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Earlier this week, one of our website’s headlines read “Antonio Brown To Patriots: Let Me Play.” Brown has apparently changed his stance to include the entirety of the NFL, not just New England. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that Brown and his camp want to resolve his off-the-field issues ASAP in an attempt to get him back on the field.

Specifically, Brown wants to have clarity on his playing status within the next few weeks so he can sign with an NFL team. The wideout will wait to sign until he’s officially cleared, and he’s been working out as he prepares for his next opportunity. While the embattled wideout would welcome a return to New England, he’s mostly just interested in finding another gig. Earlier today, Mike Florio of explained why a Patriots reunion was unlikely.

This reports seems to contradict Brown’s previous announcement that he was done with the NFL, although he’s seemingly walked back those claims in recent weeks. Agent Drew Rosenhaus has continually insisted that Brown wants to play and that teams are interested, pending the league’s investigation into the assault allegations. No teams have definitively been connected to Brown since he was cut by New England.

The NFL continues to investigate Brown under its personal conduct policy, although the league has yet to interview the receiver. The NFL previously announced that Brown wouldn’t be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list as long as he’s a free agent. Meanwhile, Brown’s camp is fighting a series of financial battles against the Raiders and Patriots. In total, Brown is seeking roughly $40MM in unpaid salary and bonuses.

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17 comments on “Latest On WR Antonio Brown

  1. afsooner02

    I wanna sue everyone but then turn around and be all like “I’m here to play ball! Somebody sign me. I promise I ain’t got no more drama!”

    Good luck to whoever signs him at this point….

  2. mcdusty49

    He needs someone to handle all of his media and off field endeavors and literally just show up to the football field and play the game that has blessed him so much. His ego is at nearly unmatched levels but his self control is preventing him from recognizing his full capability. I’m a Raiders fan and am furious at how he treated his time with the team with such disrespect and recklessness. If this dude wants to get back on track he needs to completely overhaul who he is as a person and refocus on what made him who he was before he fell so far from grace.

  3. Ed "The Mythical One"

    If all he wants to do is play, the XFL is looking for players.

    I guess the reality of him not getting his paychecks finally sunk in and he realizes the huge mistake he made.

    This idiot doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL anymore.

  4. TJECK109

    Yep I signed with 2 other teams and acted a fool and got cut, and yes I’m suing them both for all the money in the contracts but I promise I won’t do this to you.

    Try selling that to an owner. Minimum salary with loads of performance bonuses is all I’d give him

  5. graysondecker

    If I were Oliver Luck and the XFL, I’d consider offering Antonio Brown like $5 million and seeing if he bites. Because having a talent like that who can bring your league plenty of attention, while incredibly risky, could pay big dividends for your league. People might actually watch

  6. uvmfiji

    Look what he said about Kraft. Don’t think any owners want to take a chance. Might as well wear a Fidel shirt and pig socks at this point.

  7. markburgh

    He misses football but being a big loser he deserves everything coming his way which is no football no money lol

  8. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    AB was quoted: “I dis bizness boomin’ ain’t gone play it day no Mr. Big Chest bigtime roll on yo self. Dat gurl I blast on her back yo I da man”.

  9. JoeBrady

    He probably can’t be helped at this point, but if he just shut up for 5 minutes, He’d land a job. If he landed a job, and just showed up to play, he’d get another real contract.

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      I don’t think so. He’s got not one but two pending sexual harassment cases coming up against him and of all teams to be cut by he was cut by the Patriots. If you can’t screw your head on right for a legitimate chance to win a Super Bowl with one of the best QBs in the game when you would be easy the #1 target now that Gronk is gone…what can you get your head screwed on right for?

      It wasn’t about the money. He got all the money he was running his mouth about. It wasn’t about winning because he had at least some chance of that in Oakland and certainly in New England.

      He is going to have to come out squeaky clean in these two cases and then do a huge mea culpa in actual English, and then take a shut up and prove it deal for anyone to come sniffing around him again.

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