet interviewed Brown regarding the sexual assault/rape allegations that have been made against him, and if he were to sign with a team, the league will reportedly put him on the commissioner’s exempt list until the interview takes place. On the other hand, his signing may trigger the NFL to hold that interview and make a disciplinary decision, because it doesn’t want to look like it’s deliberately dragging its feet just to delay Brown’s return to the field. The last we heard, Brown prefers to wait until he is cleared by the league to sign, but he may have to force the issue.

Obviously, a Brown signing would need to be green-lighted by team ownership, which is not going to be an easy sell. But all it takes is one owner to pull the trigger.

In other Brown news, Chris Mortensen of reports that AB’s grievance against the Raiders has taken a major hit (Twitter link). Brown is seeking to recoup $30MM in guaranteed money from Oakland, but in the discovery phase of the grievance, the Raiders submitted multiple text messages from Brown to owner Mark Davis asking for his release. That will certainly not help Brown’s cause.

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24 comments on “Antonio Brown Generating Interest; Latest On Grievance

  1. JJB0811

    The guy trashes QB’s & other teammates, HC’s, GM’s and owners. He’s trying to sue 2 teams and left one of the premier organizations in bad form (Pit). He’s just not worth the headaches. Vet minimum I’d take a flyer but that’d be it.

  2. carlos15

    The NFL should interview him and get their decision over with. They drag their feet on everything, it’s ridiculous. Brown sucks but no more than the NFL’s disciplinary process.

    • JJB0811

      Technically, he’s not an employee and stated multiple times, he was retiring. Why should the league rush on his behalf?

      • DarkSide830

        he isnt officially retired and is clearly playing the league. unless they believe this is good press for whatever reason, they need to make this a top priority.

        • bowserhound

          Out of sight out of mind. Let’s keep it that way.
          The NFL is going for a squeaky clean image with banning Burfict and gifting every game to the Packers. AB is no longer needed here. XFL or bust.

        • Why would the NFL need to make this a priority? The longer he’s out of the league, the less people care. Interviewing AB starts up the circus again.

    • Katsuro

      Since he isn’t with a team and the legal part of his issues is still ongoing, what sense would it be to speak to him and likely make it where he isn’t playing, when he isn’t already?

      Should a team make the boneheaded decision to sign him (before legal issues are resolved), then it would make sense for the NFL to take appropriate action

    • Phattey

      By that logic they should interview kap as well , it’s Better to leave them sit unsigned so you can just blame their skill set

  3. highplainsdriftr

    So….did anyone think it would go well before these texts? I didn’t.

    • Phattey

      Not really if you watch him on Snapchat or instagram dude is always trying to do something productive either with his kids, taking classes or just working out. It’s not like he’s getting caught up with drugs and guns like 1/2 of the other players do that are free agents

  4. gozurman1

    Wonder if the league requested the interview prior to the Pats releasing him and he refused?

    • Phattey

      I doubt it I think in that situation it would be kind of like a court proceeding just because you don’t show up to give your side of the story doesn’t mean you’re not going to get sentenced

  5. Polish Hammer

    His agent Drew needs to quit lying, there is no interest in adding such a horrible cancer especially knowing he needs a lot to be cleared by the league in his misconduct.

    • Rocket32

      You really think it’s a lie? Star caliber talent will almost always have a place somewhere in the NFL. If he was the average WR, yeah he’s likely done. But he’s not. Pretty naive to think that no one will have any interest in him.

      At the end of the day talent and skill is what truly wins games, not character and good morals. Surprising that people still don’t understand that, it’s been proven over and over in sports that if a player is good enough or viewed as good enough someone will sign them.

      • What planet are you on? He publicly behaved like a buffoon and burned his bridges in Oakland, *then* the sexual harassment/assault rumors came out and he got jettisoned from the Patriots, *then* he melted down on social media and burned his bridges with the NFL. He’s a clown and no team wants him.

      • Polish Hammer

        Rocket, yes he is talent, but he’s not just a free agent that can sign today and play next game. He burned bridges everywhere and everyone from owner to GM to coach, teammates and down. And the huge question mark of discipline hanging over him means nobody is checking in on him. Nobody!

  6. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    He’s a moron and a disaster, but that has never stopped teams from signing these guys before. I wonder if some Front Office can structure a contract that is heavily backloaded, like, vet minimum for 4 to 6 games in anticipation of him getting suspended for those games, then a huge roster bonus in 2020?

    There are enough desperate garbage organizations just on the periphery of being a contender out there that I’ll bet it happens. Cleveland, KC, and Buffalo are the likely candidates.

  7. compassrose

    My sources tell me Las Vegas is in on him. They are talking about a deferred contract until next year when they will start his old contract. Mayock is pissed Chuckles and Chuckie are excited.

  8. kylewait89

    I don’t see it. I mean if you’re WR needy, why grab a guy who may not be able to play?

    Doesn’t solve the current problem. Sanders, Green, DeVante Parker are all able to be moved. Cooper and Cobb likely won’t be as well as lower level guys like Chester Rogers or Robby Anderson who are integral to their current teams.

    Other potentially available players with another year left could be Marvin Jones, Albert Wilson, Sanu and to a lesser extent Moncrief.

    Think about that for a second. All of these players provide more stability than Brown currently does. Teams likely won’t see an interest until this is officially resolved.

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