Antonio Brown To Patriots: Let Me Play

Antonio Brown took to Instagram on Wednesday to address the Patriots. His message: “Tell them to call me. They still gotta pay me, so might as well let me earn it.” (video via Michael Hurley of WBZ). 

Given the circumstances surrounding Brown and the Patriots’ undefeated record without Brown, a reunion seems incredibly unlikely. At this point, it’s unclear as to whether any other NFL team would consider signing the wide receiver.

While Brown petitions the Patriots to put him back on the field, he’s fighting a series of financial battles against the Raiders and Patriots. In total, Brown is seeking roughly $40MM in unpaid salary and bonuses. His grievances are unlikely to be heard until the spring. Reportedly, AB has a good chance of recouping his $9MM signing bonus from the Pats, but the rest is pretty iffy.

In recent weeks, Brown has threatened retirement and has wavered about his desire to continue playing. For what it’s worth, agent Drew Rosenhaus insists that Brown wants to play and that teams are interested, pending the league’s investigation into the assault allegations.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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37 comments on “Antonio Brown To Patriots: Let Me Play

  1. madmanTX

    Do it, Patriots. Get AB in your clubhouse. Let him move back in with Giselle and Lurch.

  2. emac22

    Why would the league bother to pay for an investigation into a retired player?

    He said he was done and no one is offering him a deal so just let him go away.

    If some team is dumb enough to sign him then the league can do an investigation.

    Don’t help him by making it easier. You just enable him to rip off someone else.

  3. wrigleyhawkeye

    The Patriots have played the easiest schedule in the league. They’ve faced the number 3,15,25,30 and 32 in scoring defenses. They scored 16 against the Bills (#3) with a defensive TD. Granted they play in the easiest conference in the NFL (by far) and they don’t face a respectable defense in the next few weeks, but they may need him when they do have to rematch against the Bills or get into the post season.

    • TheTruth12

      I’m so over this, we just play who the league tells us to play. After the Jets game 7 of our next 8 games are against playoff contenders. The easiest conference is irrelevant since we just as much outside the division as we do in it and no other team comes close! Oh and by the way 20 quarters without giving up a passing TD is extremely impressive regardless who you play.

      • Don’t pretend that playing 1/4 of your games every year against the Jets and Dolphins isn’t a massive advantage..

        • TheTruth12

          The point is it doesn’t matter who we face or who’s in the division we win. While you losers bitch about our schedule we’ll be celebrating ring 7. L O S E R S

          • dynasty in boston

            Truth, you’re wasting your time talking to these poor fan bases from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and points Southwest. They hate that we field decent (in Pats case GREAT) teams that compete, run and owned by professionals. Boston teams play to win. They revel in “Gates” they make up, unable to account for the greatness they only wish they could enjoy

        • Ironman_4life

          I always ask “lifelong” Patriots fans who was there team before the Pats. Lot of good ones. 49ers, Packers, Bears. All Patriots fans are new.

        • vtncsc

          Have you seen the Patriots record against the rest of the NFL? it’s actually better than the AFC East. But, don’t let facts get in the way of your hatorade comment towards the Patriots.

        • wicked pissah

          Kinda like playing a 1/4th of your games against the Redskins & Giants or the Bengals & Browns

        • BostonDave

          They beat the great teams also! C’mon! 20 stinkin years! And their fault the other 3 in their division can’t get it together? They beat the teams they should beat & beat the teams that everybody thinks will stop them. It’s the same folks that call Brady a cheater. A whole career called into question over a football that was a little deflated in a game. Lol!!!!! That’s great! Quality football insight on all counts. I get the Patriots fatigue for others, but, seriously, get serious. Lol

      • Steezy

        Yeah…don’t act like easily locking up byes and home field advantage in playoffs isn’t an advantage lmao. Yeah the pats are probably the best football dynasty ever, no ones arguing that, but don’t act like there’s been no advantage playing in the afc east.

        • BostonDave

          They’ve won 3 AFC championship games on the road en route to 3 of their super bowl wins.

  4. JJB0811

    I’ve never met B Kraft, but I’m pretty sure AB saying ‘his offense was waved off, while his own weren’t’. Won’t sit well with the man.

  5. JoeBrady

    Any chance of Brown ever shutting up, and allowing his agent to speak for him? I’d bet real money that, if there was a way to guarantee that he would shut up and just play, there would be multiple teams that would sign him.

  6. Polish Hammer

    Will this interfere with that very tough semester he’s in the middle of?

      • Polish Hammer

        And has his junk in the face of some starving artist he’ll stiff on payment…

  7. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    Antonio: “I’m broke. Somebody sign me. I need to play. Seriously, sign me.”

    Or, more realistically: “I dis gone play it you just slack up and post me yo get big shugga”

  8. Bdd1967

    Can’t this steaming turd just STFU and go away?? No one cares or has any interest in your little temper tantrums anymore. You’re the biggest joke there is in sports. Bye fool!!!!

    • g8752

      It’s just a matter of time before they bring AB and Gronk back for the grand finale GOAT show.

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